January 21, 2009

studio window

Studio Window
The view of rainy rooftops from the staircase on the way up to my studio.

August 18, 2008

cool globes

Cool Globes
Butterfly Effect Globe
Earth Sweater

Today Vivi and I strolled along the Chrissy Field beach path and came across a public art show called "cool globes: Hot ideas for a cooler planet" What a fun way to educate and inspire the public about alternative fuels and other ways we can reduce, reuse an recycle in the hopes we can make mother earth healthier. Above are my favorites— including the one for knitters titled "wear a sweater!"

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July 25, 2007

Muni Maps

Bus Family
Beautiful Veggies

Muni Maps is a series of six posters created for the San Francisco Arts Commission's Art on Market Street Program. Each poster features a route map that has been annotated with an individual operator's portrait, hand-written notes, interview excerpts and related drawings — depicting the public transportation experience from the perspective of the operator. Posters will be on view in 24 kiosks on Market Street between Van Ness Avenue and the Embarcadero from July 16th - November 6th, 2007 (I found the one above on Market near 4th St.). Art by Helena Keefe.

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July 11, 2007

serious serendipity




Serious serendipity! two days ago I blogged about Donna Wilson's fabulous hand knit toys and then on my way to work I look in the window of the CandyStore and there they are! Boy the world works in mysterious ways. Top is Cyril squirrel & Rudy raccoon, middle is Rill (Assuming raccoon too) and on bottom is Charlie monkey. My favorites from her site are bunny blue, sleepy pom, mitten kitten and then I can't decide Olive owl is pretty darn cute and those raccoons are pretty funny too. Her designs rock.

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May 2, 2007

they don't do it to you


What a super quirky and attention getting advertising series — it's quite silly but still poignant. Go see the site savesfbay.org and watch the mini ads and see the image gallery, then send it to a friend.

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April 18, 2007

market street art

This beautiful art poster exhibition is on view March 12 to July 12, 2007 in the Market Street triangular kiosks between Van Ness and the Embarcadero. From the SFAC site: Artists Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather’s six poster images, titled Between above and below, reflect their exploration of various systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each poster consists of a collaborative drawing in which the artists isolated and juxtaposed particular forms and patterns derived from built systems and natural movements, such as traffic, tides, trees, bike racks, and more.

Creekbed Detail

The text on this image reads: "Marshland once penetrated as far north as the corner of Mission and Seventh Streets." The black marks in the foreground are Starkweather's marks based on a map of creekbeds below San Francisco. The circles in the background are Hughen's drawings referencing light bouncing off the water. Text and images from Amanda Hughen's site (more work here).

Commute Detail

The text on this image reads: "In 2010, an average of 425,458 people will commute to San Francisco every day." The black marks in the foreground are Starkweather's marks based on a map of commuter patterns involving downtown San Francisco and the East Bay, and the arrows and circles in the background are drawings Hughen made referencing the arrows and circles in and around Market Street (stop lights, one way signs, pavement markings, manhole covers, etc.).

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April 4, 2007

imagine india

Imagine India-1

I can't recall ever thinking I've got to get myself to Macy's as soon as possible, but after being intrigued by the poster on the public pay toilet I passed today at the 16th BART station entrance and then seeing a few ads fly by on the MUNI buses too I decided to look up the exhibit. The Macy's site hardly gives any inspiration or intrigue, but I found a jackpot of gorgeous images on darcitananda's flicker account (great photography!). Wow, the henna designs, the fabrics, the colors, hanging lights and displays all look amazing. So there's truly a first for a everything as I say "I've got to get to Macy's asap."
{found flicker link through an interesting site for south Asian American women, called Nirali Magazine}

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March 28, 2007

sunrise over 16th street


The city is wreaking havoc on the streets in my hood. I wish I had an audio track to upload so you could hear the full force of what a pleasure it is to stroll by. I just hope there's fresh smooth dark black streets with thick bright yellow lines coming soon.

