February 19, 2009

snark attack

Shark Attack

Oh you need to read this review in the New York Times magazine of the new book "Snark" by David Denby, if you haven't already?! It's so well written and Adam Sternberg thinks twice as deep as I did when I heard the author on NPR. After I heard Mr. Denby I was convinced that indeed snark is ruining our conversation.

Snark “prides itself on wit, but it’s closer to a leg stuck out in a school corridor that sends some kid flying.” It’s the bitter bile coughed up by the angry defeated, “repackaging the anger as smear.” It’s the lingua franca of the bullying and the jaded, yet it threatens to choke us all, as the “gas of snark enters the air around us as a corrosive sense that cynicism is hip and everyone is vulnerable.”

I for one really dislike most of the anonymous ranting that people post in the comments of many blogs because they feel like a low down and mean spirited and opportunity to complain without thinking about the whole issue. I personally really dislike being chided, condescended to and otherwise rudely commented to by anyone — whether it's by my husband or the store clerk so I really wanted to read "Snark" ad love it. But then I read Mr. Sternbergs article changed my mind, read this excerpt. where he's wondering where all the snark came from...

I’d argue that slackers adopted irony not as a pose of hipster cynicism but as a defense against inheriting a two-faced world. When no one—from politicians to pundits—says what he actually means, irony becomes a logical self-inoculation. Similarly, snark, irony’s brat, flourishes in an age of doublespeak and idiocy that’s too rarely called out elsewhere. Snark is not a honk of blasé detachment; it’s a clarion call of frustrated outrage...When you are living in a nation awash in bullshit, it should not be surprising when people cry out, The nation is awash in bullshit! and maybe throw in an extraneous And your mother dresses you funny! It should also not be surprising, I guess, when people like Denby, ensconced on their porches, their conversations interrupted, tut-tut and tell those people to keep their voices down.

I won't go on pasting in all the brilliant retorts to the book so just go read it and enjoy the genius.

ps. I love Maureen Dowd's cynicism so when I read that Mr Denby wrote the following about her I joined the other camp! “Despite all of her larks and inventions, she’s essentially sour and without hope … she’s the most gifted writer of snark in the country.”

June 21, 2007

y'all behave


I've got a thing about good manners. It likely started back when I was about seven and my auntie Gail gave me the book white gloves and party manners. Now I'm no ex-debutaunte or high society madame but I believe simple good manners go a long long way in the world. It bugs me to no end to witness all the bad manners running rampant in our society (and usually there's a daily offense or more). I was pleasantly suprised to bump into this cute website Y'all Behave! claiming "it's time for a good manners revolution."

November 16, 2006

green is live


let's green this city

November 15, 2006

argh, it's broken

My blog is screwed up! It's so frustrating. Somehow my database got corrupt. See how my fabulous blogroll has just vanished?! Urgh. So forgive me if it takes a while to get it all back in working order.

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November 14, 2006

green is yellow

Green Yellow

I'm not the only curiously confused San Francisco blogger (so glad that I'm not alone)! However I got lucky and heard an inside scoop on the GREEN IS... another color campaign. Turns out this is a teaser campaign for a larger, soon to roll out ad campaign promoting green energy for our very own local energy company PG&E. It's crazy that they didn't point us inquiring and scrutinizing viewers to a website, or that they didn't include a little visual clue for us to figure out who/what etc. Adding a graphic detail on the ad like the same triangular snipe of the PG&E logo or something along those lines would have worked. And I have to add that the color in the ads isn't working for me either, that green is too yellow! However, for all my complaints, satisfaction has brought me back — I'm looking forward to seeing the full campaign and hearing about PG&E's green energy progress. The above picture was taken on Market @ Embarcadero.

A better picture of previous post @ 16th & Valencia:

Green Brown

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November 8, 2006

green is brown


Well, actually, green is green, like the background of the poster you made — silly person who paid for this public display! I happened to see this poster on the side of the bus stop at 16th & Valencia while I was riding the 22 Fillmore — so it's not a great shot. But I had to shoot and blog it in the hopes that I would figure out what it's all about. Yes, it peaks my curiosity, but it also drives me mad because the meaningless message "GREEN IS brown" on a field of solid green means...nothing! (and there's not a single clue anywhere on the poster to aid you) So what is the point? Anyone?

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December 27, 2005

the technorati made me do it

Technorati Profile

Still figuring out what this blog search tool/service is...and to prove I am who I say I am, I had to paste this link into my blog. Boring eh? And free publicity for them, irritating.

Looks like they may know the under-water weirdoos at Squidoo. they use the same clunky giant then small type link treatment. Suspicious.

August 15, 2004

while at the movies

Chair kickers. What's with this insanely rude phenomenon??? I keep having the grave misfortune of sitting in front of self absorbed types who kick my chair, repeatedly and often without a pattern or beat. Drives me stark raving mad. STOP IT!

office & email

Speaker phone. The ultimate lame power trip.

Ok, so you want to send a group email. No problem. Either use an email application designed for managing lists or put all the addresses in the bcc: line so the rest of us don't have to see the giant list you sent it to and so that no one decides to use that list for their own use. We all get enough junk mail, thanks.

while driving

Don't pull up to the stop light in the left hand lane and as the light turns green decide to put on your left turn signal. Think ahead so the rest of us have a chance to change lanes and keep driving! Arrrggg, that one really riles me up.

Blocking my driveway or parking on the sidewalk on either side of my driveway (which is a no parking zone — see the no parking signs every ten feet?) making it impossible for me to get into my driveway even though YOU THINK you haven't actually blocked the driveway.

Zipper merge? heard of it? don't be an ass, you haven't gotten far enough ahead and certainly haven't gained any karma points. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to connect license plate numbers with cell phone numbers that way we can call you up and bitch you out.

August 1, 2004

irritating housekeeping

Things that really bug...
Toilet paper that rolls under rather than over.

Who doesn't know that end of the pillow with tag goes into the pillowcase first?

Wet towels or shoes on the bed. Enough said!

while at a restaurant

When a waiter removes a finished plate while someone is still eating! Uh hem, DO NOT REMOVE anything from the table until everyone has clearly stopped eating.

When the waiters asks "would you like change?" How rude to assume that the extra money left isn't because we'd like change but because uh huh,we like to tip 2000 percent!. Cha-ching! Ya, that's the sound of your tip going down.