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twilight grey

It felt like a dye day. I've got 4 ounces of silk, I used 24 cups of water, plus extra when dissolving the 1 teaspoon of twilight grey which I added first and then the three heaping tablespoons of salt. I'm following the silk dyeing directions from here. I'm also totally insane and am adding in some left over roving, likely about 3 ounces. I figure what the hell the dye is cooking so go for it. Cooking for 10 min up to 200 degrees, adding 1 tbl citric acid cooking for 10 more.

Twilightgrey Silk
Dryingsilk Grey
Oye Felted
Greysilk Twilight

Well not such a good dye job yet again. It's all splotchy, too dark and too blueish purple not the neutral grey I was hoping for. I wonder if I should try a different order of dye events? I watched this you tube video on the subject and she just tossed in the fleece, sprinkled in dye, squirted in vinegar and she pushed and tossed and then added more dye and her roving didn't felt and come out all blotchy like mine. Dang! I'm going about this all wrong I guess. I also watched this video on dye solution recipes (1 tsp powder dye, 1tbl citric acid, 1 cup of water) think I'll give it try for next time. Also I think I need to let the dye simmer longer with the top on and then let it cool down naturally rather than dumping out the water and rinsing. Ok so new tips to try, experiment and experience will be my best method!

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