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March 14, 2007

just the crumbs

Tartine Bakery

Just so happens that I live three blocks from the best bakery in San Francisco, Tartine. It has a line out the door at every hour of the day to prove just how well loved it is. Because I run late almost everyday, feel impatient waiting in the slow moving line, wish there was a place to sit, and because the calories would be too much — I rarely go there. Today however was a lovely exception. I played hookie from work this morning due to a press check and spent a nice leisurely breakfast munching on their delicious ginger bread and washing it down with a double latte, mmmmm so good. I highly recommend everything there, you just couldn't order a bad thing.

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March 7, 2007

scenic drive

Scenic Drive-1

I really did have a lovely and scenic vespa ride to work today. It's always nice when one can break up the ordinary go to the office via BART or MUNI routine. I was on press over at Leewood on Indiana Street. I drove down 16th to 3rd then down to 25th then 'round the block to Indiana. I enjoyed scooting through the industrial neighborhoods of potrero and dogpatch and seeing the construction changes taking place there. I also saw a bar I want to check out, the name made me chuckle, it's called "Retox." I had a head scratch though when I parked on Indiana street right under a 49 Mile Scenic Drive sign. What part of this heavily industrial area is considered scenic to the typical tourist??

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February 7, 2007

nourish one another


I'm absolutely loving this advertising campaign for Project Open Hand. Seeing these everyday in the BART station is a breath of fresh air. The integration of the photograph and illustration are done beautifully. The palette and drawing techniques are a wonderful stylistic match with the content. I truly feel uplifted by these radiant portraits and visually well fed by the delicious drawings.

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November 29, 2006

stop global warming

The office building I work in puts an "art" installation in the lobby every holiday season. Of course some years are better than others as last years was by far the worst of the four years I've experienced. I still have a fondness for the giant letters J-O-Y made of some faux foliage that were there my first year. I wanted to jump through the big O everytime I saw it. Anyway i digress... I'm liking this year's installation and I especially like that it has a political that message I appreciate. I've had lots of random elevator ride conversations about how much others are liking it too. What you can't see in the above photo is the video display unit that has the film an inconvenient truth playing on a loop. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am enjoying the random sound bites I hear each time I'm waiting for an elevator to arrive.

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November 8, 2006

green is brown


Well, actually, green is green, like the background of the poster you made — silly person who paid for this public display! I happened to see this poster on the side of the bus stop at 16th & Valencia while I was riding the 22 Fillmore — so it's not a great shot. But I had to shoot and blog it in the hopes that I would figure out what it's all about. Yes, it peaks my curiosity, but it also drives me mad because the meaningless message "GREEN IS brown" on a field of solid green means...nothing! (and there's not a single clue anywhere on the poster to aid you) So what is the point? Anyone?

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October 18, 2006

bouquet of gratitude


ah, I'm enjoying a floral moment here at work. A wee little bouquet of dahlias, snap dragons and tulips were sent my way in appreciation for weeks of hard work. The pretty pretties made my day. It's the small things that make it all worth it, eh?!

September 27, 2006

rayon vert fleurs

Rayon Flower

Rayon Flower2

Rayon Flower3
I couldn't decide which composition was better, so here are all. I'm loving the coral, turquoise and green palette. Too bad I don't carry a fancy camera with me at all times, but I think my purse is burdensome enough! This gorgeous arrangement is in the window of a wonderfully unusual store full of strange baubles, unexpected decor, and quirky art — Rayon Vert.

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August 30, 2006

that which I refuse to leave behind

Refuse Toleave

While stopping for a pastry (yet again!) at DeLessio on Market street I saw a kiosk advertising an art blog project called That Which I Refuse to Leave Behind by Kate Pocrass (artist statement). It's part of an exhibition titled The Dust Never Settles which is an exhibition of visual art projects by San Francisco-based artists exploring the 1906 earthquake from a contemporary perspective. I was struck by the question the poster was asking: What one object would you choose to take with you, if you were faced with having to evacuate your home?

