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November 22, 2011

fruits + veggies

Watercolor Figs
Watercolor Plums

The United States Department of Agriculture has an amazing library filled with inspiring water color specimens. I love these!

November 21, 2011

craft cafe


San Francisco needs a Moomah too. I so want to sign up to take crafting classes like these while hanging out in a gorgeous cafe, eating delicious nibbles and sipping unlimited wine. That's my idea of heaven and truly my happy place. Blog link for future reading, love the tag line "know you are doing enough." The felting class is taught by fiber artist knit knit, her blog too.

November 14, 2011

mind games

Happy Path

I want to post this so I can remember to look back and reread the list. 12 things people who are happy do differently. Looks like some of the related posts will be an interesting read too. Must re-read and re-visit these too: top five regrets of the dying.

November 13, 2011

princess party

Keily Lily Princesses
Princess Vivienne Cake

We hosted ten little princesses yesterday in celebration of Vivi's fourth birthday. The party was a fabulous pink filled success. Moms had as many delicious treats as the girls. Marcus out did himself as usual (many thank yous!!) making a frosted and seeded pumpkin bread; fresh currant scones with cream and jam; salmon and creme fresh, cucumber and butter and proscuitto finger sandwiches plus mimosas to wash it all down. Girls had some of the above plus pb&js, a gorgeous fruit salad and pink lemonade. Having celebrated yet again the night before we ran out of time so Marcus couldn't make the cake he'd envisioned. Instead he ran out at eight am Sunday morning to the Fillmore bakeshop. He'd read a great article about the father daughter team and wanted to try some of their treats. He had them make a genoise cake with pink buttercream frosting. It's an amazing shade of pink don't you think? Quite tasty too. He also brought home their morning buns which were delicious, much lighter and crisper than the our other favorite's from Tartine. Wow, so much sugary sweetness. Max was an amazing helper and enjoyed his special role as the magic flounder. We attempted to turn our second bathroom shower into a magic pond where the flounder lives. The girls toss a clothes pin at the end of a string tied stick, aka the fishing pole, into the shower and the magic flounder, aka Max with a voice disguise wink wink, attaches a little gift. I had fun collecting lots of things like a pink hand broom and dust pan, fish coin purse, hello kitty tooth brushes, pink paper fans etc all from Daiso our fabulous store where everything it a dollar fifty. Good times!

November 12, 2011

part-ay princess

Happyprincess Four

We like to stretch our birthday celebrations out! This pic is from the fabulous little fete we had at Maga and Paga's house. Yummy cupcakes and more lovely gifts too. What love and blessings!

November 11, 2011

it's too early


Having a wicked bout of insomnia but making it better by listening to washed out: you and I, feel it all around, eyes be closed. If we are ever able to reset my apple password (it's been a ridiculously frustrating process plus my credit card no was stolen today!) I'll get me some washed out tunes to enjoy. I love the chill sound.

Gorgeous and inspiring short film, dark side of the lens.

Mommy bloggers to bookmark: Rants from Mommyland & Lin Eleoff

Viv just woke up and now we are watching Angelina Ballerina on the couch — before day break. This Friday 11-11-11 is off to an unusual start.

November 10, 2011

happy birthday

Birthdaygirl 4

Happy birthday darling Vivienne! Her expression says it all. Rainbow laser beams of happy are shooting out those eyes! For sure it has something to do with that fabulously fancy crown made by her beloved teacher Andy.

November 8, 2011

first grader

Max Firstgradeportrait

Max's school portrait. Boy he looked so different back then with that surfer shag hairdo. The smile and sparkle in his eyes remains constant. xo

November 6, 2011

swing high

Vivi Swinging

During a break in the rain, miss Vivienne enjoyed a good long swing. Oh how we all love visiting Papa and Lulu in Healdsburg. It's so beautiful there. Loved the fall colors and crisp chill.

November 1, 2011

mundane conflicts

Maya Birdie
Maya Smother
Maya Figures

I just found Maya Hewitt (I know I am late to the party yet again!). Love her illustrative and painterly combination style. The sadly emotional figurative subjects speak to me as well. Some of them remind me of Shell Silverstein's early drawings.