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October 12, 2012

then & now

Abbeyst Crew2007
Abbeyst Crew2012

Our Abbey Street kid crew back then, 2007 I think and now 2012. Taken by our neighbor Ari at the block party. Adorable! Oh they really do grow up fast. I am feeling stunned that my kids are about to have their 8th and 5th birthdays. How do I slow this speeding life down?!
Top: Rena, Easton Max & Isabel; Bottom: Isabel, Max, James, Rena & Vivienne

October 11, 2012

lego camp

Max Legocamp

Patty snapped a photo of Max at Lego camp in a deep focus moment busy programming his mindstorm!

October 5, 2012

peace felt

Peace Felt
Luck Rebirth

One day a gift box comes from someone you don't know (but instantly like!) generously giving you a little bit of themselves and spreading peace and joy. The peace felt project is truly lovely in sentiment and that much sweeter in reality! How I got so lucky to get Terri I'll never know but I am grateful. Thank you so much!! I adore this soft felted bunny, you rightly figured I love rabbits and grey so it's my ideal mix, well done. I'll cherish the sentiment you wrote in the card too and yes I hope this rabbit will bring much luck and rebirth, stay tuned.
Bunny Side
Bunny Otherside

October 4, 2012

sewing class

Cocktail Napkins

I really am a class monkey (great site!) as I have signed up for yet another craft lesson. This time it's sewing again. I have taken sewing way back when and I loved it but then didn't follow through on my education. Hmmm that is become a reoccurring theme, uh oh. That issue aside I've been feeling like it would be helpful if I could just start creating some basic sewn pieces from my felt goods. I am thinking simply place mats, runners and scarves very simple straight line sewn goods. Then I'll see what happens from there. Since I forgot all I learned, and threading a machine and bobbin felt intimidating, I signed up for a ten week course at my local parks and rec center. So far it's going quite well, the teacher is knowledgable and charming. I think I'll walk away with enough know how to get the ball rolling — hopefully I'll even feel inspired! The above photo is the pin cushion I hand sewed on the first class and the cocktail napkins I machine sewed yesterday which are still in progress.

October 3, 2012

grey mist

Greymist Cottongauze

I dyed another few ounces of cotton gauze, this time with the grey mist and in my new larger dye bucket. Having this bigger bucket was really satisfying. After I got going I read the instructions for the calsolene oil, which is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water before adding predissolved dye, but oops I had already added dye. Next time then. The mist is quite lovely though again a much cooler grey than I am seeking. I'll need to add in some brown or reddish tones to strike the right shade.