This is a tough question for me to answer. Since we are sticking to things [obviously I'd take Max, Madeline & Miro before any object] I think irreplaceable photos and art are at the top of my list. But which ones? My wedding album, portraits of Max, paintings, oh I don't know!? I think I would have to see how I was handling in the moment. Part of me thinks worrying about objects at all is wrong. Huh. Guess I'll have to mull this over and get back to you.

Meanwhile, here's where you can upload your image and statement. And here's where you can view the blog entries.

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August 23, 2006

sprouting jewels

Claudia Kussano

I walked a different route today [uh yes, by way of the waistline fattening Tartine] and came across this tiny store window filled with sweet silver and beaded baubles. I liked quite a few, especially the sprouting seed earrings. I hope to stroll by and have a look-see one day soon. Her name is Claudia Kussano.

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August 9, 2006

sf shorts

Sf Shorts

Couldn't help notice the unmentionable illustrations in the BART station this am. Actually the version I saw was in pink, even cuter but my TREO couldn't handle taking an image across the tracks, it was too far so it ended up blurry and sadly unusable. Anyway I love the drawings, so take notice that sf is hosting a short film festival honoring mini movies. It starts tomorrow, get moving.

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July 12, 2006

bart thanks me


It's so nice to be noticed. Awe, I like you too BART.

June 7, 2006

walking by


What do you, it's way to work wednesday - yet again! This morning I noticed a groovy public photo exhibit on four walls across from the entrance to the 16th street BART station. It's called looking, and asks you to slow down and see what's happening excatly where you are standing.


May 31, 2006

needling new neighbor


Along my way to work I saw that little otsu has moved and needles and pens is moving in. I'm excited, while Otsu is cool {even if it is vegan-oriented}, needles and pens is a do it yourself haven and full of handmade yummy stuff. Though I never made it inside their 14th street location, I'd heard lots about it and have admired the lovely red facade and fresh graphics while driving by. I'm looking forward to checking out the new digs and goods.

May 24, 2006

stop & smell the flowers


Seeing Max run outside this morning, say hi to the bugs and then stop and smell the flowers...that made my way to work wednesday. xoxo Mr. Millian!

May 10, 2006

as seen in the daily rag


I made the front page of today's paper! Can you believe it? There was there nothing happening on the way to work today except that I saw my blog on the front page of the paper. It is true, I could not find a single interesting something to photograph along my route. Damn. I am waffling hard today about what is inspiring at all. Eeeeck gads, this is a serious crisis. I need to get out of this crappy cube and lay down on the grass and soak in some sunshine so I can start to remember that life is gorgeous and exciting. Help! Please send inspiration.

May 3, 2006

textile buzz


On my way today I popped into the San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design to see the show "Installation/Innovation". The work was widely diverse, as I would expect from a muesum show. But I'm not terribly interested in the intersection of technology and textile so half the show wasn't really my bag baby. There were two artists whose work I enjoyed, Jennifer Angus and Kyoto Nitta. The beautiful repeating wallpaper designs by Angus are lovely to gaze upon. She uses soft calming colors and what look like lovely repeating floral shapes, but as you get closer you realize the images are made up of bugs — very cool. The other artist has re-sewn 25 pairs of jeans, from people she knows and loves, using this gorgeous white gauze fabric and hung them high over head as though they are linens on a drying line in heaven. All of the pockets are connected through sewn fabric tubes stretching from one pocket to the next. The installation was eerily breath taking.

April 26, 2006

to the butterfly collectors


Today's way to work entry is what I read rather that what I saw. Perhaps I'm expanding my own way to work parameters, but hey I write the rules in this little fiefdom. What I want to share with you is a really well said interview/rant that Dave Eggers gave via email to The Harvard Advocate. After reading the addendum I'm feeling overwhelmingly uncritical about other's successes (hoping I will remember to reference this entry when I get all bitter again). It's sooo worth getting all the way through it, so read the whole damn thing and then go sell out and do something good with the profits. Ray, thanks for pointing me to this. Here's the link to 826 Valencia in case you want to donate time or money, or just tell someone else about it.

