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December 31, 2012

new year's eve

Last night of the year and last night of Bar Bambino, 16 years for us!

Late night we hooked up with the MacNiven brothers who were lighting lanterns in Dolores Park — it was a beautiful way to welcome the new year.

December 26, 2012

water witching


Papa tried to teach us all to witch for water. Max is the only one who has the talent! Papa has the skill in such a big way. When he holds the willow it pulls so severely he gets welts in his hands and struggles to hold on. What a trip!! I felt nothing, though I tried and wished my switch was unmoved.

December 23, 2012

that girl


A darling snap I took of Vivienne as we made our way through the rain to see the Nutcracker. She's my little sugar plum fairy!

December 17, 2012


Mother Son Portrait
Father Son Portrait
Father Daughter Portrait

We went to Rayko to have our portrait taken on a tintype. While we waited for the images to be developed we snapped a few pictures with our iphones in the fancy set up. Unfortunately Vivi wasn't her most cooperative self so we only got this one blurry image and that after pleading, bribing and wrangling. No mother daughter portrait, too bad, but the mother/father son ones make me super happy.

December 14, 2012

making felt

Ombre Roving
Soapy Wool Felt
Wool Felt Ombre
Felt Cases

For Christmas I made a few felt icases for the men in my life. They were well received. I'll be making a few more for. . .you know who you are!

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December 11, 2012

everything tote

Finshed Tote
Open Markettote

The Everything Tote from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

Need 1 yard of each fabric. After cutting pattern pieces, 1 tote body, 1 tote lining, 1 or more pockets using body fabric ( I did two) , 2 bindings from outer and inner fabric, 2 handles from outer and inner fabric.

1. iron 3 sides of pocket with 1/4 inch seam, then fold down 1/2 seam for pocket's top edge and stitch across. Sew together with lining if desired.

2. place pocket 3 1/2 inches down, center pocket on lining fabric center. sew three sides and add any pocket dividing sections.

Pocket Placement

3. Fold the tote with right sides facing and sew side seams, 3/8 inch. repeat with lining fabric.

4. Create the boxed corners. 2 1/2 inches from corner. to not trim. repeat with tote lining.

Boxing Corners2
Boxing Corner

5. Align the inner and outer tote with right sides out. align the side seam and pin.

Pin Lining

6. baste stitch the arm area and pull thread to create gathers until the arm area measure 12 inches.

Gathers Band

7. prepare binding and handles. sew longs sides with a 1/4 seam, leave short ends open. Turn rights side out and press. Then press again in half to aid in stitching next step. On long handles tuck in raw short edge 1/2 inch and press.

8. Pin binding and sew as close to binding edge as desired on the lining side to secure the binding. Then fold over in half and stitch down on the right side. Repeat other side. Trim excess so it will hide nicely in the handle.

Sewn Band

9. Pin handles starting at side seam. sew from lining side to secure. Then fold over and sew right side down. Repeat for all 4 sides. Sew open edge at side seam closed by hand.


excellent notes on pattern corrections here.

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December 10, 2012

color block felt

Colorblock Roving
Wet Colorblock
Colorblock Merino

Top: laying out roving
Center: wet felting
Bottom: finished felt

I had lots of fun felting this super thick piece. I used two layers of thin batting, two layers of corriedale and two layers of merino. Below are close ups. The grey is from my messed up dye experience. I'm happy to have used a bit of it.

Colorblock Pink
Colorblock Grey

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December 9, 2012

naughty & nice


well, for this moment anyway. captured during the annual tree hunt.

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