December 19, 2013

pinterest made me do it


So where have I been for almost a year, why no postings? I've been sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest. See what I love and swoon over and wish I had many lifetimes to make. And why I've been busy pinning elsewhere.

October 5, 2012

peace felt

Peace Felt
Luck Rebirth

One day a gift box comes from someone you don't know (but instantly like!) generously giving you a little bit of themselves and spreading peace and joy. The peace felt project is truly lovely in sentiment and that much sweeter in reality! How I got so lucky to get Terri I'll never know but I am grateful. Thank you so much!! I adore this soft felted bunny, you rightly figured I love rabbits and grey so it's my ideal mix, well done. I'll cherish the sentiment you wrote in the card too and yes I hope this rabbit will bring much luck and rebirth, stay tuned.
Bunny Side
Bunny Otherside

January 8, 2012

lovely needlework

I love these gorgeous hand embroidered designs from by Miga de pan Buenos Aires. I'm inspired to try my hand at a few of the stitch techniques I see here.


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January 6, 2012

big felt


I love this big felted wool work by Ronel Jordaan found by way of an article on the Hand/Eye blog.

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January 5, 2012

bohemian wornest

I really love looking at the photos on the site Bohemian Wornest, the textures and color palettes are delicious. It worth a daily visit. I found the site via my new favorite source of inspiration and the worst time sucking site — pinterest!

December 17, 2011

renegade holiday fair


Just had me a lovely time shopping through the oh so popular and extremely over-crowded San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. I had to talk myself into continuing while I suffered through the claustro slash agora phobia attacks!

My favorites:
Darling hand sewn pin cushions by Bough & Twig
Sweet letterpress designs by Dutch Door Press
Laser felt designs by Feisty Elle
Edgy designs, super soft and nicely shaped t-shirts by Love Nail Tree
Simply stunning phases of moon letterpress calendar by Rendij Studio
Handmade toys and gifts by Life with Tigers
Adorable watercolors by Chiaki Darski
Pretty resin artworks and jewelry by Fernworks
Lovely colors of wool roving by Sincere Sheep
Isla Corbett Felt
Isla Corbett
Inspiring felt goods by Isla Corbett
Interesting felt wear by sol del sur
Felt gardens by Fat Juicy Leaves
Gorgeous ceramic vessels by Sara Paloma
Beautifully handmade ceramics by Rae Dunn

Sweet hair pins by Buluchu (no products online)
Lovely retro inspired (reminds me of Gyo Fujikawa) drawings by Neiko Ng

I bought two dreamy cedar soy candles by type.lites
Chic letterpress cards by Satsuma Press
Silverware jewelry by Brown Banana
Some interesting headband details by Poppyhearts
Old timey neighborhood San Francisco wear by Gangs of San Francisco
Pretty type by Mary Kate McDevitt

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November 22, 2011

fruits + veggies

Watercolor Figs
Watercolor Plums

The United States Department of Agriculture has an amazing library filled with inspiring water color specimens. I love these!

November 21, 2011

craft cafe


San Francisco needs a Moomah too. I so want to sign up to take crafting classes like these while hanging out in a gorgeous cafe, eating delicious nibbles and sipping unlimited wine. That's my idea of heaven and truly my happy place. Blog link for future reading, love the tag line "know you are doing enough." The felting class is taught by fiber artist knit knit, her blog too.

November 1, 2011

mundane conflicts

Maya Birdie
Maya Smother
Maya Figures

I just found Maya Hewitt (I know I am late to the party yet again!). Love her illustrative and painterly combination style. The sadly emotional figurative subjects speak to me as well. Some of them remind me of Shell Silverstein's early drawings.

October 23, 2011

yellena james

Spore Yellena
Shade Yellena

I am really liking this artist Yellena James. Her work is beautiful and quirky but also decorative and crafty while still being etherealy botanical and organically designish. Ok so does that critique sentence make sense? Anyway I like it and I'm psyched to see she has an affordable print collection for sale on etsy. I need to go get me some. She's got a blog too.

September 15, 2011

tobias brothers

Tobiasbros 1
Tobiasbros 2

Gorgeous colored woodcuts on paper by Gert & Uwe Tobias.

September 14, 2011

still waiting

Community Chorus2

I continue to search for inspiration and solutions to the answer, what do I want to draw on this blank paper? I like this one's outlines, colored in patterns, and faint background details all in a very appealing combination. Screams encaustic to me too. I like.

Yes. I was very moved by the Writer's Almanac the other day. I love the Mencken quote about the tragedy of life being an endless series of standing in lines. That's a topic I could draw again and again.

September 13, 2011

nice drawings

Treehouse Lauren
Finch Lauren

Nice drawings by Lauren Nassef. I especially like the pattern of little holes in the paper's background.

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July 11, 2011

botanical wax


Lovely encaustic collages by Kenna Moser using vintage letters and stamps, collage bits of old books and then painting on the wax surface. Read her artist profile and see more of her work.

July 8, 2011

fiber artists

I'm feeling super inspired these days and dreaming of new creations. I woke up from a dream which was filled with beautiful felt fabrics. Oh happiness! That dream may have something to do with all the felt websurfing I've been doing. In anticipation of visiting Kathmandu I've been searching for felt vendors and classes in the hopes I can make a connection there. We shall see, fingers crossed. Meanwhile I've also uncovered a few fantastic fiber artists worth noting.


Claudy Jongstra (also at Moss Gallery) turns out I heard her speak ages ago when I was at the Art Center Design Conference "Radical Craft" back in 2006. My hubby reminded me that I was blown away by her then too. She offers felt classes in the Netherlands and Italy — wow I got to get me there!

Urchin Puff
Aran Rug

Christien Meindertsma— incredible oversized hand knitted pieces


Kwangho Lee — furniture, lighting, jewelry he does all that and sometimes in laser cut felt

June 10, 2011

serious stitches


Found these amazing embroidered art works by Jenny Hart via the Craft site.

June 3, 2011

nigel peake

Nigel Peake1
Nigel Peake2
Nigel Peake3

I happened to walk by Needles and Pens and a poster taped to the door caught my eye, luckily I had enough time to stop and enjoy the moment. The show in the gallery was Nigel Peake, In the Wilds. Never heard of him before but I instantly fell for his work. I love the sharp graphic pen work combined with the soft water color washes and the simple and subtly abstract, even meditative, subject matter. I bought a little glicee print of an abstract bird. When I took it to the corner frame shop the guy chuckled as he wrote up my order. I asked what was funny, he said he likes trying to figure out how to describe the art people bring in. In this case he called it "colored blobs." I chuckled back and said, it's a bird. I'm sure he thought I was a nutter.

May 22, 2011

maker faire funsies

R2D2 Max
Whitemerrygoround Vivi

We all had a great day at the 2011 Maker Faire in San Mateo. It's busy place with more to do than we could get done. There's so much inspiration and admiration to behold and enjoy. Max loved ArcAttack, the Pacific pinball museum, and all the robotics including the R2D2 units. Vivienne loved the music and the GE solar powered carousel.

Woolbuddy Owl

I was in heaven in the craft area. My favorite was Woolbuddy. Jackie is adorable, sweet, humble and a pleasure to hear from. I adore his little creatures. I bought his darling book and owl kit.

Other booths I enjoyed and will look forward to visiting their sites: Sublime Stitching; Felt the Sun; Meadowlarking, NifNaks (especially their subversive felt guns & bombs!) Burda Style & Spoonflower.

April 20, 2011

paper flower

Paper Flower

I'm liking this paper flower tutorial — to make with felt of course. While here I surfed over to Artists Who Blog and found a wealth of inspiration. Ah fresh air.
Pretty french photos
lovely British things
Gretchen Mist from down under
Southern Inspiration
Lisa Golightly: Kiki & Polly
Local inspiration

Gret Mist
Horsie Paint
Soft Flowers

March 21, 2011

art clips


coffee wars by killing my lobster, so so funny 'cause it true

Jr Train

TED Prize winner, stunning gorilla art (who is funding this??!)

anonymous artist: JR

January 29, 2011

black beauty

Regency Mirror

Is etsy fabulous or evil, I can't decide. If I browse I inevitably buy. I've been wanting a mirror for my studio. I just found one. It's "hollywood regency" style apparently and the frame was made by syroco. Looks lovely I think and I can't wait to hang it and then admire my felt hair stuffs in it.

November 5, 2010

bunnie land


I found this link to a fellow bunny lover and artist and I like what I see! She's working with vintage patterns too.

And here's a link I LOVE and yes, I am so jealous!! The Jealous Curator

September 15, 2010

felt & wire

Felt Wire

Oh dear, I could spend all my money and yours too on the gorgeous paper goods on felt & wire.

July 2, 2010

photo movie list

Max Hipstamaticeyes
Vivi Hipstamaticeyes

It's no secret I love photography so I was thrilled to find this list of 50 movies about photography and photographers from photojojo. Many of these are awesome. I'm looking forward to adding the ones I haven't seen to my netflix list.

June 29, 2010



While wandering through the awesome 798 Art District in Beijing I came across a gallery that had some remaining postcards from previously shown work which I instantly adored. The dreamy landscapes are by an American artist named Maggie Taylor. The works combines found art, photos and more which are scanned and then collaged together in photoshop. How tediously painful was all I could think when imagining her process! She does an amazing job though. Her dreamy surrealism is sublime and inspirational.

February 22, 2010

sweet beauties

Jc Paper
Jc Prepared

I never tire of Jen Corace's illustrations. They are dreamy, sweetly strange and beautifully mesmerizing. I could post them for days, so best just visit her site or google her to find lots of places to buy her gorgeous work!

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November 11, 2009

rose de borman

Floral Borman
Velvet Borman

I'm liking and inspired by these loose, expressive and dreamy fabric illustrations by Rose de Borman.

September 22, 2009

artists who blog

Fish Postcard
Bluebird Calendar
Bluebird Postcard)

By way of Karin's Style Blog, I found a great new to me site, artists who blog, which then led me to gennine (and to her etsy site — boy etsy is a dangrous place for me, makes me want to spend more money!) I like her use of watercolors, white acrylic overlay and collage. I'm attracted to her subject matter of birds and water life too which feel uplifting and calming.

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September 17, 2009

park views

Leslie Green
I like the japanese format and composition of this diptych, the glorious use of green too but most especially I like the vignetted glow surrounding the lovers and the reader as they enjoy the park. Below is another park view by Leslie Lowinger found by way of the Graphic Arts Workshop. sadly my blog format doesn't allow for long horizontal images (a redesign is on the to do list) so I chopped this up. I love the pink hues and childhood-like feel.
Leslie Park2
Leslie Park1

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September 11, 2009

wall paint

I like these surface designs by Jane Kim. She uses discarded paint and found pieces of sheet rock as her canvas. Once I read that the color palettes made sense as they really do look like common room colors.

