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July 24, 2011

day one and two: getting there

Emirates Staffmeeting
Nk Wheelies

SFO to Dubai via Emirates Air I was seated in the bulkhead with three babies in my same row plus I am next to my wounded traveling companion. Oye. Then came the bassinets. They placed one right in front of me. The positioning blocked the individual pull up tv screen. I'm thinking a 15 hour flight with no movies — no way! I abandoned my seat. What a great decision. I'll have you know I throughly enjoyed the films on this flight, I watched The Tourist, Morning Glory, and Limitless. No work was done. Checking in to Dubai's airport hotel was a genius idea. It was a seven hour layover and those three hours of sleep saved me. Another film to add to my watched list is the tear jerker, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. Five hours later we arrived in Dhaka at 9 am. Miraculously, I was able to stay awake that whole next day, I fell asleep at 9 pm after watching a painful flick, Troy. I'm guessing it's by the guy who did Titanic it's got all the same bad tricks.
Dhaka Landing

Dhaka Airport

Once in Dhaka we met our first extortionist. It's the man who met us with the complimentary wheelchair from gate tried to squeeze us for "gifts" every five minutes. He repeatedly wanted twenty dollars and was most ungrateful for the five I gave him. He wouldn't drop it and made lots of nasty faces and wouldn't give up. This is most unpleasant when you are tired. Of course I don't backdown easily so I said tag along if you'd like but I'm done with the gifts. I'm very thankful we were met by our driver, Kashem, who whisked us away.

This is our Hotel which is in an expensive neighborhood I am told by our driver. I took a few shots from the passenger window on our route there. The traffic in Dhaka is ludicrous. It takes ages to go anywhere. It's also completely chaotic with walkers, bicyclists, rickshaws, cars, buses, trucks and other strays zig zagging at all times. Traffic fatality lists make the front page of the papers. Horns are honking at all times. Hawkers walk between vehicles trying to sell you goods through the windows. Beggars stand at the window too and sometimes paw like movie zombies. It's quite intense.

Dhaka Driveslow
Dhaka Trafficwomen
Dhaka Trafficsales
Dhaka Buswindow
Dhaka Streetart

The rest of the day was spent in the hotel resting and gearing up for work. All is well other than an on-going quarrel with the remote control for my air conditioner and getting used to the faint smell of urine which was I was warned by the bell boy that this halls air wasn't as fresh as the other. I was woken up this morning at 4:20 by the morning prayer. This led me to he web to learn a little more about Islam. Today I am most intrigued by the concept of ihsan, which means perfection in arabic and translates in meaning to do beautiful things. It represents inner faith in deed and action. Nice. I'll be meditating on that one at each of the five prayer calls throughout my first Monday.

July 21, 2011

rainbow ribbon

Vivi Rainbowribbon

Miss Vivienne has scored her rainbow ribbon after completing three swim classes with no crying, easy parental separation, good listening, and full participation. She's even started to enjoy putting her face in the water. It's going very well indeed.

July 18, 2011

feels like vacation

ViewfromrusticMax Soserious

Vivi CoppolaVivienne LookingatbookMax Coppola
We just spent a lovely two days visiting papa in the mornings and evenings. During the mid days we were sunning ourselves at the Coppola Winery pool. This winery is lovely with every amenity right there to enjoy. It's easy, breezy and super relaxing. The spaghetti carbonara at Rustic was quite tasty, I highly recommend it.

July 11, 2011

botanical wax


Lovely encaustic collages by Kenna Moser using vintage letters and stamps, collage bits of old books and then painting on the wax surface. Read her artist profile and see more of her work.

July 8, 2011

fiber artists

I'm feeling super inspired these days and dreaming of new creations. I woke up from a dream which was filled with beautiful felt fabrics. Oh happiness! That dream may have something to do with all the felt websurfing I've been doing. In anticipation of visiting Kathmandu I've been searching for felt vendors and classes in the hopes I can make a connection there. We shall see, fingers crossed. Meanwhile I've also uncovered a few fantastic fiber artists worth noting.


Claudy Jongstra (also at Moss Gallery) turns out I heard her speak ages ago when I was at the Art Center Design Conference "Radical Craft" back in 2006. My hubby reminded me that I was blown away by her then too. She offers felt classes in the Netherlands and Italy — wow I got to get me there!

Urchin Puff
Aran Rug

Christien Meindertsma— incredible oversized hand knitted pieces


Kwangho Lee — furniture, lighting, jewelry he does all that and sometimes in laser cut felt

July 7, 2011

first swim class

Vivi Firstswimlesson1
Vivi Firstswimlesson2

Miss Vivi had her first swim lesson today. She's been very excited to start. She was a touch nervous as we drove to La Petite Baleen, but as soon as we got there her anxiety melted away and she was psyched to jump in the pool. She had one darling classmate named Wyatt and a lovely teacher named Megan. I predict Vivienne will be an amazing swimmer one day soon.

July 6, 2011

fun with felting

Feltheadband White
Vivienne Feltheadband

This is a handmade headband I created for Vivienne. I sewed the rosettes and leaves from a piece of handmade flat felt. I then felted around a metal headband and sewed the details to it. It feels very soft and comfortable. I am pleased with the results. Vivienne wasn't so sure, she said she didn't like white and wished it was. . .you guessed it, pink!
Needlefelt Piggy1
Needlefelt Piggy2
Feltpiggy Headband
Speaking of pink, I needle felted a little piggy from a bad batch of wool that felted into a giant dreadlock when I tried to dye it. I've got way too much of it so I'll be needing to come up with other clever needle felting ideas to use it all up.