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annual check up


The kids had their annual check ups today. Ok so I missed scheduling it near their birthdays by months and the only reason they had this appointment was because Max asked me when we were going and when I said we didn't have an appointment he reminded me that we were supposed to. Oh dear. My son is so grown up in some ways and clearly sometimes more responsible than I am. Kids checked out perfectly as you'd imagine. Vivi is 54lbs and Max is 65lbs. He's 56 inches tall and she's 48." Both have 20/20 sight though Max of course got all correct Vivi was struggling not to see but to identify the shapes. She didn't know some of them like the plus symbol. Max was whispering answers in her ear, see how he is! Both have perfect hearing as well. Vivi got her vaccine boosters mmr, chicken pox and a flu, Max just got flu. On the way out of the office a stranger said to me, your children are absolutely beautiful. I had to concur! Feeling blessed.

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