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August 6, 2009

waterhalo wonders

Goto Spain
Eat Peas
I like these pieces by Jamie at waterhalo. The sparse compositions, mixed media, and type play makes me happy. Plus the thoughts are similar to something I'd say like "I need to go to Japan now" or "all I eat are heirloom tomatoes."

August 5, 2009

rana rochet paintings

Rochat Greens
Rochat Greens2
Rochat Tryptich
I'm loving these encaustic abstractions by Rana Roxhet. Her palettes, line quality and poetic visual forms inspire me to loosen up and and let loose.

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July 21, 2009

imperfect balance

Chati Plum
Chati Thicket
Chati Hyperflowers

I find these abstractions beautifully meditative while being expressive and revealing in each brush stroke. Acrylics by Chati Coronel. Check out her blog. Found her by way of Gawker.

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July 20, 2009

mercede rules

Mercede Flowers
Mercede Butterfly2
Mercede Butterfly
While perusing the Land of Nod catalog I saw the flower painting above and loved the pink palette and painterly style mixed with the loose line quality and child-like compositions. I then googled her name Jennifer Mercede — that's what we all do these days eh — and found her etsy site too.

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July 9, 2009

hadley hutton

Hadley Fall
Hadley Bunny
Hadley Bird
Hadley Mums
Oh, sigh. I adore, no wait, I love, nope that's not it either. I'm utterly inspired and visually overjoyed by these sumptuous works by Hadley Hutton {site}. The sweet content, the gorgeous color palettes, the painterly techniques and the encaustic surface softening — are the perfect combo. I aspire and am motivated to get painting!

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July 6, 2009

embroidery inspiration

Tinyhappy Thread
Keiras Flowers

I have a love for illustrative threads. The ballet pink chain stitch on the cool neutral rough linen background are a favorite color combo of mine. "Tiny Happy's" daughter Keira's flowers drawing makes my eyes sing do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti lovely.

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June 29, 2009

lil minors

While checking out the minors kids clothing collection I found their recycled stuffies, made from old sweaters and vintage buttons each is a one of a kind. Sweet.

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June 23, 2009

paper jewels

I'm wildly in love with the beautiful collage work of Kaoru Mansour. The pieces above are from the "iro" series. There were so many pieces in her portfolio that I could have easily chosen to display here. I love the pencil/pen illustration techniques and chosen images mixed with the painterly touches and very graphic compositions. These pieces are visual jewelry.

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June 22, 2009

resin soaked abstractions

While shopping in Hayes Valley I saw these stunning abstractions by Kelly Defayette. I'm inspired by her loose lines and free floating shapes and I love that you can see the history of changes through the paint. Each piece is heavily coated in the shiny wet-like resin I've been admiring on many contemporary artists work.
Hayesvalley Mural

Later I saw this strikingly graphic mural on the other end of Linden alley on my way to Blue Bottle, mmmm so so good.

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June 18, 2009

chalk art

Nikolas Larson
Reminding me about one of my favorite scenes in Mary Poppins — I wanted to jump into Nikolas Larson's lovely chalk flower. I caught him in action while he created this and later a few other beauties on the sidewalk in front of the Mission Dolores.

Happy Birthday to Yaya!

June 16, 2009

handmade nation

Handmade Nation

The film Handmade Nation is playing tonight at CCA, I enjoyed watching the sneak peek. Oh how I miss the last C in my schools name, which stood for CRAFT! What irony that they dropped the "craft" in an attempt to elevate their place in the art school world now that the DYI movement is taking the world by storm and CCA is screening a film about that wave. Ha ha ha, take that I say, long live craft! Check out Handmade Nation's opening credits, serious stop animation funsies. Looks like lots of San Francisco local stores and artists will be represented like Jill Bliss, Needles & Pens, Little Otsu and more.

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June 1, 2009

fifi lapin

Fifi Lapin
Fifi Raining
Fifi Patchwork
How have I missed this site until now?! I'm so happy to have found it (see wallpaper below)! Fifi Lapin — the most stylish bunny ever, blog + shop.

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May 31, 2009

painterly lace


Mami Yamanaka's work is amazing! The details in the intricate patterns make me dizzy in a hypnotically happy kind of way. I just can't imagine the patience she must have, impressive.

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May 30, 2009

waxy discovery

Molly Geissman1
Molly Geissman2
I really like the organic shapes and painterly layers in these works by Molly Geissman. I can't recall how I came across her work because I keep this ridiculously full folder of web links on my desktop called "to blog" and when, and if, I ever revisit the link, I certainly can't remember the path that led me there. However, what I'm especially enjoying about rediscovering her work today is that the pieces on her personal site are mixded media encaustic — my new favorite art medium — what serendipity!

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May 29, 2009

desktop wallpapers

Golightly Puppet
Floral Birdies
Dreamon Bunnies

Found these beautiful desktop wallpers via blog How About Orange (my favorite color) on a site called Kindred — which highlights emerging artists by asking them to design a seasonal desktop wallpaper which they then offer free to us, thanks! (great links too)

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May 6, 2009

abstract beauty

I love these abstract mono prints by Angelika Pilz found on artstream. The muted palette, layered textures and scratched but also graphic lines are dreamy, delicate, and spacious — totally inspiring!
I found these pencil and watercolor images by Amy Ng on the same site. I want to remember these because I have been combining the same two mediums and the simplicity of this layering result appeals to me.

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May 5, 2009

the landscaper

The Landscaper
I found Amy Ruppel's work just a few months ago, but I was so smitten with it that I signed up for her email updates. She recently sent out an art for sale blast with wonderful cut paper, wax and paint pieces mostly with birds and at amazing prices. I blinked and half were already sold! I snapped up a 5x5 piece titled the landscaper — seen above. I'm so excited! I'll be needing to hit the frame shop soon and start hanging my etsy collections salon style.

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May 4, 2009

studio mela

Reading Cool
Flowers Birdie
Bunnyhat Girl
I've really got a thing for sweetness and light and am on a quest for a pretty little life in pictures. In that vein I've just found Studio Mela she's also known on Etsy by her pseudonym DazeyChic and she has one more site happy little nest. I bought the top print "reading is cool" to hang on Vivi's wall (someday when I have more wall space?!) Her illustrations are darling, upbeat and quirky plus she uses fun typography and of course bunnies —instant love for me.

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April 15, 2009

inspiring works

Smithjones Watercolor
Smithjones Pinhole
There is so much I love about what's happening in the work of Heather Smith Jones. I'm wildly inspired by her studio journal section and that she shares her process with us — blog too!. After seeing all the different mediums and tools she uses, watercolor, needle, camera, printing press etc I am hopeful for my own future as I often feel so disjointed and stretched because I love so many things—printing, photography, knitting, drawing, painting, and collage. I feel I can't choose just one. Heather is doing it all and so very well, kudos! I aspire.
Adam Hancher

This little thumbnail doesn't do justice to the mysteriously dreamy landscape by Adam Hancher. I love the soft gloomy palette with black ink, pencil and the hand written type.

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April 13, 2009

bunny, bunnies and more rabbits

Bunny Blossom2
A veritable bunny jackpot of fabulous imagery, humor and talent — I'm in hippity hop heaven with my fellow bunny lovers over at Kozydan.
Bunny Egg Cozy
These bunny egg cozies are ridiculously adorable, oye I want want want! Found at Branch.
Cool Iris Bunny

I love web browsing even more with the browser plugin Cool Iris, wow so much to see and scan (and time to waste!).

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April 3, 2009

brush life

Brush Birdie
Brush Bunny
Brush Poppies
I'm loving these notebook sketches by Kan Fukuda! His loose crumbly crayon like lines and scribbled fills are wondrous, playful and so inspiring. (found by way of Dear Ada)

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April 1, 2009

serene scenes

Water Tree
Calm Landscape

Such lovely inked lines and soft watery colors in Ian Oingman's illustrations. —found by way of Tiny Showcase, of course!

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March 13, 2009

artist statement

Kevin Gallery
Kevin Rainbow
Jellyfish Bear
I found this artist by way of BellJar. Although he's obviously a very talented painter, what I'm drawn to in Kevin E Taylor's work is the intention of why he makes art, illuminated in his artist statement below. I know I will refer to this again, it's genius.

I refer to my paintings as abstract narratives. Much like within dreams, there seems to be some underlying story or symbolic encryption; yet the significance of random artifacts scattered amongst would-be characters within unfamiliar settings remains up for discussion. No one, person can provide, with utmost certainty, the explanation of last night's nightmare; however, hypothesis remains a heartening comfort for the fretful dreamer. Works of art should be no different. To employ an all-encompassing explanation upon such a work is to restrict its potential to awaken sleeping thoughts; and, although translation of mystery and expression of intent can and do serve purpose, I'd prefer leave that can of worms to someone else's opening. I want as little conscious control over an experiment as i impress upon a dream... later, when i wake up, we can talk about what it meant. In short, my working method is highly improvisational- each work, a fossil born from the simple act of one's response unto the possibility of materials. Chance, accident, and spontaneity are welcomed artifacts upon the archaeology of my constructions.

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March 11, 2009

twilight: melancholy and magic

Vhammond Garland
Vhammond Green
Vhammond Installation

I love the ethereal beauty of these large litho & monotype prints by Valerie Hammond from her exhibit "twilight" (found by way of About Today blog). The material line for the top image reads "relief printed lithograph, glass beads, thread on handmade Kozo paper" sounds like a sunprint of some sort where she may have laid the materials on an emulsified litho surface? Not sure, but I dig the result. "Women as dolls, drudges, helpmates and heroines" — a line I like from her artist statement.

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March 10, 2009

stitched scribble

Megan Stitched

I'm drawn to the intersection of art and craft especially when knitting or embroidery are involved. Yaya forwarded me a link to Megan Whitmarsh whose works looks to me like she is using embroidery like marker pen — scribbly stitches — so cool. I also like many of her ealier drawings like the trees below, which are really similar to an illustration I did a few weeks ago. What quirky and fun work!

Megan Trees
Megan Trees2
From my sketchbook:
Tree Sketch

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March 9, 2009

toile thread

Kent Dance
Kent Swing
By way of the "By Hand" book I found Kent Hendricksen's stitched and embroidered art. I love that he's added in his own characters to old toile patterns — subversive genius.

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March 8, 2009

paper quilling

Wilson QuillingWilson Quilling2
Wilson Installation
I happened to walk by the SF Museum of Craft and Folk Art and was drawn into the shop by a cute hedgehog stuffie made by Katy Kristin. However, once I was shopping I came across amazing art and paper work by Megan Wilson. She calls the way she lays out the strips of paper in the above pieces "quilling". It produces a beautiful visual layering effect which is obviously hard to capture with a photograph because you need to see the side angles to get the color and repetition in all its glory.

