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January 31, 2012

circle sampler in progress

Yellow Circle Sampler

I bought some variated color roving called daffodil a while back and felted it. I wasn't too pleased with the final color striations which was a bummer, though the merino felt is soft and lovely as usual, the piece looks too hippie funky for my taste. To make the best of it I decided to use the piece to experiment with various stitches and see how the combinations look together. I went with a circle motif. I'm not quite done, but I'm finding it quite fun to basically doodle with embroidery.

Buttonhole Detail

Here's a close up of the buttonhole wheels and couching stitches.

Circle Sampler Backside

And this is a picture of the backside of the work. I like it too!

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January 13, 2012

crewel color

pink felt — scattered petals & seeds design
Stitches are stem stitch, satin stitch, seed stitch, fishbone stitch, with french and colonial knots.
crewel colors used:
rosy pink 221
rose 754
lavender 603
purple 542
Light green 241
khaki green 911
blue 564
light blue 562

Yelloscatter Crewelpalette
yellow felt — scattered seeds design
Stitches are mostly satin stitch with a few french knots.
crewel colors used:
canary yellow 553
peachy 708
brown 184
warm soft grey 181
creamy white 992
I bought these appleton crewel embroidery threads from wool and hoop.

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January 12, 2012

rothko roving


This is dry celery fiber over an undyed white. At this stage it reminds me of a Rothko whose work I admire deeply. I really enjoy this first stage of slowly pulling the fibers an laying them criss cross each other. It's slow going and very relaxing.


Here is the same fiber now wetted with warm soapy water. At this stage I roll it over bubble wrap and with bumpy tools to agitate the fibers so they will felt. This stage of rolling and rubbing takes a longer time. I start out softly to make sure the layout stays intact and so that the edges don't roll onto each other. After a while I can really get into rolling quickly and with a lot of pressure. I do a pinch test to make sure the fiber is ready to go on to the fulling stage. I stopped taking pictures at this point. I'll follow through with more another time.


Here's a picture of the felted drab khaki which I mentioned in the previous posting.

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January 10, 2012

wool and soapy water


Doesn't the roving look like paint brush strokes before it's felted. It's really fun to pull the roving apart and gently lay down the layers. I find it very meditative. I just got a new batch of neutrals on Etsy from Eweniquely Ewe Fibers. They are all Ashland Bay merinos in celery, drab khaki, olive green and daffodil colors. The roving above is the khaki. It felted beautifully. I'll share a photo once I am back in the studio as I left it drying there. I've determined I need to start blogging about my felting process and pieces so I can keep track of source data and other bits of information I often over look. I am also keeping track of measurements and such so I can learn to be more predictable and consistent.


These are some of the recent felt pieces I've made. I plan to stitch them up after I find time to draw and paint some of the ideas floating through my mind — such meanderings I tell you! I need the luxury of consecutive uninterrupted hours in order to focus. It's very difficult to get that kind of time when you work and have children. I'd love a make art vacation!

These are the beginner pieces I am working on now. It's been fun to experiment and try different stitches and see what works for me. I need to come back to this posting and add the embroidery colors so I can keep track of what I'm using too. It's easy to get lost in a sea of embroidery floss.

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January 8, 2012

lovely needlework

I love these gorgeous hand embroidered designs from by Miga de pan Buenos Aires. I'm inspired to try my hand at a few of the stitch techniques I see here.


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January 6, 2012

big felt


I love this big felted wool work by Ronel Jordaan found by way of an article on the Hand/Eye blog.

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January 5, 2012

bohemian wornest

I really love looking at the photos on the site Bohemian Wornest, the textures and color palettes are delicious. It worth a daily visit. I found the site via my new favorite source of inspiration and the worst time sucking site — pinterest!