While searching for an image of Eggers to post above I came across this nifty McSweeny-esque site (a friend of Eggers I assume) utter wonder filled with stories, images and of course a blog. Ok, this I also love, the McSweenifier. It's a site that will format your writing in the McSweeny's design style - making your writing look better than it is. Oh and I feel I should link to McSweeny's store and their jokes just because it's smart writing and, above all else, it's pretty.

Art made with mission statements is not art. — Dave Eggers

April 19, 2006

street museo II


Here's a follow up to a previous way to work wednesday...I just noticed this double billing of the Street Museo poster series, this time on Rondel Place, a small street off 16th near Valencia. I've done a little resarch (how I love thee web) and found the artist responsible for this fabulous bill posting series. There's only a few entries on her site (I don't subscribe to myspace so maybe there are more? -- ok evil aside, I had to join myspace to contact museo artist -- bluckie! I'm frustrated by how many sites require you to join in order to view content), I am going to write her and hope to get my hands on the 52 image street museo booklet. Here's a listing of what's happening around the city to commemorate the great quake centennial. Lots of the events run through May even though the actual quake-aversary was yesterday. And here are some good links to general San Francisco information. I had to include this historical image from lady museo's site, it's such a beautifully devastating shade of pink.


April 12, 2006

graveyard glow


Here's an on the way home from work wednesday image of the mission graveyard which I pass by each morning and evening. It had just stopped raining for the first time in weeks so this glimpse of light seemed truly spectacular. Several famous San Franciscans are buried in the mission's graveyard, including California’s first governor under the Mexican Republic and San Francisco’s first mayor. Also there are Belle and Charles Cora, the Gold Rush era's most notorious madam and gambler, they're an excting story to read about. Turns out that this is the only graveyard left in San Francisco, well other than all the veterans buried in the Presido. All the dead San Franciscans were dug up and relocated to Colma, a true city of the dead. All this exhuming and relocating happened in the 1930s & 40s. Check out the political graveyard's listings of famous San Franciscan's who were once buried here. Note how all the graveyards say "(now gone)." It also seems that though they say they got all the bodies out of the city, it may not be true. This article claims that 300 bodies were found beneath the Legion of Honor in 1993 while they were doing some renovation digging. It also says some believe there are thousands more still below. For SF history buffs here's a map of the old sites.

April 5, 2006

missed train


Don't you just hate running down the escalator, seeing the train doors are still open, and then right when you're about 3 steps from making it inside — the doors close. Happy way to work wednesday, go wait it out chickie. I have to say, that at least Bart trains come often unlike mo-fo Muni.

March 15, 2006

buggin' on bart


Well I tell you, I struggled this morning trying to find something worthy of photographing for my way to work wednesday project. I can't say I succeeded in finding an interesting something, so I ended up taking a picture of the women sitting across from me on bart. They were such a typical scene from my daily commute. One with her eyes half closed the other reading the local paper, so boring. Instead of hoping that the something I photographed would be interesting I decided to make the image itself engaging by fiddling with it, drawing, erasing etc. I'm happy with this roughed out sketch. I went web-trolling for a graffiti image to use and instead came across this fun site graffiti creator . Now that I give this a second look, I'm sure I was subliminally inspired by an ad campaign on the trains, I think it's for Sierra at Tahoe.

March 8, 2006

barbary coast trail


who knew? I live on the Barbary Coast Trail! How authentically SF and truly debaucherous, yeah! I knew I liked my hood, but now I like it more. What's even better? This sidewalk seal is right in front of the city's oldest and most famous church. Well, upon closer examination of the website, I don't actually live on the tour but apparently I live on the extended city-wide trail? Huh, anyway the site is cool, showing the city's original waterfront and the location of sunken ships under SOMA. And now upon further research it turns out the bronze plaques were sold to pay for the project so each seal has the sponsor's name on it (see this one doesn't have the trail arrows). I'll have to look more closely at this one to see who it is...

