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zipper pouch process

I found a nice chunky 14" zipper with a cool pull at my discount fabric store and decided to attempt making a lined zipper pouch. I'd made one before but I had used an invisible zipper and it didn't turn out that well due to the zipper diving in the side seam plus I didn't top stitch the felt down on the zipper —lesson learned! This time I wanted to add an end stopper and top detail to the zipper so it would sit nicely on the top seam, I am much happier with the turnout on this one. I'm taking a sewing class at Harvey Milk Center and my teacher Leah has been really helpful guiding me in the right direction. She suggested I fold a 2x3" piece of the light weight denim lining and stitch it to the edge ends of the zippers. She was also helpful showing me how to sew both the outer and inner fabric to the edge of the zipper at the same time which eliminates an extra step. I used a 1/2 in allowance with zipper foot. Then top stitched 1/4 from the felt edge. My sewing teacher recommended that I felt a lighter weight piece of felt next time and add a fusible medium weight interfacing to help ease the bulk that happens in the corners. I'll give that a try next time. I think using a nuno felted piece of fabric would also work well, will give it a try.

Pouch Fleece

fleece before felting

Pouch Width

piece measured 11.5 inches after stitching, 12 inches including seam allowance.Pouch Measure
piece measured 15 wide.

Pouch Toptab
The 2x3 inch lining piece, folded in halt and stitched to outer zipper edge - that was step one.
Pouch EdgesPouch Lineupedges
It was critical to align the edges perfectly along the outer zipper edge and sew evenly. After turning you'll see this edge is the most visible, it needs to be practically perfect. Sew slowly!
Pouch Insideseam
inside seam view
Pouch Liningview
lining side view
Pouch Topstich
top stitched a quarter inch, I used the felt edge along side of the pressure foot. I had to pull the felt taught and I had ironed and pinned the lining to make sure it didn't bunch up.
Pouch Alignseams
It's also critical to align the zipper and side seams perfectly before sewing right sides together. Don't forget to open zipper and leave a 4" opening in the lining for turning right side out. I used a 5/8 seam allowance so I had fudge room when going over those bulky zipper parts. I broke a needle too, so again sew slowly and manually when going over zipper, backstitch too.

Pouch Seamallowance
Pouch Seamstitch
Trim all corners and remove bulk around zipper ends so it can be turned and lay as flat as possible.
Pouch Topstopper


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