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pygora felt

Pygora Prefelt
Pygora Prefeltwidth
Length Pygoraprefelt

I started at 68" by 34", ended at 54" by 27". I used a white scrim layer, then lightly laid down ecru blue faced leicester, then the same but mixed with 30% sea cell which is shiny and gorgeous when mixed with the pygora locks which I sprinkled on top. Next time I will add a light layer of leicester over the locks to help them felt down. Many of the pygora clusters have locks sticking out which is ok, but wasn't what I was going for. I'm still on the hunt for a good source for pretty pygora locks and more information about felting with locks. It isn't as easy to wet felt locks. I think most people needle felt with them. I was also using a really mild soap, olive oil, and wonder if I could use something a touch stronger to really get the fibers to open.

Pygora Felt
Pygora Closeup

I love the result, so soft and pretty. More pillows to come I imagine. Though I think this fabric would make a nice detail or trim on a skirt, dress or bag.

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