... the sponsors of this medallion are: Lani & Kirk Hammett "it's not just a neighborhood, it's a lifestyle"

March 1, 2006

like sands through the hourglass


so are the days of our lives. And no, not so much for way to work wednesday...today was while not at work wednesday, and as I was out wandering through South Park I found an hourglass. Hourglasses are something I NEVER think about except maybe when playing a board game or when channel surfing past the opening credits for Days of Our Lives (which, just for the record, I do not watch), but having come across this simple and mesmerizing object I'm surprised I haven't ever considered its zen-ness. Huh, turns out the hourglass is a universal symbol for death. The hourglass was often depicted on pirate flags where it symbolised the fact that human existence is fleeting, and in England hourglasses were sometimes placed in coffins to symbolise the fact that the "sands of time" had run out. In literature, references to time measuring devices can represent death.

I'm thinking that it's no accident then that I have just taken notice of this object. No worries, I'm not dying any quicker than anyone else so far as I know, but I have recently been considering my own mortality. I think a lot about regret (hoping to die with little as possible) and what I should change in my life to achieve a better balance of happiness. I also feel time differently than I used to. I think it's because I now have a child. I measure time every week, every month, and every year much more closely than I ever have. I'm watching him grow, I talk about him growing and I'm asked about his progress almost everyday. Ironically, on New Year's Eve my sweetie gave me a watch for our nine year wedding anniversary. So for the first time in probably about eight or so years I'm also wearing time, everyday. Yep, I think it all makes sense.


Want one too? Here's a wacky site selling sand timers, however, I got mine at Isda & Co, No. 19 South Park only two left.

February 22, 2006

no parking here


Here’s a tasty street sign treat for way to work wednesday breakfast — your standard, run-of-the-mill, chicken scratch and sticker graffiti camouflaging the city's rules and regulations and adding to drivers perpetual frustration in the never ending parking war.

February 15, 2006

street museo


from a bill posted on the mission wall, the paragraph below reads:

Mission Dolores, 3321 16th Street, 1906

After the earthquake struck, destroying the basilica parish at the Mission Dolores (but not the then 131- year old mission), some claimed that the true fault of the earthquake rested not on geology, but in the the morality of San Franciscans. These dogmatists cited San Francisco's rowdy Barbary Coast bars and brothels and the opium dens of Chinatown as reason enough for their God to punish the city, "San Francisco was so wicked and bad that god had to strike it down, so as to punish it." Anti-dogmatists retorted, in particular, one poet mused at the surviving A.P. Hotaling whiskey warehouse in downtown San Francisco:

If, as some say, God spanked the town
For being over frisky,
Why did he burn the Churches down
And save Hotaling Whiskey?

February 8, 2006

little balls of heaven


Really today is not on the way to work wednesday, it's work gets in the way wednesday. How dare deadlines interfere with my personal creative endeavors! ha ha, if only that were the case. Need to start buying lottery tickets to achieve mega wealth and live emersed in my craftyland fantasies. Speaking of dreaming, I'm posting the above image since it's a little slice of my idea of paradise.

February 1, 2006

soggy soles


It's raining again. It's been raining on most of my way to work wednesday entries. kinds sucks. What, is it winter or something? Well, I've managed to find a tiny cheery and cherry moment in what is otherwise dreary weather... the cherry trees are blossoming. This is always a lovely site. I love how graphic cherry trees look with their dark trunks and frilly petals. My favorite cherry tree moment is when I'm walking under the trees and the wind blows. The delicate pink petals fly off and make it seem like it's snowing. Ahhhhhh so sweet. But like I said it's raining today, so no hope of dreamy petals blowing in the breeze.

