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fun with felting

Feltheadband White
Vivienne Feltheadband

This is a handmade headband I created for Vivienne. I sewed the rosettes and leaves from a piece of handmade flat felt. I then felted around a metal headband and sewed the details to it. It feels very soft and comfortable. I am pleased with the results. Vivienne wasn't so sure, she said she didn't like white and wished it was. . .you guessed it, pink!
Needlefelt Piggy1
Needlefelt Piggy2
Feltpiggy Headband
Speaking of pink, I needle felted a little piggy from a bad batch of wool that felted into a giant dreadlock when I tried to dye it. I've got way too much of it so I'll be needing to come up with other clever needle felting ideas to use it all up.

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