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April 23, 2011

lost tooth

Missing Tooth

Finally! Max's right front tooth fell out while he was at gym class. He's thrilled and his new smile is adorable. xo

happy birthday

Birthday Dinner2
Birthday Dinner3
Birthday Dinner1
We had a delicious dinner at Ravenous to celebrate Mr. C's "happy" birthday.

Had to add in this one of Vivienne who loves to over gloss her lips.
Vivienne Lipgloss

April 22, 2011

felt tooth bag

Tooth Bag1
Tooth Bag2

This little bag has been weeks in the making. Max's right front tooth has been loose for weeks. It's on the verge of falling out any day now. We all take a turn wiggling it each morning and night. Max asked me to make him a tooth bag to keep a tooth in should it fall out while he's at school. He requested the color of the bag, asked that the tooth be above his name, and wanted the same snap as one on his dad's iphone case — which I also made and need to remember to post a photo of it. Max rubbed the bag across his cheek while telling me how much he likes how soft it is. He's been taking it with him to school each day in the hopes he will get to use it. Warms my heart!

April 21, 2011

wedding day

Wedding Day
Wedding Cookies

Max and Willow orchestrated their wedding today. It took place at 11:35. That's when they have a recess which is right before lunch. Cameron read from "the book," Zoe made bouquets, Maleeha wrote love songs and Max said right after the wedding is over he'll have to "battle" Niko. We sent Max to school with a box of wedding cookies to share with the class after the brown bag luncheon feast. Multiple parents said "congratulations" to me as I passed through the halls and one teacher said it was about time they got married already since Max and Willow have been in love for so long now. I asked Max how his first day of marriage went and he said "good." Max and Willow have decided to go on a pajama walk for their honeymoon. Tomorrow is school-wide pajama day. It's all so sweet!

kinder wedding

Kinder Wedding Groom
Kinder Wedding Bride
Kinder Wedding 6
Kinder Wedding Flowergirl
Kinder Wedding 4
Kinder Wedding 5
Kinder Wedding 1
Kinder Wedding 3
Kinder Wedding 2
Kinder Wedding Couple2Kinder Wedding Couple1
Kinder Wedding Dance2
Kinder Wedding Dance3
Kinder Wedding Dance1
Kinder Wedding 8
Kinder Wedding 7

April 20, 2011

paper flower

Paper Flower

I'm liking this paper flower tutorial — to make with felt of course. While here I surfed over to Artists Who Blog and found a wealth of inspiration. Ah fresh air.
Pretty french photos
lovely British things
Gretchen Mist from down under
Southern Inspiration
Lisa Golightly: Kiki & Polly
Local inspiration

Gret Mist
Horsie Paint
Soft Flowers

April 19, 2011

ballet class III

Vivi Akimbo
Vivi Esme Balleti
Ballet Class Circle
Sophie Vivi Ella

Vivienne's friends from preschool room three and they are also in her ballet class, Sophie left and Ella right.

ballet class II

April 16, 2011

ballet class I

Vivi Esme Ballet2
Vivi Esme Ballet1
Esme Vivi Ballet

Vivienne and her friend Esme love Friday because "it's ballet day!" After school they meet for ballet class and "weeeeeeeee" all the way up and down the 21st street hill on their way to Noe Valley Dance Studio for their beloved class. Seriously, Vivienne beams when I tell her it's Friday. What happy girls!

April 13, 2011

pink portrait

Portrait Viviapril12

Portrait of Vivienne in a dress by Max.

For memory sake, here's a list (will try to add to it) of cute things Vivi says:
"ta-do-wah" instead of tah-dah!
"gee-ey-shh boo boo" instead of Hello Kitty
"cha-lock" instead of chocolate

We just got her first "report card" really it's an evaluation. It's says she practically perfect ;-) beeming with pride over here. Really it says she's a very healthy and well adjusted young girl who is an absolute joy to have in class and is loved by her peers. She is strong or developmentally appropriate in every category such as fine and gross motor, knows her letters and sounds, transitions well, respects people and property, listens and follows directions etc, her only difficult area that needs work is speech. She isn't clear and recognizable with her words. We are going to get her some speech therapy sessions. It will be so interesting to learn more about how speech therapy works.

April 12, 2011

social skills

We've just started Max in a social skills class. He needs some help understanding social cues and managing his thoughts and emotions — similar to what it says here about social thinking. He needs more than we are able to instruct and model and more than his teachers can teach, apparently. I hope this program will be helpful and worth it! The curriculum is based on this program called "super flex." Lots more for me to read and learn about too. Perhaps we all will be calm and flexible in just six weeks : : wink wink : :

His first take home had the quote below on it with these cartoon characters. Interesting. I certainly know lots of people with one or more of these qualities, uh and perhaps I have a few too!

Mean Jean
Glass Man
Rock Brain
Space Invader
Topic Twister
Energy Harey
Body Snatcher
Under Wonder
Brain Eater
Grump Grumpaniny
Onesided Sid
Worry Wall

"These unthinkables have been around a long time and enjoy invading the brains of social town citizens! Their goal is to defeat every human brain by getting people to do things that show others they are not thinking about them."


"Superflex helps a citizen be a more flexible thinker, which allows the person to better control his or her brain and change how he or she thinks. He helps a citizen think about how to act and behave to keep others and him/herself feeling good. He helps a citizen be a better problem solver by thinking of many different solutions to one problem. He helps a citizen notice when an unthinkable is becoming more active in his brain and then quickly comes up with a strategy to defeat the unthinkable."


April 11, 2011

who's driving?


A snap daddy took while at lunch in DC.


Look who drove us through Wegman's in Leesburg! What cuties.