January 25, 2006

dead animal rags


Here's the perfect dichotomy to last Wednesday's vegan blah blah blog — taxidermy animal couture by Christian Schneider courtesy of Paxton Gate. Here you have it folks, wacko San Francisco shopping just as you imagined it. Taxidermy is a bit creepy eh? And treading on the unethical I might add. Of course this San Francisco store has a “rebuttals” link supposedly addressing any concerns you might have. They consider taxidermy an extension of the natural sciences. Hmmm freeze dried vertebrae. I agree that for studying purposes it should be considered the natural sciences. But when you sell multiples to the freaky collector or for the dumb asses’ practical joke then I'm thinking it's not so much about natural science but just bad taste. When I searched for explanations there wasn’t anything saying that these animals were killed, saved and non-toxically embalmed in some politically correct way. Though they do state that they receive complaints. I can't believe that taxidermy is so "in" right now that Paxton Gate can pay their rent? Really? But hell, what do I know? Here's how I think the future of taxidermy should look: Rogue Taxidermy. Now isn't that truly fabulous?!

I assume there isn't a huge market for taxidermy fashion but apparently there is a rather large growing market for pet couture. The new rage for the über rich or Paris Hilton wannabes is to outfit their pups in stylish suits. Really people?! Did you know that 8 out of 10 pet owners give their pets Christmas, birthday, Easter and other various holiday gifts? Hello people, your pet doesn't know what day it is — EVER! Uh hem, there are human beings who do know what day it is that you could give gifts, food, aid and more for the same price as that fancy dog perignon champagne $13 squeak toy or that $99 couture leather coat! Urgh I'm ranting, but it just seems that American pet owners have really gone too far. How obnoxious and decadent can we get?

January 18, 2006

otsu goose


Swan. goose, duck, turns out they are all related. You knew that of course. I suppose a vegan only boutique would choose animals as their mascots, that makes sense right? Especially herbivores eh? Otsu is a quirky little shop and epitomizes the new mission district shopping experience. Every time I walk by I wonder how the hell they stay in business. But around here there's something for everyone and apparently plenty of it. For the record, I love meat— except parts like liver, brain and tongue and I wouldn't want to live without lovely leather shoes and soles. And I certainly couldn't give up all animal products including the ones that don't even kill the animals like milk, eggs and down pillows! So clearly I don't qualify as vegan. Good thing they don't check your membership card when you enter the shop. I do care about vegan concerns such as my health, animal welfare, and the environment which is why I pay twice as much for all my certified "happy before we were slaughtered" meat and "we promise we don't give our cows hormones or antibiotics" milk products. Not the same? Ok I tried. I still want the slow cooked pot roast waiting in my fridge. Anyway, Otsu does have darling locally made dyi products and I especially love their little Otsu paper products done by various talented designers and artists.

January 11, 2006

wet alarm


I saw this art alarm along my way to work wednesday patrol. I'm one of those types who reads a little too much into signs believing that the world is always secretly trying to tell me something profound. I know, I know, it's really just me projecting my issues on anything and anyone. Good grief. Freudian theory is tedious.

One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.
—Sigmund Freud

January 4, 2006

mutant goat or rhino relative?


Seems each wednesday I'm searching for a topic I get sucked into the store windows along 16th Street. Yep, I'm a shopper. Candystore is a quirky retro-esque girlie shop geared toward the teen to twenty something scene. I'm feeling so old that this time period seems forever ago. I can hardly remember what it felt like to sit around and preen in front of my bathroom mirror for hours. You know, I just don't miss that. What caught my eye in this vanity set up was the kitchy unicorn ceramic. What is the deal with the mythical unicorn and why are they constantly associated with teenage girls? Well as I read on in Wikopedia (my new favorite source for immediate information), I learn that there is a lovely christian connection declaring that the unicorn represents chaste love and faithful marriage. Well there you have it folks, unicorns (nice horn) are only attracted (and then tamable and of course captured) by female virgins. Ah, the parable of true christian love (which leads to marriage of course). Hence the teen chick thing. Aren't you glad I cleared that up for ya?

