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felted headband

Feltheadband Handmade
Feltheadband Closeup

Max has impressed me so much with his Christmas gift list for others. He came up with interesting ideas of things to give his favorite people and they are all tailored to their specific interests. I have high hopes he'll grow up to be to be a generous and thoughtful giver. For his friend Camryn he asked me to make her a headband like the one I made for Vivienne. According to Max, Camryn loves red and wears headbands almost every day so he's sure she'll like this design. Of course it would have been far easier for me to have picked her up something from the Five & Dime like we did for the other kids! It takes me hours to hand felt each of these pieces. I have to separately felt the red for the roses, the green for the leaves and the then felt wrap the headband. Later sew the roses, embroider the leaves, sew it all together and then needle felt any thin areas and hid sewing remnants. Hours to make I tell you! Camryn is definitely walking away with this years best gift of the bunch, if I do say so myself!

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