I also found a book I really want titled "By Hand" The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art", there's lots to love and be inspired by in there. Must add to my Amazon Wish List.

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March 1, 2009


Lil Geisha
Max & Dada went to wondercon/comicon (Max's first convention as daddy pointed out!) and they brought me back this darling print by Nan Hockin of Nanamation. Her artwork is adorably sweet and I love that she is also a knitter, baker and all around crafty type.

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February 27, 2009

bunnies down under

Blue Bunny
Oh my cuteness! I love this sophisticated and sweetly sad blue bunny by Florence Forrest found by way of an Aussie blog & store called Udessi. While cruising around their web store I saw these pretty floral drawings digitally printed on pine by Kim Wallace. Then I came across Lisa Tilse's work which is hand painted with cut and collaged paper details, the sushi bird tiles are so darling. I see many artists these days using woods panels as their canvas, I like it as it feels so livable and natural. This store also has some sweet greeting cards and beautiful fabrics, lots there to enjoy!
Aussie Florals
Sushi Bird

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February 20, 2009

waxy build up

Lisa Kairos1
Lisa Kairos2
After a fun dinner with friends, (Kathy & Reed xoxo!) I stayed up way too late searching for information about encaustic painting techniques and classes in SF. I've been loving the opacity and layering look and thinking this is a direction I'd like to pursue. While clicking through, I came across these lovely paintings by Lisa Meyer-Kairos. I'm hoping she'll be teaching an encaustic workshop soon! If not Sharon Art Studio, Center for the Book and City College have taught them in past though they don't appear to list any for Spring '09...however Kala Institute, Esalen, and International Encaustic Institute offer upcoming options. I hope I I can find a way to attend one of these!?!

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February 5, 2009

shroom rings

Mushroom Fairies
Mushroom Collage
Amy Rabbits
I've found a new favorite artist Amy Ross (blog). I'm in love with her mushroom fairy rings and the bunny magnolia tree.

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February 4, 2009

talk to the hand

Fox Puppets
Fox Vacuum
Fox Lineup

I recently came across an art blog called little paper planes which has lots of inspirations, resources and links. More here than I have time for!! There was also a blog posting with resources for artists seeking representation. I'm not — but one day I may, so I wanted to post this for my memory.
Art by Alyson Fox for sale via Keep Calm Gallery.

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January 25, 2009

wax works

Amy Painting1
Amy Painting2
Amy Painting3
Found these lovely graphic encaustic paintings by Amy Ruppel at Rare Devices.

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January 22, 2009

pretty petals


By way of My Marrakesh blog I found these pretty stencil designs by Royal Design.

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January 18, 2009

mind your bees wax

Mollycliff 1
Mollycliff 2-1
Encaustic Michele
Another other media technique I've been loving and wanting to try my hand at is encaustic painting. I've been surfing the web reading about it and wan tto log the links for future reference.
[encaustic art by Molly Cliff top & center; Mimi Doodles / Michele Bosak bottom]

encaustic how to slide show
RF paints & beeswax supplies
encaustic history
an artists explanation
another artists encaustic explanation
embracing encaustic book
blog link(s)
video how to; here too
waxing it up blog
encaustic over photographs

what's a glicee print? Clearly another posting is in order...

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a surface like water

Resinbirds Fernworks
Field Fernworks
Fernworks Small
I've been seeing lots of art covered in beautiful shiny liquid glass-like surfaces and loving them. Turns out its called "liquid plastic" and goes by the technical media name 'epoxy resin'. I've been doing some web research and want to log the links here for future use. [art by fern works]

general info article
TAP Plastics
various purchase options and how to use
EnviroTexapplication tips and how to instructions
Colores Resin
Devcon 2 part Epoxy
Diamond Glaze
doming resins
Treasure Crystal Coat
ModgePodge (works with acrylic) — directions
Jolly Glaze —acrylic sealers

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January 15, 2009

no regrets

Lily Moon
Been floating around Etsy again — it's addictive in there. Found this sweet illustration by Lily Moon, liking the pink palette and various textures.

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January 12, 2009

supreme stitching

Loveistiming Quilt
I've been really loving sewn and embroidered illustration over the last few years. Coming across Caroline Hwang's quilts and thread drawings is no exception — hers are totally awesome. I particularly like the one above titled "love is timing" as it really looks like just a loose colored pen doodle. Below are two drawings "about to set sail" and "dear friend" both are hand painted gocco prints found on her site and for sale through The Shiny Squirrel.

Her commercial site has lot of great illustrations too — wow —loving her stuff! Oh and she did the meat club graphic— that makes so much sense now that I know.

Dearfriend Hwang

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January 11, 2009

origami bunny

Origami Rabbit
Origami everything! Check out the Origami Club which has instructions both flat and animated for a wide variety of cutesy items. Happy folding!

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January 10, 2009

seeking inspiration

Eunsil Sheep
Maira Pete


Colored Baubles
You know there are days when I stare at the blank screen, page or wall and think there's nothing worthy — my mind draws a blank and creative panic sets in. Snap out of it, I tell myself. Look around, at anything and everything. Look harder, closer or farther. However sometimes I need a trigger. So I casually flip through books, magazines, websites culling for a cue. Recently there's been two source sites that I'm really enjoying, Shutter Sisters and Illustration Friday [blog].

Just so I don't forget these, a few other helpful links too.
Vector Tutorials by VectorTuts
Tutorial Sphere
vector patterns by Designious & Mujka
Photoshop Wiki
Good Wall tutorials

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December 31, 2008

ryden's rabbits

Ryden Giraffebunny
Ryden Bunnybee
Ryden Bunnybox
Ryden Tea
Ryden Bunnycart
Oh my gosh, I'm so in love with these paintings. They beautifully mix some of my my favorites" Frida Kahlo, Dutch & Italian masters, surrealism, children's book illustrations and darling rabbits! Mark Ryden's paintings draw you in with gorgeous color palettes and seductive realism while pushing you away with creepy juxtapositions of religious symbolism and childhood nightmares. What's best of all you ask? Well, the use of bunnies, fluffy rabbits and more bunnies, of course!

It is only in childhood that contemporary society truly allows for imagination. Children can see a world ensouled, where bunnies weep and bees have secrets, where “inanimate” objects are alive. Many people think that childhood’s world of imagination is silly, unworthy of serious consideration, something to be outgrown. Modern thinking demands that an imaginative connection to nature needs to be overcome by “mature” ways of thinking about the world. Human beings used to connect to life through mystery and mythology. Now this kind of thinking is regarded as primitive or naive. Without it, we cut ourselves off from the life force, the world soul, and we are empty and starving. I believe in letting imagination thrive in my art. I am not afraid of nostalgia or sentiment. I value taking the time to make a painting “beautiful.” I want to breath life into my paintings. — Mark Ryden [excerpt taken from his artist statement from Wondertoonel]

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December 30, 2008

technicolor kandinsky

Stark Two
Stark One
Stark Three
These are felt tip drawings on paper. Wild eh?! I'm wildly impressed. Art by Jen Stark.

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December 29, 2008

penny's pen

House Flowers
Caged Bird
Birds Wire
Wonderfully inspiring illustrations (design & typography too) by Penelope Dullaghan and fun blog too.

She co-runs illustration friday too, which I just signed up for. It'll be amazing if I find the time to draw anything let alone participate!!

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December 26, 2008

yummy yumi

Yumi Detail
Yumi Leaves
Yumi's illustrations are loose and rough while still warm and quirky. I like these a lot, they inspire me to loosen up!

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December 24, 2008

embroidery illustration

Tea Towel

Another direction I'm feeling pulled toward is embroidered and sewn illustration. I'm so happy when I come across examples (especially ones I've seen in Selvedge) The image above is by Creative Thursday [blog

Sad Girl

A sad girl by Ashley G by way of her Etsy shop. [blog kitty genius] Others to check out are Emily Eibel, found by way of Design for Mankind and Craft zine; Megan Whitmarsh, Kent Henricksen, Sandrine Pelletier, Mark Newport, Takashi Iwasaki [image above] by way of Nebo Peklo,

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December 23, 2008

cori dantini

in keeping with art and illustration on the printed page (I've been feeling pulled in this direction lately!) I found these lovely illustrations by Cori Dantini [blog]. I also read this candid and heart warming interview about her (all roads lead to Etsy!). Her line work is whimsically sophisticated and I love the white washing and subtle monochromatic color palette.

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December 22, 2008

zakka defined

Zakka Drawing
zakka: literally means “many goods.”
zakka. It's the term for everything and anything that spruces up your home, life and outlook.
zakka:- the things that make people feel happy and exist, like a comfortable air.
Cute is not enough. To qualify as a zakka, a product must be attractive, sensitive, laden with subtexts. It's the art of finding the savvy in the mundane.
Definitions taken from this Herald Tribune article and this one in the Taipei Times

Crafting Japanese — the ultimate diy zakka resource
cozy corner & blog
Zakka on Flickr
freakin cute sewing zakka
designer zakka
zakka zoo
zakka the movie

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December 21, 2008

recycled words

Experience Detail
I think this concept of using old texts to create visual poetry by singling out certain words is stunning. Then add in illustration and I'm totally in love. Art by Will Ashford, found by way of Dear Ada.

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December 20, 2008

happy shapes and colors

Jelly Bean Birds-1

Zukzuk Circles

I'm liking these jelly bean birds and sugar baby circles by ZukZuk. Her blog and etsy shop hold lots of inspiration.

These Japanese woodblock prints by Mariko Jess are so sweet. I love the soft textures and palettes, makes me feel happy. Found by way of Dear Ada.

And below is a quote that doesn't go with the above, but I wanted to save it 'cause it's so true and it will remind me to stay on my own path.

To be nobody but myself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. —ee cummings

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December 19, 2008

bunny with an art blog

Abstract Nativity

Ok, it's so weird when you run across things that seem so like you that it freaks you out (nope, nothing to do with the religious scenes pictured here!!). But yes, this weird — is it me or is it you —thing just happened to me. I found this blog called "bunny with an art blog". This "art bunny" is my bunny-art-design-illustration loving blogger twin, so trippy!?@#$%! There's lots to like and find on his site, but I was caught today by his abstract nativity creation. It's so cool. Mr. C has a nativity scene from his childhood which I've recently realized that I really love it too. The dark wood shapes and bright, painted colors are so super 70s. It's truly, deeply, fabulous with a groovy walk like an Egyptian angel and some wooly sheeps and llamas too. (need to add bunnies next time!)