December 28, 2005

delicate paper umbrellas


It was a dark and stormy morning. Fortunately my perpetual tardiness saved me from being caught in the torrential downpour. See, there's always a silver lining. Is it possible that I'm not depressed anymore? When I say shit like that you'll think I'm cured.

It's way to work wednesday, again. While passing by the store fronts on 16th street I saw this delicate Japanese paper umbrella mobile hanging in the window of EyeDare. Since it's a grey day I went with a nostalgic black and white effect. This weekly "way to work" project is making me stop, even if just for a minute, and take notice of that which I normally ignore. I'm liking the contrived structure. Though I have mixed feelings about how quickly seven days feel like they pass when you catalog them like this. Which reminds me of the ever increasing panic I'm having about my limited time here on earth. See, doesn't take long for me to rip a hole in any silver lining.

Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement. Jack Kornfield

December 21, 2005

wannabe reindeer


My way to work morning was hellacious. I arrived at bart sometime before 9:00 am and noticed on the way down the escalator that it was unusually crowded. But this happens every now and again when a train hasn't been by too recently. I had no idea that a train hadn't been by in about a half hour. An announcement came on the pa system "Richmond train in ten minutes" and while that's a long wait, what can I do about it? I just push myself a little closer to the black tiles on the ground which indicate where the doors open, this way I can make sure to get on the train if space allows (bart's form a line etiquette goes out the window when there's a crowd). So about another 10 minutes go by and another announcement comes on saying there's a delay of about 10-15 minutes due to some debris on the tracks. Huh. Then another announcement about 5 minutes later saying the same thing only the delay time increases to 15-20 minutes. Then again about ten minutes later the same announcement only the time increases to 25-30 minutes. Obviously this is going down hill, and the debris isn't simply a tree branch but more likely something they aren't willing to share with the general public. I haven't yet mentioned to you that at 10:00, I have my once a year meeting with all the executive staff to review the annual report options I've designed. This is probably the only meeting that matters for me each year and therefore I really shouldn't miss it. Swell eh, pressure's on! And to make it just a little more complicated, it's also raining and taxis in SF are notorious for never being around when you need one. My only saving grace is that I ran into a colleague who would legitimized my claims. I also almost talked us both into going to Tartine for pastries instead of going to work at all. Would have been lovely. It all worked out eventually, as these things always do. I was able to flag a taxi at about 9:45 and got to work at 10:01. Lucky me.

So then what's this "way to work wednesday" image about you ask? Why it's about the treat I had at lunch of course, and I don't just mean the little celebration libation...it was the pleasure of sitting next to a table of wannabe reindeer. Wowsers! I took a wrong turn and ended up at the north pole, or these people are a little too festive? No kidding, they wore their antlers the whole time I was there.

December 14, 2005

i'm really jaded


...worn out, tired and truly lacking in spirit. I see these two walking to bart quite often and every time I think, how do they manage to walk with their arms wrapped so tightly around each other? I kid you not, they're full body embracing every single time I see them. To ad nauseam to my visual experience, they deep throat for as long as possible before they part on different trains, she goes downtown and he outta town. It's really too much, such overt exhibitionism. I'm compelled to look away. But then I start thinking about being young and in love and I think I'm just an old jaded married woman. Perhaps this is a wonderful expression of passionate love and they really can't bear to be parted. As I think back, I was never like that, no matter how off my rocker I was about some guy. Walking hand in hand is sweet. Walking with your arms wrapped all around each other is actually difficult and creates balance issues not to mention width problems when passing others on the sidewalk. Ok, too much thinking about this?! I'll just count this as another bit of evidence proving I'm severely jaded and excessively practical, a great combo.

On another note, Frontline had an interesting (albeit sickening to think about) program on marketing/advertising "persuaders" and how the corporation tries to manipulate us by controlling our culture. It was gross to think about how deep the manipulation goes. There is even a French guru, Clotaire Rapaille, who is one of many market researchers claiming to have figured out consumers' hidden desires. Ad agencies flock to his mansion (and drink champagne while admiring his fancy cars) to learn the "reptilian" hot-buttons that compel us to buy. Grotesque!!

