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October 31, 2011

happy halloween


Max's carving is at the bottom, next is Rey's pumpkin for Tano, then Vivi's carving and last Marcus. Excellent team work! We toasted the seeds too, quite yummy.


Max dressed as Ash Ketcheum a Pokemon trainer and Vivienne was Ariel, the little mermaid. We had an excellent night trick-or-treating down Fair Oaks Street. Good vibes and lots of sugar treats.

October 26, 2011

new do


Max is sporting a serious change. Last Saturday he went with daddy to see Scott at Acme — Scott by the way is an amazing hair cutter — and he returned a changed boy. He now requires hair gel to spike up his mohawk. What fun it is to be seven.

October 25, 2011


Max Fingerstash

When you tell a story, within ear shot of a kid, about a guy with a tattoo of a mustache on the inside of his index finger and how funny it is after he has a few drinks and whips it out and starts talking in voices — expect to turn and see said kid sporting one too.

October 23, 2011

yellena james

Spore Yellena
Shade Yellena

I am really liking this artist Yellena James. Her work is beautiful and quirky but also decorative and crafty while still being etherealy botanical and organically designish. Ok so does that critique sentence make sense? Anyway I like it and I'm psyched to see she has an affordable print collection for sale on etsy. I need to go get me some. She's got a blog too.

October 22, 2011

wilson photo essay

Wilson is a pet stuffie who goes home on the weekends with first graders. This weekend was Max's turn. The kids document what they do with Wilson, then add photos and a few sentences into a shared journal.

Wilson Homemax

Wilson arrives home with Max. Yeah it's the weekend!

Wilson Playstation-1

Wilson plays video games and watches tv with Max.

Wilson Sleeping

He sleeps with him too.

Wilson Driving

Wilson likes ridding in the car.

Shopping Wilson

Wilson goes to Whole Foods.

Wilson Vivi

Vivi likes Wilson too.

Wilson Bandagescissors
Wilson Hurtlegs-1

Wilson fell off the top bunk and injured his front legs. Max played doctor and wrapped them up. All was well in the end. Wilson had a great visiit and went back to school with Max on Monday.

October 21, 2011


Max Walkathin2011

Mohawk Max waiting for his school walkathon to begin. More to come. . .

October 11, 2011

more about max

Max Sonatural

A gorgeous snap taken by daddy, makes him look so grown up.

Max Mustache

Here's Max wearing a ScoutMob mustache he found on counter at SeeSaw Cafe.


I took a photo of a paper I found in Max's cubby drawer at school when I was visiting for parent night. I love the list of things in his heart: surprises, christmas, birthdays, cat, legos, willow, garrett, gum, me, family, friends, electronics, my crystals, everything.


Max hugging my (pretend, but for realsies so go along with it) daughter-in-law Willow. Sweet young love.

October 8, 2011



Playing kitty with our furettes (animal ear barrettes named by Max made by Vivienne's teacher Marci).