Nativity Left
Nativity Right

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December 18, 2008

floating rabbits

Bunnies Adrift
Look! What darling floating bunnies. I found this gocco print and quite a few other "i heart bunnies" items at Argyle Whale on that wish I had thought of it first 'cause I made it myself e-marketplace : : : drum roll : : : Etsy.
Buy Handmade

Take the "buy handmade pledge" and support the real deal. Like you need a reason?

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December 11, 2008

ashes and snow

Elephant Empathy
Read Elephant
Angel Monk

The site Ashes and Snow is stunningly beautiful in its construction, experience and visuals. I'm blown away that the photographer states that these photographs have not been digitally composed or superimposed — really? Oh my god, that's wildly impressive! For me these images are dreamy, ethereal, poetic, and so unreal. See more from the shoots on the codex site.

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December 9, 2008

draw me a bunny

Vector Bunny
Icecream Bunnies
Via best resources on the web christmas 08, I found this draw a cute vector bunny tutorial which led me to 70 cute and cheeky vector animals — and what do you know, this site led me to the amazing Octonauts book Yaya gave Max. The web is just one big bunny circle! Check out the Meomi Site/Meomi blog — it doesn't get much cuter than her illustrations (even desktops too).

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December 8, 2008

lovely lines

Ruby Bloom
What a pretty illustration and chic color combination on this packaging, which I found on a friend's Ruby & Bloom shoe box.

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December 3, 2008

bunny lovers

Home Sweet
Sweet Pretend

By way of turtlebunnylove design, which is a divine site not only because it has bunny and design in it's name, but because I have found some amazing illustrations, embroidery, crafts and arts within it. Yummy! There's so much there to enjoy. I'll need to visit again, and often. Images above are from Sweet William, so lovely!

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December 2, 2008

dwell puppets & yak yarn

Dwell Puppets

I just got a notice about the Dwell Studio warehouse sale which runs for the remainder of the holiday season. I love our Dwell sheets (you can see them often in the background of my photos, all the ones with the brown stripes). I love them so much that they are getting holes in them, so a new set would be lovely. However, while visiting their site, I was totally distracted by these adorable felt and printed canvas puppets.

A note to self: Someday buy some Tibetan yak yarn by Shokay.

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December 1, 2008

weather vivienne

Weather Vivienne
Vivienne Bicycle
I was just cleaning out my bunny design email account (too full!) and found an old comment/email from Matte Stephens. I had inquired about a gouache print — that I still seriously want — called "weather Vivienne". Isn't it adorable?! She's so happy under her umbrella. I just revisited his site and his etsy store and there are more lovely illustrations of his daughter Vivienne — floating and riding her bike. I love his quirky retro shapes and 60s palettes. When my money flows more freely I want to get some and hang them in my Vivi's future bedroom (like when she finally moves out of my room, no one knows when that will happen?!).

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November 21, 2008


Annora Spence
Janet Bolton
Louise Baldwin

Just been browsing around the web while Vivi naps (finally!! she gave me quite a fuss this morning) and came across a few inspiring artists I want to note and check out later. Above is Annora Spence. I like the her figures and drawn line quality as well the quirky subjects and strange landscapes. Sewing illustration by Janet Bolton and another example here too. Embroidery as illustration by Louise Baldwin. [tracing threads exhibit] Lovely kids clothes and a gorgeous website design by catimini. Visit Kirin's Notebook blog with hand painted textiles by Ink & Spindle. Crafting and illustration blog by Bella Dia (free gift tag list) & two straight lines. Vivi is now awake, ciao.

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November 5, 2008

obama mama

Obama Hope
Rumored to be posted in the Obama headquarters are these profound words:

Rosa sat so Martin could walk
Martin walked so Obama could run
Obama ran so our children can fly

I partied with my fellow San Franciscans on the streets of the Mission last night, go “o” mama. It was wild and exhilarating!! The crowds closed the streets from traffic and captured the 22 Fillmore — the patrons had to get off and catch diverted buses. People were dancing on the top of the bus, running through the crowds with American flags, screaming out of apartments, spontaneous drumming circles erupted, patrons of the bars were in the streets with pint glasses, there were high fives, whoo hoos and general happiness and lots of love in the mayhem. All that, and the cops just smiled at us all!

We were all so happy to be Americans again. I'm so relieved, I keep crying tears of joy.

Go Daddio
Plus my dad won the most votes for his re-election to city council!! Go daddio! xxoo

Check out the renaming of Bush St.

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October 28, 2008

sketchbook art

Moleskin Art1
Check out all the wonderful sketchbook illustrations done in "moleskines" notebooks on the Smashing Magazine site. There's a good list of resource links to more art there too.

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September 12, 2008

mission district

Mission Dolores

A link to a fun New York Times article on cool things to do in our hood.

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September 11, 2008

buffalo bill & the indians on the beach

Bufalo Bill Troupe
Buffalo Bill Detail

The original photograph (a panoramic much larger than the detail shown here) was taken in September 1902, on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and shows William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody mounted on his horse "Duke" at front center. Lined up on either side of him are members of his "Wild West" show troupe.

Artist Thom Ross has recreated the photograph with life size painted plywood cutouts which take up a large part of the north end of Ocean Beach near the Cliff House. It's a wonderful wild west site to behold. It's fun to view the scene from afar, as well as, seeing all the painted details plus added embellishments like ribbons, fringe, beads, studs and bells when close-up.

Buffalo Bill Beach
Indians Rocks
Figures Beach
Indian Rider
Three Indians
Texture Detail
Thom Ross
Heres a portrait of the artist, Thom Ross with his Annie Oakley and Custer (?) cut outs — and a link to the Chronicle article.

I enjoyed watching Max explore the scene, though he lost interest fairly quickly because he said the beach was stinky. He kept walking around pinching his nose and mumbling.
Seen Behind
Custer Max
There was one faceless indian cut out with a ladder up the backside so you could take a "stick your face in it" picture. Max was too scared to go up so high so I went up and he took a picture of me with my iPhone. Perhaps he's a photographer in the making?!@#!
Hole Face
Indian Mama

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August 6, 2008

friend in nut

Friend In Nut

Mon Mon sent me a link to Lama Designs, a site filled with adorable latin american goodies including my new favorite little toy thingee called "friend in nut". How ridiculously cute are those little ceramic drops!!
Tea Pot Cold

Or this "teapot with a cold" — painfully cute!

Striped Monkey
This stuffed striped monkey is also pretty darn squeezable.

Ok and what is this mommy giveaway website I found on her blog?? Gotta check that out later, whoa on the cool free stuff.

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July 22, 2008

painterly pictures

Labokoff Jaune
Labokoff Normandy
Labokoff Lessay

While checking out a cool new site called poppytalk that sells handmade stuffs, I found these lovely little painted photographs. They are by a french designer named Fabien Labokoff. I'm loving these little beauties, the vignetted images are so serene and the paint is so swishy and soft. I'd like to jump in and float away —au revoir! I've been in such an art buying mood as of late so I couldn't help but get the three pictured above. They will inspire me to dream and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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July 19, 2008

treasure nap

Sf Cityscape
Treasure Island Palms
Treasure Island
We did a driving nap today. While the kids slept we toured Treasure Island by car. I'd never been. The view of the city from there is amazing. The island was probably once really lively especially in its navy heyday, but now it looks pretty run down and the few people who live there seem really isolated. However there's lots of decrepit beauty to find— like this gorgeous arched tiled doorway. The aqua color was stunning in the afternoon light.

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July 16, 2008

lonesome puppy

Lonesome Puppy
I just picked up a copy of Yoshitomo Nara's first children's book, the lonesome puppy from Therapy. It's such a sweet story about determination and friendship, the message: there's someone for everyone. I love Nara's disturbed child characters. His simple illustrative style, painterly hand, and beautiful palettes inspire me! I can't get enough. I'm psyched that I now get to look at his work while Im reading to my kids.
Nara Kitty
Nara Fighting
Nara Bandage

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July 13, 2008

k studio

Kstudio Pillows-1

I first saw these wonderfully illustrated embroidered pillows in a magazine. Then I saw them in person at Nest and I really coveted them. So when I got home I went to the k studio site and found her paintings too....uh oh...then I clicked on the etsy link and well next thing you know I just had to have one. I bought this one, called " alone thinking of love." I can't wait to get it! I still want a pillow too, don't you?! My favorites are the woodland, birds, rain, crying, and the families. I'll be saving some pennies so I can spurge again.

Alone Love-1

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July 9, 2008

wish come true

Wish Come True
And it did! I worried that I'd get duplicates — but I didn't! In fact, I even got one with 10x luck called "Super Malfi" ok so very fun! I feel an addiction forming. Plus Vivi loves them too, so I have the perfect excuse.

July 2, 2008

yoya shop

Yoya Shop
I saw these little wobbly toys called Wish Come True in Cookie Magazine and wanted them (and finally found something in that magazine I can afford!). Turns out they are in a random "blind" box assortment which make them have that super fun surprise factor. I bought a few in the hopes that I'll get some different ones. Watch, I'll probably get three of the same! Ah life's cruel sense of humor.

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June 25, 2008

vivi couture

Vivi Couture
Not only is Vivi "couture" as seen above but Vivi is also, apparently the hottest fashion magazine in Japan — well, according to some (and moccasins are "in" too). There's also Vivi "timeless decor," a Final Fantasy IX character named Vivi as well as a Manga/Anime character in One PIece named Nefertari Vivi, there's also Vivi Anna the erotic romance novelist, the town Vivi in the democratic republic of Congo, Lake Vivi in Russia and finally the super cutesy Vivi's pixel shop. Oh how funsies google searches are!

May 21, 2008

an art filled life

Taro Jumps

Links I want to check out next time I'm surfing...
Design Mom

oh dee doh

The Artful Parent
Pepper Paints


and another book to get by Taro Gomi

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May 18, 2008

happy birthday aunnie

Aunnies Birthday
Happy birthday to lawyer Lexi, may all your wishes come true!

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May 13, 2008

blabla boos

Blahblah Doll
Blahblah Dolls2
While cruising through a wonderful neighborhood gift shop called Aldea, I saw these lovely new creations by blabla called boogaloos. It's fun to watch blabla's products progress since the days when we bought the darling munkay. These new toys are a little more hip being that they are slightly weird and amorphous like the über famous ugly dolls and they have more quirky details in the stripes, patches and patterns. Seeing these knit stuffies gave me chills of regret wishing I had followed through on my beastie bunnies which I drew back in 2006 but never made. Oh one day soon I hope I'll have time to knit again!!

