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May 28, 2011

before the performance

Ballerina Plie
Feeling Ballerina
Recital Ballerinaface

A few snaps of the ever so lovely miss Vivienne practicing her itsy bitsy spider dance in our kitchen before we left for the show. I'll post a video soon (it's huge and we have to render it down!)

May 26, 2011

lamb lover


I love me some lambs and the Brits too. I love that they have a site dedicated to appreciating and supporting wool called the "campaign for wool." Vivienne Westwood loves it, there's nothing more to say after that! Well except for this brilliant quote by her: "If wool is the king, silk is the queen, cotton the aunt and linen the uncle."

ps. just found this darling stop animation film made entirely from wool: little red plane

May 25, 2011

amelia owl: wool buddy


I made my very own "Amelia" owl wool buddy tonight. It took about two hours. I made it from the kit I bought at the Maker Faire. The kit is practically perfect. The wool amounts are generous (I used too much blue around those eyes!) I have a little left over in each color except white, blue, and orange. This generosity allows for personal decisions such as do I want blue eye rings or green? There's enough roving to choose. There are two shades of brown so you can decide between each for the body vs wing colors. My beak is a bit too big too 'cause I used the whole supply — thinking that was a good idea. As with most things, a little goes a long way. I still need to learn this lesson. The rough quality of the roving in his kit works perfectly for sculpting. I hope to learn the type he's using as it's best for this application and I'd love to make more "friends." I found holding two or even three needles at a time helped speed the process along. Good fun!

May 22, 2011

maker faire funsies

R2D2 Max
Whitemerrygoround Vivi

We all had a great day at the 2011 Maker Faire in San Mateo. It's busy place with more to do than we could get done. There's so much inspiration and admiration to behold and enjoy. Max loved ArcAttack, the Pacific pinball museum, and all the robotics including the R2D2 units. Vivienne loved the music and the GE solar powered carousel.

Woolbuddy Owl

I was in heaven in the craft area. My favorite was Woolbuddy. Jackie is adorable, sweet, humble and a pleasure to hear from. I adore his little creatures. I bought his darling book and owl kit.

Other booths I enjoyed and will look forward to visiting their sites: Sublime Stitching; Felt the Sun; Meadowlarking, NifNaks (especially their subversive felt guns & bombs!) Burda Style & Spoonflower.

May 17, 2011

flower ballet costume

Max Vivi Flowerballet

sneak preview of Vivienne's flower ballet costume with her proud big bother Max behind.

her upside down

Max filming Vivienne dancing. . .

bang bang movie