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wool and soapy water


Doesn't the roving look like paint brush strokes before it's felted. It's really fun to pull the roving apart and gently lay down the layers. I find it very meditative. I just got a new batch of neutrals on Etsy from Eweniquely Ewe Fibers. They are all Ashland Bay merinos in celery, drab khaki, olive green and daffodil colors. The roving above is the khaki. It felted beautifully. I'll share a photo once I am back in the studio as I left it drying there. I've determined I need to start blogging about my felting process and pieces so I can keep track of source data and other bits of information I often over look. I am also keeping track of measurements and such so I can learn to be more predictable and consistent.


These are some of the recent felt pieces I've made. I plan to stitch them up after I find time to draw and paint some of the ideas floating through my mind — such meanderings I tell you! I need the luxury of consecutive uninterrupted hours in order to focus. It's very difficult to get that kind of time when you work and have children. I'd love a make art vacation!

These are the beginner pieces I am working on now. It's been fun to experiment and try different stitches and see what works for me. I need to come back to this posting and add the embroidery colors so I can keep track of what I'm using too. It's easy to get lost in a sea of embroidery floss.

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