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April 10, 2008

maiike bunnies

Maiike Bunnies
From old wool and cashmere sweaters are born darling little loveies by Maiike. I saw one at Fiddlesticks this afternoon and fell deeply in love. Sadly the price was too high for me @ $88, yikes! But I did admire it and give it a big squeeze. These so make me want to start sewing and knitting again — one day soon I hope!

April 7, 2008

dreamy visions

Sad Winter Tree
Day Upset

I came across a magazine article on Rebecca Urias's painting and I was really struck by her delicate illustrations. I really like the seemingly sweet imagery that when you look closer is a little bit of a nightmare— plus I see bunnies!

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March 10, 2008

crissy field walk

Golden Gate
Yacht Parking
Sf Bay-1
I've really been enjoying my morning stroller walks at Crissy Field. After I drop Max off at preschool, I drive to the Warming Hut, park and feed Vivie. Then we stroll to the St Francis yacht club or if she's sleeping deeply I walk to Divisadero and then back. The weather has been beautiful recently, making the walk that much more enjoyable. Moments like these remind me just how lucky I am to live here — and to enjoy these days because one day not too far from now she won't quietly sit in a stroller for an hour and half!

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February 29, 2008

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
I love the few weeks at the end of winter when the cherry blossom trees bloom. It's a magical time. As I walk under them and the wind blows they rain pink petals — It's hard to feel anything but happiness in that moment.

Happy Leap Day!

February 14, 2008

valentine treats

Be Happy
Daddy came home with Valentine treats for all of us, how sweet. For me, a card that made me smile. It's weirdly funny and oddly right on. It's photo of a deflated looking coconut in a random urban non-coconut setting that says "try to be happy" on it. I like the simple message and he's poking fun at me 'cause I have a tendency to worry myself into a tizzy and then declare life hard and act like the sky falling.

Art Chocolates
The above poke came with a little box of gorgeous art chocolates by Christopher Elbow.
Owl Onsie
This adorable handmade onsie by lali was actually an exchange, but nice picking eh? Sadly the red magic mushroom version we were gifted ran horribly on the first washing. Nice that Lavish has excellent customer service.
Vivie Fluke
and here's Vivienne with her valentine softie "Fluke" by Woolyhoodwinks, also from Lavish.

Now don't be thinking that we forgot Max. He got an awesome wooden french puzzle set by Vilac and a set of three construction trucks by Plan Toys from Lavish's older sibling store Fiddlesticks. For whatever reason I just wasn't as keen on photographing the boy toys — just blatant girle favoritism I suppose.

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November 17, 2007

le train fantome

Ozzie Checked
By way of a groovy modern parents and their lucky offspring site called coochicoos, I found these darling handmade stuffies by Le Train Fantome (out of England). I love her retro avant-garde site design too.

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October 19, 2007

thai treats

Thai Earrings
My fabulous friend and colleague, we'll call her "pony" (neigh neigh!) sent me these glamorous painted copper dangly earrings from Bangkok. She got them at the night market. I love them! The colors are so bright and shiny and the painted details are darlingly delicate — a perfect combination. Thank you, thank you for sending them! xo * bunny

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October 4, 2007

kiosk nyc

Hubby brought me back some fun finds from a store called Kiosk @ 95 Spring Street. The store has a country theme and rotates it's goods every six months. This time it's all about Finland. My favorites in the package are the beautifully printed polkkajam card and the hefty red sotka chalk box.

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September 11, 2007

knit cupcakes


Check out these knitty marzipan creations [by way of "uncle yaya" via Design Sponge]. Well done eh?! The site is complete with tutorials too. I'm no vegan, in fact I'm a hardened carnivore, but Lolo's lovely site does a lot to convince me that vegans do have some good eat options. By way of her site I linked to Slashfood, lots of interesting eat inspiration and information on there.


Yaya also turned me on to tiny showcase, so now I'll be checking their site on tuesdays to see what fabulous little illustrations are popping up. Detail from "Thou Shalt Not Treat People Like Dirt" by Andy Kehoe.

September 4, 2007

pretty see through




On the Fun Forever site I found these soft and oh so pretty x-ray photographs by Albert Koetsier.

August 30, 2007

etsy love fest

How do we crafty types love Etsy...too innumerable to count eh? It's so fun to cruise the site and admire all the wonderful handmade items from handspun yarns and knit toys to beautiful illustrations and other artworks. Hmmm what fun. Here are a few favorite finds from today's surf trip — all knit stuffies.



Ah this Etsy seller Debi van Zyi [and her other site] has adorable knit beasts, "Joost & Piet," love the use of big buttons — see the other fabulous creations "Miles" and "Serge."



Elefelt, custom sewn felted elephants from old sweaters.



Elise the elephant. Love the whip stitch felt ears together with the knit body — and what a great shape that up stands so well.



A cute brown bunny. This site links a treasure site of knit toys patterns by Barbara Prime @

August 23, 2007

dreamy gardens



A couple of weeks ago I was perusing an interior design magazine while waiting at a dr appt (something pregnant women do all too often - waiting at the Dr's that is) and I saw an article on Lynn Gessaman [another link]. I had a visual love pang when I remembered my early 90s post-college days working in an art gallery and I would stand in the small photo room and gaze lovingly into her black and white work. She's now doing images in color and it's even more idealized, painterly, romanticized, and just as beautiful as the images I remember. She has a couple of books now too, Gardenscapes & Poetics of Place — must get!



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August 6, 2007

knit toy patterns

Pink Knit Bunny

Just surfing around, like I often do, looking for knit toys. I happened upon this cute bunny (a blog full of interesting photography too) and link to the pattern and more.

August 1, 2007

golden bunny books

Golden Bunnies

Bunny Book

Bunny Daddy
Birthday Bunnies
Peter Cottontail
Magic Bunny

I've been reading Max lots of Golden Books (I had some of these as a kid — probably my parents did too), and quite a few have adorably magical illustrations of bunnies. I had to post some of my favorites —bunny love!

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July 13, 2007

cupcake blog


Eeeck here's an absolutely waistline-fattening but mouth-watering find, an entire blog dedicated to cupcakes! Found by way of moopy & me. Oh my, scroll to the end to see all those delicious recipes, mmmmmmm butter cream frosting is so good. Psst, honey you reading this?

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July 12, 2007

bunnies & shrooms



I've been visiting the bloggers in my links list and seeing what many are up to (all fabulously inspiring things of course — where do you all find the time?), but just had to post these darling bunnies and shrooms made by Stephanie Barnes (Little Birds by way of Loobylu) so cute eh? Here's her etsy shop. Really, I need to master sewing.

July 11, 2007

serious serendipity




Serious serendipity! two days ago I blogged about Donna Wilson's fabulous hand knit toys and then on my way to work I look in the window of the CandyStore and there they are! Boy the world works in mysterious ways. Top is Cyril squirrel & Rudy raccoon, middle is Rill (Assuming raccoon too) and on bottom is Charlie monkey. My favorites from her site are bunny blue, sleepy pom, mitten kitten and then I can't decide Olive owl is pretty darn cute and those raccoons are pretty funny too. Her designs rock.

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July 10, 2007

knit toys

Whale Bear

I just found these knit animals by 'i golfini della nonna' which translates roughly into 'the little sweater from grandma'. I'm partial to the cute animals, especially the floral pattern on the bear, but there's also an interesting robot, fire truck and more.

Four Bunnies
I love the proportion of these bunnies and elephants ears and their overall shapes though they are made of fleece and not knit. It says they're handmade by israeli artists? Interesting eh?! I'm always skeptical of the handmade label, being one who actually makes things by hand, I just wonder if they sew on on eye and consider it "handmade"? Guess I just under estimate the exploitation of things made by cheap laboring hands.

Bunny Face
And here's a cute knitted (looks like crochet too) bunny face from Mamas and Papas in the UK, that lamb's face and whip stitched ears are pretty sweet too.
Lamb Face
Knit Donuts

These are a special sweet treat find for my donut aficionado husband...found at Forest & Zoe.

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July 9, 2007

aspiring finds

all found via Karin's style blog...
Brown Birdie
Wonderful designs from Nadia Sparham, I adore this little birdie.

Bunny Blue

Oh what a find! Fabulously unique knit toys and illustration by Donna Wilson and it's a great website to explore. I just downloaded the questions & answers PDF to learn she's basically my knit toy hero — she's living the artist life, ah I aspire. I must order one!

Thread Illustration
Illustrations in thread and more by Paula Sanz Caballero. And later when I'm not so sleepy — here are a few sites to explore: a blog: PoppyTalk, an embroidery illustrator Lizzie Finn, illustration by Caroline Hwang, still more by Karin Mårtensson and a very cool site with more embroidery illustration by Angrad South.

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July 8, 2007

summer salad

Summer Salad
I've been craving heirloom tomatoes by the bucket full, so we've been eating this delicious version of a greek salad just about every night over the last two weeks. I'm still not tired of it.

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June 10, 2007

darling vivienne

Vivienne Label
Vivienne Westwood
'Twas plain old luck that had us dashing to the De Young museum on what turned out to be the last day of the Vivienne Westwood fashion retrospective. I'm so happy to have seen the show. It was well curated and filled with amazingly relevant fashions and beautifully sewn goods. I coveted many pieces and walked away inspired.

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April 19, 2007

little cotton rabbits



What a wonderful surprise! While procrastinating work, I was google searching for knit toys (confession: : I do this quite a lot) and I found something new — well new to me — apparently Julie's been knitting these beloved bunnies and other knit toys for quite awhile as she has a serious collection all of her own design. Her knitted cakes are delightful as well. Not surprisingly she won a 2007 softie award. There's a great long list of links to explore too, enjoy.

April 17, 2007

chibi kitty and bunny


My little mochi is an adorable site filled with all kinds of treats. I love looking at the darling and often teeny objects she's made plus the foods and recipes, mmmm delicious. Today I was struck by the sweet chibi kitty and bunny pattern she's made available (download in pdf format). I love it when fellow bloggers share their creations so the rest of us aspiring crafters can make it too.

April 5, 2007

allusive moments





I snuck off during lunch to the downtown galleries. It was eerily reminiscent of my bygone days working in the gallery world while simultaneously aspiring to be a fine artist. All seems so much the same. There are still snotty but well dressed girls at the front desk and haughty entrepreneurial gallery owners lurking behind the scenes, but it felt like home. I was moved by most of the artists at Stephen Wirtz and Catherine Clark — my two favorite galleries by far. They each have such strong stables of artists both established and emerging and their shows have such a high level of quality in concept and artistic execution. Anyway, I was also quite taken with the photographer, Luis Gonzalez Palma who was part of a group show at Rena Bransten, who does work that's a little like my old stuff — manipulating photographs with paint, in this case gold leaf and resin. I was seduced by the romantically dark images and sumptuous surfaces of dark gold with hints of vermillion at the edges of the gold leaf squares. I also love the dark somewhat creepy church-like spaces, the sepia old photo feel, and the intense portraiture. I couldn't find any images of the work I saw today, so I hope these older pieces give you enough of a feel for his work.

