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December 17, 2011

renegade holiday fair


Just had me a lovely time shopping through the oh so popular and extremely over-crowded San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. I had to talk myself into continuing while I suffered through the claustro slash agora phobia attacks!

My favorites:
Darling hand sewn pin cushions by Bough & Twig
Sweet letterpress designs by Dutch Door Press
Laser felt designs by Feisty Elle
Edgy designs, super soft and nicely shaped t-shirts by Love Nail Tree
Simply stunning phases of moon letterpress calendar by Rendij Studio
Handmade toys and gifts by Life with Tigers
Adorable watercolors by Chiaki Darski
Pretty resin artworks and jewelry by Fernworks
Lovely colors of wool roving by Sincere Sheep
Isla Corbett Felt
Isla Corbett
Inspiring felt goods by Isla Corbett
Interesting felt wear by sol del sur
Felt gardens by Fat Juicy Leaves
Gorgeous ceramic vessels by Sara Paloma
Beautifully handmade ceramics by Rae Dunn

Sweet hair pins by Buluchu (no products online)
Lovely retro inspired (reminds me of Gyo Fujikawa) drawings by Neiko Ng

I bought two dreamy cedar soy candles by type.lites
Chic letterpress cards by Satsuma Press
Silverware jewelry by Brown Banana
Some interesting headband details by Poppyhearts
Old timey neighborhood San Francisco wear by Gangs of San Francisco
Pretty type by Mary Kate McDevitt

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December 16, 2011

a garden

Viviennes Drawingdec2011

a garden, drawing by vivienne

December 15, 2011

felt things

Needlefelt Robin

Needle felting takes far longer than you think it should — though I find every stab completely cathartic. I spent the night whipping up a robin ornament for Max's teacher also named Robyn.

Felt Barettes Studio
Felt Barettes Ballerinas

I also completed a few sets of felt pom pom-like barrettes for Vivienne's ballet classmates, Ella, Sophie, & Talia.

December 14, 2011

felted headband

Feltheadband Handmade
Feltheadband Closeup

Max has impressed me so much with his Christmas gift list for others. He came up with interesting ideas of things to give his favorite people and they are all tailored to their specific interests. I have high hopes he'll grow up to be to be a generous and thoughtful giver. For his friend Camryn he asked me to make her a headband like the one I made for Vivienne. According to Max, Camryn loves red and wears headbands almost every day so he's sure she'll like this design. Of course it would have been far easier for me to have picked her up something from the Five & Dime like we did for the other kids! It takes me hours to hand felt each of these pieces. I have to separately felt the red for the roses, the green for the leaves and the then felt wrap the headband. Later sew the roses, embroider the leaves, sew it all together and then needle felt any thin areas and hid sewing remnants. Hours to make I tell you! Camryn is definitely walking away with this years best gift of the bunch, if I do say so myself!

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December 12, 2011


Max Dalistache
Max Italianostache
Max Banksystache
Max Studstache
Max Walrusstache

Many thanks to Max's buddy Jaewon for the mustache kit. Max wore a different one for days in a row: the Dali, the Italiano, mr. banksy, the stud, & the walrus.

December 11, 2011

tree search

Max Vivi Treegetting
Max Santaface

A couple of darling snaps from our morning spent searching for the perfect Christmas tree, success of course!

December 7, 2011

choo choo

Caetano Choochoo

Love this photo of my darling and oh so sweet nephew Caetano.