December 7, 2005

bahhhh humbug


It's a dreary day indeed. Besides the über hectic morning struggling with sick baby, UPS deliveries, negotiating with potential non-english speaking hires, all before nine am??!@#!(*&! Then there's my boring day designing for an all-committee, no aesthetic, throw in the kitchen sink kinda crowd. Now I'm blah, blah, blogging about it and it's boring too. My apologies. It's also raining. Fitting.

On a positive note, looking forward to finishing my type set up and printing during tonight's letterpress class. I'm going early if possible...I will try to remember to take a picture of some part of the process. And I'm very excited about my humbug yarn purchase for a secret santa knit gift. Big fat size 35 needles coming my way, what fun.

November 30, 2005

creepy christmas lobby


Ask yourself how you might feel entering work everyday between a lobby full of scary-ass practically life-size plastic snowmen and a few snow-omen [that's spell check's correction for snow-women so I'm leaving it in since it's painfully apropos) which are eerily glowing from within and stacked on tiered boxes that make some of them about 10 feet tall?! And this photo only shows the left half of the madness! By the way, you can see all the cords draping off the stands and snaked across the floor. The job is shlocky in addition to bizarre. Top it off with horrid clichéd Christmas songs pretending to emanate from the creepy snow chorus but really coming from a speaker behind lobby attendants podium. YIKES. At least doorrman Mac has a good sense of humor about it and he has to spend all day surrounded. He pointed out to me that they shouldn't be in lobby at all because it's against California law to smoke indoors. I'd like to further point out that there's only one snow-omen per row, not including the rows which only have one, which of course is a man. Nice. Happy freakin' holidays. I must silently scream "WHY?"
You want to see the whole lobby?

November 23, 2005

creativity explored


As I walk by Creativity Explored I almost always get a smile sometimes even a "good morning" from one of the artists. It a nice way to start my day but it also reminds me not to put up defensive barriers while navigating through the world. I am often struck by the engaging exhibits they show at this place and how well done so many of the paintings, sculptures or other objects are. It's truly impressive and inspiring. it's also as interesting as the work I see in galleries, including many of the ones considered to be showing cutting edge work such as Southern Exposure or 111 Minna.

November 16, 2005

rayon vert


I'm starting my own little blog ritual. I've seen some interesting ideas like "self portrait tuesdays" and "artifact mondays" so I'm doing my own version combined with something like the film Smoke's simplicity, yet profound and enduring effect of looking at the same thing everyday — along my way to work. Today is inspired by the pretty Christmas baubles in the window of Rayon Vert. The retail world is ready for Christmas, even if I'm not. Starbucks wants me to really grasp that "It ONLY happens ONCE a year" so certainly I shouldn't deny myself that pricey caloric gingerbread mocha frappuccino sugar gluck while I ponder how to spend my nonexistent Christmas bonus.

By the way, I just looked up "Rayon Vert". It's a novel by Jules Verne. Here's the plot: The heroes seek to see this ray with much patience in trimmings of Scotland (unfavorable to its observation because of the fogs). After many attempts at observation concluding itself by failures caused by the clouds or the sail from a boat, at far, which comes to hide the sun to them, the phenomenon will arise, but each of the two principal characters will be too occupied discovering the love in the eyes of the other to pay attention to the horizon. [yes, I had google translate the page from French] As for scientific fact: The existence of this phenomenon of green ray (gleam of color emerald when the sun disparait just on the sea) is attested by several testimonys, but seems to occur only under conditions of temperature and hygroscopy determined, which returns the observation of the rare phenomenon in practice, and sometimes disputed. The idea contained in the novel according to which it would be possible to envisage where and when to observe the green ray remains however a licence of author. And here I just thought it was a something you see while on drugs.