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March 20, 2007

sweet simplicity

Emily Payne1
Emily Payne2
Emily Payne3

Found these lovely sketches by Emily Payne while surfing through Apartment Therapy San Francisco. Apartment Therapy is a nice site full of great interior design ideas and local bits of info plus lots of links. I like these commissioned sketches for their sweet simplicity capturing what I consider subtle moments of happiness.

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March 13, 2007

kat heyes

Kat Heyes1
Kat Heyes2

By way of cake + pie's excellent blog full of design and letterpress inspiration, I clicked on a commenter name and found another designer blog freshly blended. While perusing her entries I had to go see Kat Heyes portfolio for myself. Kat's illustration style is quite inspiring. I love her use of color against monochrome, layering and line quality. Her blog is worthy of checking out too, I love seeing who artists are inspired by.

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March 10, 2007

brilliant brazillian

Misprinted Type

I'm crazy for this illustrators collage style and vision — it's so fun, subversively revolutionary and cool. Wow, look at all the projects he's done and is willing to inspire and share with us - superb! If only baby could print money!

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March 9, 2007

robots and bunnies

Robots Bunnies

While revisiting a favorite blogger and illustrator's site, Alex Noreiga, I saw a posting about his desire to become a comic book artist (you can do it!)— but for me the posting represented the brilliant marriage of two beings that I mentioned just a few days ago while blogging about some awesome Canadian ceramics I am coveting: robots and bunnies, yep that's hubby and me, and apparently it's a connection others feel go together too. Alex —an inspired idea and stunning illustration as usual!

bleep bleep :: boing boing

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March 3, 2007

ceramics by cul de sac

Bunny Plate
Culdesac Custom

Cool ceramics from Canadian artist Laura Mckibbon whose studio is on Grainville Island. This is our perfect "if only we found you ten years ago" registry place settings, "when a bunny married a robot," ya that's us, we need four of each please :-)

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March 2, 2007

camilla's crochet

Camillas Crochet

Adorable amigurumi by the wonderfully talented Camilla Engman. Links to both her blog (but they are all sold out) and some quirky "how to" crochet instructions on the whip up site.

and linked from her site, fun illustrations by Leo Hillier, very nice.

Leo Mushrooms
Leo Hillier


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March 1, 2007

water bunny

migrating songbirds recalibrate their magnetic compass daily from twilight cues

I'm your guide

Even though San Francisco artist Dana Robson is probably receiving insane web hits today via Daily Candy's promotion, I too want to include her on my site as she's doing sweet little artworks with ink, needle and thread. I'm completely enamored with freehand embroidery and thread drawing these days. Besides her website's title is Aqua Rabbit and anyone who says, "I’d like to be a rabbit. Just for a day or two, to see what the world looks like as a rabbit." rates very high on my bunny love list. I also resonate with this quote from her process statement "Paul Klee said that drawing is only a matter of taking a line for a walk.” How I love to meander my pencils and brushes through the landscapes of my mind. Just reading that quote really makes me want to go for a long luxurious stroll.

February 28, 2007

moving hands

Movinghands Quilt

A lovely quilt, an inspiring photostream, and lots of Japanese crafts to admire by moving hands.

Kimono Pink

Gorgeous fabric designed by Naomi Ito also found via moving hands site, ah the water color image is so delectably delicate. So much pretty pretty eye candy to devour yum, I've really got to get myself to Japan.

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February 24, 2007

this was then

Embroidery Kids
Embroidery Kids1

Sharing the link to my favorite ebay seller, Meukin Co. I love her collection of Japanese craft and pattern books, especially the zakka and embroidery books. She also sells sweet vintage ribbon and retro fabrics.

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February 21, 2007

sewn stuffies




Whie clicking around the www I came across a blog titled stitch marker with wonderful knits and other goodies that feel similar to the things I love. She had a fun posting on recycled sweater things to admire. I clicked through and found a little gold mine of cute stuffs including these sweetly sewn toys by scrappy nation. Her flicker set is a treature trove of inspiration. Her shapes are smiliar to my beastie and the pockets are the same as my other animal sketches. Well it just proves to me that there are no new ideas, just great new executions.




read past plushie posting

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February 12, 2007


Yarn Plushie

I just bought this book of remixed plushies Neighbourhood. Each stuffie was started from a blank canvas, created by one then passed on three times and redesigned by each artist who got it. Some did radical remakes, others made just a few tweaks but seeing the progress of the whole process is very very fun. Some are quite brilliant and really give you a glimpse into the artist's mind. The site has a great list of participants links to explore.

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February 11, 2007

maxine sutton

Maxine Sutton
Maxine Sutton2

I aspire! I'm adoring these artistically embroidered textiles with an eco-friendly approach by british designer Maxine Sutton. Read more about her at design turf and at design sponge. Anthropologie is selling a reproduction (photo above top), Inhabit features her pillows and so does this eco-blog fabulously green.

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February 8, 2007

stitched drawings

Stitched Birdie
Stitched Woman
Stitched Flower
I'm loving my new subscription to Selvedge (thank you MonMon)! It's filled with inspiring images and full of wonderful textile resources. I'm most taken by the stitched illustrations by Claire Coles. I'm loving her work it's beautifully layered, intimately feminine, and you can see all the handwork so you know how much work went into each piece. Loverly!

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February 1, 2007

kit + lili


Christmas credits...I've got them all over town. So yesterday I tried to spend some at Anthropologie the darling retro la la la frenchy but also terribly over priced mega boutique. Critique aside I couldn't find a thing to buy, whoas me. I did happen to see a sweet little stripey elephant who seemed to be made with a super soft micro fiber (but turns out it was polyester!) and lightly stuffed so that he was perfectly squishy and cuddly. The little cutie could almost fit in my hand so I was shocked to see they wanted $32? of course I passed on the purchase but thought I'd snap a picture to remember him. Made by kit + lili. Now that I'm cruising through Anthropologies stuffie selections I also see an super cute love bunny and another stripey toy sibling named zeebo zebra, too cute.

January 21, 2007

noodles, curries, and beer oh my

Yaki Udon
Tofu Curry
Japanese Beer
Coffe Cake

Since the whole fam-damily is sickly (oh what fun I've been having visiting doctors, doling out medicines, taking temperatures, wiping snotty noses and more) we opted for some hot ramen soup as the perfect cure-all lunch. Our favorite place is Sapporo-Ya in the top north west corner of the Kinokuniya building. We usually order the chashu or the soy sauce ramen and gyoza, super yum. It's always a treat to check out all fun shops after we eat, especially the amazing bookstore and stationery store. I could spend hours and hundreds in that place — very dangerous. There are also lots of fun dessert spots like the crepe place and the Hawaiian shaved ice cart. Today I saw these adorable light box illustrations on the doors of a cute little japanese goes western diner spot called "on the bridge". I thought they were just too cute to pass up photographing even if it was using my low resolution Treo. Perhaps next time I'll eat here?

Check out this great listing of all the restaurants, bars and markets in Japantown.

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January 2, 2007

sinners & saints



Truly lovely and splendidly gorgeous new paintings by Kelly Tunstall. She's showing @ 111 Minna Gallery, Jan 4 — 27, 2007. Run and get yourself one before they are all gone.

January 1, 2007

happy new year

Happy New Year

Found this cute sketch, had to post as it has that silly bubbly thing working for it. Happy Happy to all.

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December 18, 2006

aquatica calendar

Aquatica Calendar
Maia Illustrations

Check out the lovely letterpressing by my teacher Maia from SFCB. She just released her new limited edition hand printed calendar. I had no idea she was an amazing illustrator as well as an expert printer. Wonderful!

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December 11, 2006

mary blair

Mary Blair 2
Mary Blair
I love these whimsical illustrations by Mary Blair. She's one of the quintessential illustrators whose work shaped my childhood visions of a playful utopia. I've fallen in love with her work all over again and of course have her book on my wishlist {hint hint Santa}.

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October 24, 2006

face it

Life makes no promises for what lies ahead, but rather presents you with choices and opportunities to progress. Improvement is fueled by change. Face new challenges. Expand your boundaries. But, never forget that change is rarely without obstacles. Disappointment is inevitable. Learn to laugh at your mistakes, trust your instincts and savor each moment along the way. Be fearless and never look back. Your future awaits.

This is from a page I ripped out of a catalog, I'e been carrying it around for weeks. This certainly summaries life to me. I hope it inspires you too.

September 25, 2006

get socks on

Ele Socks

Max found some socks in my closet and I pointed out to him that they are the same socks I used to sew his elephant. He then went and got his elephant and put the socks on it. Darling little mind.

I must share some places I've been and remember them myself. Lovely images, poetry, crafts and children's clothes by Eireann at bara design. She has loads of great links and beautiful taste in images.

Wonderful sewn and knitted art by Lisa Solomon. Reminds me of the amazing stitch portraits by Claire Heathcote.

Boiled Arts letterpress goodies. Supply shopping at Crafty Planet. Sample these delicious crafts and illustrations at Flor De Papel.
Lastly feast on these yummy paintings by Kelly Lynn Jones.

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September 5, 2006

my kale may brie

Bird Detail

Umbrella Mouse

Strumming Bird-1

Mr. Michael Mabry's designs and illustrations have caught my eye many a time but I had never followed through on checking him out until today. He's a bay area local illustrator with a four person shop over in Emeryville. I've searched the wide web, but haven't been able to find any info on his creative process (other than his Adobe In-Design endorsement feature) which is too bad 'cause I'm really curious if it's digitally generated or analog. I really like his use of color and texture, as well as the whimsical subjects with cleverly silly titles like: Partly Cloudy With A Chance of Reindeer, Cirque Du Fromage, Simon and Garflower, The Snow Must Go On, Hose Sweet Hose, and many more. You can purchase his commissioned illustrations at Land of Nod (and shop for fancy baby & kid home things on their well designed site too) Land-o-Nod sucked me in easily once I saw these darling $3. set of 12 party straws. I must get these for Max's second soiree. Cute eh?

