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March 23, 2011

rainbow of apology

Roygbiv Max

Max drew this amazing ROY G BIV rainbow for Zoe. He needed to apologize to her and she chose a drawing. Without going too deep into it, Max has been having lots of sensory and social integration problems in kindergarten. He has trouble reading non-verbal cues, playing in large groups, listening, focusing, remaining calm and a variety of other things. It's been a struggle. It seems to be slowly getting better with all activities we are doing for him like swimming, yoga, boys gym, occupational therapy and t-ball. Fingers crossed that he grows out of it and that first grade is better.

March 21, 2011

art clips


coffee wars by killing my lobster, so so funny 'cause it true

Jr Train

TED Prize winner, stunning gorilla art (who is funding this??!)

anonymous artist: JR