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old english

Crewel Samples
Crewel-Tapestry Samples

I'm thrilled to have received the Old English Appleton crewel wool samples. I will now feel confident about the color choices I am making. I felt insecure choosing from the website swatches. Fortunately I love all color so I figured I'd just collect a bunch and work them into something in the future.

Sashiko Inprogress
Sashiko Backside

I've had some progress on the sashiko embroidery design. It's a bit tedious and I still have a long way to go. I do like the look of it, though I wish I had made my stitched longer. Short seed length stitches get lost in the fluffy felt. Now I know. I can only hope the stabilizer will tear away easily so that I won't be left picking little bits out. That too is tedious!

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