Party Straws

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September 3, 2006

quilts of gee's bend


Denim Quilt


Quilt Detail

I finally made it to the new DeYoung museum today. It's only new to me, as it's been open for a while now. I was very impressed with the architecture both inside and out. The copper skin of the building is amazing and the beautiful copper leaf behind the donors names is rich and impressive, fitting. I especially love the fractured Drawn Stone by Andy Goldsworthy. His art is naturally poetic and in this case the earthquake fracture is equally disturbing. Sadly, I must complain that the DeYoung's security staff is ridiculously uptight [Max wasn't even allowed to sit in his stroller holding a no spill sippy cup!] and the overall museum design and operation perpetuates the "we're too high and lofty" inaccessibility of fine art which makes me depressed. Art should feel good, engaging and especially accessible. Boo to the snooty types. On a positive note, I was very impressed with the The Quilts of Gee's Bend. Most of the quilts were sewn from scraps of fabric often salvaged from worn-out clothes combined in extraordinary combinations of color, pattern, and texture. They've organized the show by fabric type — I love that detail. I also enjoyed viewing the quilts first and then finding the quilters portraits on the wall behind the opening blanket. For more information and images check out this site and this one too...more, more, more and more..

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September 2, 2006

let's be friends

Friends Tania

Floating through the world wide web again, I've come across another wonderful illustrator Tania Howell {blog}, whose coloring book I'm looking forward to scribbling in. You know....I have a funny feeling I've been here before.

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August 26, 2006

sleepy bunny

Sleeping Bunny

While Max is napping...I couldn't help posting this dreamy image by the delightful Camilla Engman.

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August 18, 2006

print pattern

Yamauchi Kazuaki

Orla Kiely

The blog print pattern is my new most favorite! Seriously it's overwhelmingly delicious. I just can't get enough look-see and admire. It's so full of beautiful palettes, wonderful textiles, and inspiring illustrations. I must stick it in my blogroll, simply perfection. {thanks Diana!}

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August 15, 2006

a nod to noggin

Dotted Bunny-1

Elephant Snout-1

Girl Boy-1

Moo Cow-1

Is anyone talking about the wonderful illustrated Noggin graphics?? They are delightful and the little ditty that goes along with them is quite catchy. I can't find anything out there in the blog-o-google-sphere talking about the artists or artwork. I must say that I don't mind my son watching Noggin 'cause I feel like the aesthetics are truly superior to other networks (and not just for kids) and the content of the shows he watches like Blue's Clues and Dora are smart and engaging. I also REALLY appreciate that the programing is commercial free ( just learned that Noggin is a part of MTV Networks empire). Even Sesame Street has evil commercial advertising these days. (yes I understand it's a funding issue) and I still LOVE PBS so no worries. I just had to say that Noggin has something good going on.

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August 14, 2006

a little birdie showed me


I was revisiting illustrator extraordinare Alex Noriega's site and saw that he's launched another blog [in his native tongue] which also features wonderful illustrations. This one is titled el petirrojo and features artists selected through Alex's curatorial lens — what a treat! Alex and I see eye to eye on EVERTHING related to pen and paper. I love his selections.

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August 11, 2006

hello I'm ssba



While shopping in Insadong, Seoul I found this darling illustrator's work and bought many stationery pieces, a stamp, and some printed boxes as gifts and keepsakes. Of course I can't read Korean {though I understand the Spanish above!} so I have almost no idea what anything says, who she/he/they are etc. And as I mentioned before not many Koreans speak English — including the ssba ssba sales girl. So sorry I have no info for ya. But here's the link to the site and here's the artwork link {which has some shop pictures} so you can see more of their adorable goods. Maybe if you read Korean you can let me know about them? I'd like that.


I noticed on the stamp's hang tag they listed another website. This one has some kooky and cool downloadable images too. enjoy!

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August 10, 2006

skwak bunny

Skwak Bunny

Wild bunny illustration eh?! Take a glimpse inside this guys trippy head @ skwak.

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August 8, 2006

delight sites

Deightful Blogs

I feel lucky to be included in delightful blogs listings. Seems like they have a whole family of delightful sites:,,, and to explore. No, sadly I'm not getting anything for this little endorsement. I just thought you might enjoy their fashion blogs, shopping blogs, design blogs, blogs about family life, sports, food, travel and a wide range of what they consider well written blogs — like mine!

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August 7, 2006

happy birthday to me

Rockpaper Birds-1

And what a wonderful day it was, indeed. Mr. Millian sang me {and you and himself} the happy birthday song dozens of times. And this evening when we went to Maga Paga's house in Sau-sa-li-to, he blew out my birthday cake's candles three separate times and then screamed for mas C-A-K-E! Adorable. Life couldn't be any sweeter. Happy birthday song birds illustrated by Rock Paper Scissors, simply darling.

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July 13, 2006

wee wonderful indeed


I saw that wee wonderful was selling her kitty, bunny and bear 3-in-1 pattern book while I was cruising her site last night. Then I discovered that they were all sold out. I had that sad I missed out feeling like when I realized I'd never get my hands on Jess Hutch's knitted toy booklet [yes, I'm still obsessively in angst over it! so how did she get it?] However, this morning I had a lovely email in my bunny box from Hillary letting me know that the pattern booklet was reprinted and is now available - wee wonderful indeed. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

July 3, 2006

crispina ragamuffins


Just came across this bright and cheery retail site with gorgeous goods made entirely from recycled clothing. It's called crispina/fuchsia. Turns out she started 19 years ago with a ragamuffin toy design and now look at what her business has blossomed into - fabulousness. Love it. And sweet site with fun illustrations. It inspires me to follow through on my crafty dreams.

As a side note — It's time I admit and commit to being a softie fanatic and start a new blog category.

June 15, 2006

bacchus wine bar





Taken with my Treo last night at Bacchus wine bar on Hyde — scrumptious.

May 11, 2006

zakka lakka


I'm still experiencing a crush on all these mercilessly adorable homemade japanese crafts — apparently called zakka. This may start to become a full blown love affair. I was just day dreaming of traveling to Japan to photograph and shop at all these funky little zakka stores. Maybe write a zakka guide? How fun would that be?! There are so many little darling handmade goodies out there to behold and have. Yummie.

I got to thinking... what exactly does zakka mean? I was off searching the web (as per usual) and haven't found much to explain. Best so far is from maki is not a nameless cat "zakka" - I don't know if there is any English equivalent to this word, but it means "miscellaneous item". There are loads of zakka-ten (zakka stores) in Japan, where one can buy anything from a bobbing head doll of a sushi chef to a set of handkerchiefs to...anything your imagination desires. In terms of variety, it may be equivalent to the old American five-and-dime, but in terms of sheer playfulness there is no comparison at all.

I've linked to lots of great crafters over there —> in my endless blogroll. But while surfing today I found these pretty japanese textiles & embroidery by mina perhonen and here's a zakka webshop with a fabulous links page blanche, and these sweet illustrations by miori, delicious!

May 1, 2006

peace industry



While wandering around Hayes Valley yesterday a friend and I went into a rug gallery shop on Octavia St. and were blown away by the amazing process of making these gorgeously thick felted rugs. The felt feels so much more dense and durable than an average rug, they all have these wonderfully organic edges, and are probably more than an inch thick which seems so luxurious. The touch of the rug reminds me of the way handmade paper is so textured and thick compared to a typical sheet of printer paper. The shop is called peace industry and features the designs of wife Melina and sales by husband Dodd. Dodd walked us through the whole felting and designing process which is traditionally simple (you can make felt easily by just wetting wool and rubbing your hands together) but of course it's quite labor intensive at this level of the craft. It turns out that felted wool is miraculously dirt resistant, repels stains (but for those indelible accidents it also reacts well to spot cleaning) and is totally flame retardant. I want one! I sure wish we had come across these before we broke down and got the plain wool rug from potterybarn.

Watch their 15 minute film showing the traditional Iranian felted rug making process.

April 30, 2006

crafty katie


I Just came across a kindred spirit. I'm having fantasies of having enough superfluous money to commission her to design something for me, ah if only. She's a knitter, designer, crafter, illustrator and obviously loves bunnies and farm animals too. Yeah, I say five stars for Kate Sutton.

April 25, 2006

mini labo


more inspiration! Check out this site with lovely illustration and adorably sweet plushie and paper products by an oh so french company called mini labo.

April 24, 2006

i see things


by way of wee wonderfuls, I'm now feeling super inspired and tickled by Alex Noriega's fantasticly quirky illustrations. Enjoy.

April 18, 2006

plushy crush


I'm experiencing a plushy crush right now. It's pretty weird for me to admit this. I've spent my whole life loudly declaring that the only things I really don't like are raisins and stuffed animals. So it's some serious back pedaling on my part to talk about my new crush and pretty much admit to myself that I'm having a super girly moment which I probably should have had when I was, say seven years old. Oh well, reliving my youth. I've just finished doing some serious research on plushies. Surprisingly there's not too much out there that's fabulous, but as you might expect in this day and age, there is a lot out there (plus some seriously kinky scenarios surrounding these adorable toys). Here are the sites I want to share with you. Please let me know if you know of others.

my paper crane
house of ingri
gruesli whiney
blobby farm
kissy kissy toys
monster factory
the schulzies
creature co-op
grasshopper berlin
giant microbes

April 13, 2006

show me the monkey


sweet and quirky inspiring illustrations by small and round.

March 21, 2006

offspring & inspire


I'm crazy about greeting cards. I saw this image while browsing Oh Joy's blog and went to Binth to see more. So many of Binth's designs are wonderful, but I'm most inspired by the collaborative series called offspring. You can read about the illustration collaboration between the designer and her son. It's a sweet story and the results are quite fresh.
More great card designs (and other inspiration) —
paper + cup
1201 AM
Pantry Press
Lena Corwin's blog and her shop
Myla Land Photography
Ephemera {photo blog}
carte blanche pedicure {photo blog}
wish jar journal
my urban dig
not so simple {reading blog}

February 27, 2006

pleasing pulp


Into fake paneling? Check out this blog honoring all things faux wood. And then visit this online store with inspirational color palettes combined with assorted fun stuff such as vintage paper-images-fonts and more at paper relics. Nice cards at Binth, cool asia goes euro shopping at millimeter/milligram, and a beautiful finnish blog crayon* winter.

and speaking of seeing the cyber forest by way of the trees: make your own forest


February 9, 2006

sock it to me


Hey sweetie, better put lock on your sock drawer. I came across a keep your wallet far away store on ebay carrying japanese craft books meukin: this was then, it's dangerous to enter but I managed to talk myself out of buying anything since I just went to japantown and bought the amigurumi books. I'm feeling inspired to put those old nasty gym socks to better use (after a good bleaching soak). Been click, click, clicking around again and of course found some more lovely sites to share. Visit these beauty bloggety-blogs: Oh Joy!, craftlog, Kraf-O-La, Abigail Percy, Mati Rose, Sabine Brandt, and wish jar journal. And here are a few card treats, Side Pony and uncookedland which has hilarious copywriting.

One more amigurumi site too, painfully cutsie.

Just bought stamps from USPS and must share these...


February 2, 2006

delicious delights


yummy yummy yum yum. I've been trawling around the net and have found so many wonderful sites filled with inspiring crafts, illustrations and the likes. I'm thinking of starting a blog roll down the side column to pay my respects. I'll get to it someday soon, meanwhile you'll just have to read on and deal with the inline linking. From the amazing Karin's style blog I've bumped into Susie Ghahremani's inspiring illustration, and her products {OMG, it's now 02.04.06 and I was reading an email sent by lovely local artist Kelly Tunstall about her show at Giant Robot SF and saw the posting that Susie Ghahremani's art which I mentioned above was stolen right off the walls! Sorry Susie, that's atrocious!}, as well as, Camilla Engman's lovely paintings, illustrations and delightful blog. Next was a retail adventure into Pomme's impressive objects of some serious desire. Next to Drawn reminding me that inspiration is everywhere. Then I was off to Ana Ventura's blog and illustration sites filled with darling projects. And some teeny tiny small objects and her list of adorable friends. I found so many more amazing artists and the above sites link to endless more but I'm too tired tonight to continue. have fun for me. bonne nuit.

p.s. happy groundhog day {sadly, six more weeks of winter}

January 31, 2006

down the rabbit hole

I'm falling in love...down, down, down I go through the rabbit hole. Sure feels like it. Normally I'd define myself as a serious skeptic and unbelieving in human change. But hey you grow up and figure out that you really know nothing about life even though you know so much more than you did. Am I making any sort of sense? I'll stop philosophizing and get to the point. I always hated stuffed animals. But right now I'm so enamored with knit and handmade toys I want to eat them. I'm just not myself anymore. I can hear the caterpillar saying "who are YOU?" Meander through these links and then let me know if you've been able to resists a few "awe" and "oh"s escaping your lips!


jess hutchinson - So far in my research, I deem her the mistress of the most adorable and creative knit toys. I really want to get my hands on her patterns. I'm so sad that her book is sold out, wah.


molly chicken's blog — these japanese handicrafts make me grin - adorable!


Colobockle — these illustrations are super inspirationsal and sweet, yummy. they remind me a bit of Eric Carl, a childhood favorite of mine.

sigh. I would love to be living in my art barn right now. Fireplace roaring, lovely tunes floating through the air, hot pot of tea by my side and all the time in the world to create all the lovely things in my minds eye. dreaming...

January 14, 2006

pretty paper


While shopping for baby gifts at the ultra luxurious and pricey Lavish on Hayes I couldn't help falling in love with their wall of wrapping paper sheets. Simple beauty and yummy yummy. I need to start designing my own. If only I could start wagging my fingers at myself or better yet I need penalties for lack of performance!

January 5, 2006



Bad trippin' on my stucksies career already and it's only five days into the new year. Just yesterday I was flying high on happy happy zen nothings. Now I think I need to bury my head deep in the sand for a long long while so I can figure out what to do with my life. Here's the rub, I spent the morning surfing around looking at photography, art, design and fashion all by local SFers and now I'm going crazy thinking why bother when there's already so many fabulous people making such genius work? I just want to hire them to do stuff for me. Huh, I guess that's an angle I can consider...typing out loud here. Bet you probably want to know where I was ya? Ok but first you must look at this gorgeous photography rental space, I want to move in immediately. So first I moused over to Winni Wintermeyer's site. Don't you just love that name? The only draw back is it sounds like he's a girl. Yep Winni is a guy. Makes me think of a boy named Sue Anyway his site is filled with stunning commercial photography and design. From there I headed to Receiver Studio which has lots of cute design and quirky art shows. Next was Katherine Worel's installation art (and her buddy Luther's designs), then Amanda Hughen's works which is where I got the top half of today's picture. Then to Stephen Gill's über cool photographs especially the hackney flowers series. And then lastly, this where I decided to stop surfing and just leave the building, I visited Rachel d. Pearson, artist and adorable eco- friendly fashion designer's site. Argh, apparently she also gets accused of being too nice. What?!@! Kill me now.

December 27, 2005

elements of style


My ever brilliant little sister has given me a great christmas gift that may actually serve to make me smarter and you not so annoyed by the plethora of my grammatical errors. I freely admit to having cut most of my classes starting freshman year. It's a long sordid story. When I finally started attending classes regularly again, sometime during my junior year, I still wasn't paying too much attention. Needless to point out the utterly obvious, but seeing that I haven't practiced writing (or math), much past seven grade (I didn't attend eighth grade at all, but that was my wicked step mother's idea) it's a wonder my sentence structure makes any sense at all. Are you still following? Wait! There's hope. This gift is the perfect picture book meets manual which I'm sure Maira designed just for me! (No?! ok, really she dedicated it to her own ungrammatical family) It's Strunk and White's The Elements of Style illustrated by Kalman. I'm inspired; it's perfectly adorable. (*Note the semicolon. Elementary Rule No. 5 "Do not join independent clauses with a comma. If two or more clauses grammatically complete and not joined by a conjunction are to form a single compound sentence, the proper mark of punctuation is a semicolon.) I love Maira's painterly style and the whimsy with which she approaches her subjects. Now I have to start making up for lost time and begin the reading, writing, and applying all the grammatical rules therein. I'm sure I'll f**k up often. Feel free to write me and point it out. I can take it. (and look it up to see if you are correct)

December 22, 2005

knitty holiday finger


'Tis the season, to question your holiday spirit. I haven't had anyone question mine. Guess I'm cheery enough, or not offensive enough to be noticed?! Hmmm, I'm going out for the latter and actually using the nifty little knitty christmas gift from the irreverent and of course totally fabulous (cause ray ray's all over this!) venabels bell & partner's holiday gift. And just to upset most of America...this finger puppet package was subversively addressed to my 13 month old son!


Here is it world! And yes, I purposely chose to position my holiday finger at the united states for a terribly subtle political subtext in my grandiose "goodwill towards men" statement. For my knitting readers— Using a size 4 or 5 needle and yarn that that measures a 9 stitches per inch gauge, cast on 21 stitches, knit your tube in the round or across 3 double points in stockinet stitch until the piece measures 3 inches long. Then with wrong sides facing simply sew one end seam closed, then turn right side out and, voila! Fits most standard adult size middle fingers. Be sure to choose a yarn with a little sparkle for that added extra spirit.
Happy Holidays.

December 3, 2005

renegade, ready made, block party


I had a great night out, which was some serious fresh air, thank you. After luckily flagging a taxi on my obscure San Francisco alley, I strolled through the crowded Hayes valley block party with my enjoyable evening's date, Ray. We noticed a great little show of two brother's illustration, paintings and a 3-d moving diorama at Tinhorn gallery/press. The works had a beautiful line quality and the oil paint was lusciously thinned out with tons of linseed and varnish. The works looked really luminous because they're painted on vellum paper and hung against a white background inside lovely deep box frame. The subject of hunters and log cabin living was fun, though a bit kitschy with a "seen that feeling," they were well done. This was the first of many inspiring moments from last night.

Next we checked out the Timbuk2 one night only, renegade store event. Hubby had come up with an inspired influencer idea ... Timbuk2 opened their future store for one night only, during the neighborhood's block party, creating a buzz about the later official opening in March. He had BASK and NAKA tag the front and the store was filled with product for just a few hours. What made the night really work was the full support of the bike messenger community. They showed up and hung out in front of the store giving all the credibility a marketer could ever ask for, and he never asked. Obviously the brand has legs. Nice. [and it's more than you want to know about me but, ... those guys are hot!]

Then off to a late entry at the fully picked over ReadyMade Magazine party. Looked like it was a good party, but most of the goods at the craft fair were gone, the bar line was ridiculously long, and only teeny bits of chocolate were left to eat. Fortunately we ran into lots of good friends to make it worth the while. Ray and I also found a a couple of impulse buys from a local artist. I can’t endorse her with an easy link, even though I bought a piece and like her work. She really pissed me off. She said she was wiling to bargain, as the night was over and it would spare her having to pack the pieces and take them home. Ray wanted two, and I one. She gave Ray a combo deal, so I thought I’d add another cute, very small bicycle piece to my purchase. I thought I'd hang it in Max’s room since at 13 months he already says "bicycle" {pronounced og'li'co"}. It was on the gallery wall marked at $15. Sita was terribly distracted not really even acknowledging me, which was rude enough, I mean christ the pen is in my hand and my checkbook is open {!}, but she then had the audacity to say the paintings were returned to the wrong places so the pricing was all messed up. Uh, hem. The larger piece I was purchasing was $30, but she wanted to sell me the tiny little bike for $40. I was writing a check for three other pieces and she wouldn’t come down on a tiny little bike with simple polka dots. Fine, I’ll make it myself, I thought, afterall I'm at a DYI party. Later I’m out in front chatting with some friends when up walks an acquaintance who whips out the cute little bike piece I wanted and quips, “How fun, I just got this darling little bicycle piece for $20 and I’m putting it in my son’s room." So now I say “ you suck Sita Rupe.” And yes, I‘m telling ten friends all about your pricing issues and posting your art above [well damn it, I do like it, so arrrggg you double suck, suck, suck, oh wait that's triple suck!]. Ok I'm just super bitter.

Then off we went to Slow Club for a lovely, delicious, and inspiring dinner with new friends. Two have just had their own baby, Branch, a sustainable product shopping site. What fun! Shop, shop, shop, the stuff’s cool and they’re very nice people too.

November 14, 2005

fresh infusion

Spent the good part of the day searching for inspiration. Sadly I didn't find much 'cause I was poking around the web again. There's so much drivel out there. I'm slowly and painfully realizing that I'm going to need to start making real drawings, sketches, paintings, or objects, something - anything to get away from the computer and this blank screen. Hoping I can survive in my crap job by surfing the web and trying to dream up my next business isn't keeping me from slamming up against the harsh reality of depression. I really need to infuse my life and my art with some fresh air. Some day trips might be a good idea. If anyone actually read this blog I'd pose the question "know any good day trip from the bay area?" hoping for some feedback. But alas I know there's no one listening yet.


September 9, 2005

random "where to eat" list

no particular order, just posting here as a reminder....

Chez Spencer
Shanghai 1930
Woodward Garden
Cafe Marimba
Pauline's Pizza Pie
Slow Club
Blue Plate
Le Colonial
Hyde Street Grill
Universal Cafe
2223 Market
Luna Park
Ti Couz
Foreign cinema
Chez Papa
Chez Nous
El Zocalo
Emmy's Spaghetti Shack
The House
La Bodega
Coco 500
Cafe Katie
La Suite
Blue Plate
Town Hall
Le Charm Bistro
Hazel's Kitchen
Jack Falstaff
Jeanty at Jacks
Yank Sing
Cafe Claude
House of Nanking
Grand Cafe
Sushi Groove

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