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November 26, 2010

metal detecting adventure

Pagamax Sherpa

A good time sleep over adventure with Maga Paga, xoxo!! Max looks so happy, thank you.

November 21, 2010

felted mice


Sometimes you don't recognize yourself. For me this is one of those moments. I spent two hours this evening needle felting these two mice. One for Vivi and one for Max. They can choose which one gets either, I don't care. However, I did care about the size, shape and quality of each as I endlessly stabbed both to perfection. I rather liked the process, though I found myself tripping on the fact that I was doing this at all. How on earth do I find myself here felting little rodents? Can't say. Seriously. Who am I? Nonetheless, many stabs later, voila. Mini felted mice. Go figure.
In good company...
chuska & more, some amazing samples keep clicking
darling book on the subject
I gotta start doing birds eh?
lauren alane
on flicker
dooby brain
crack o noon

November 13, 2010

birthday princess

Twirling Princess
Smiling Princess
Laughing Princess

That's my girl! What a perfect little princess she makes. She reveled in all the birthday attention and really enjoyed herself. What fun!! We hosted a party for ten little princesses. There was a pink table, pink tea and of course pink cupcakes. Daddy made a delicious spread of homemade everything, fruit salad, scones, pumpkin bread and finger sandwiches. The girls were little angels, no tears and no spills. Wow, success!!

Pink TeaViviandesmeteaparty
Vivi Eatingcupcake
Pink Cupcakes

November 7, 2010

gifts from great auntie and papa

Princesssnow Vivi
Snowwhite Drawingii
Snowwhite Drawing
Maxvivi Giftsfromauntie
Guitarshirt Max

It was a lovely weekend. We all were so comfy, relaxed and at home in Healdsburg. The kids were especially joyful as each got yet another birthday celebration with great gifts and delicious cupcakes to boot. Max was thrilled with his lego star wars ship — the latest in his fabulous collection — and a shirt that plays the guitar. Seriously it rocks the chords. It took him about 3.5 hours to put that lego ship together. He's amazing and focused about these legos. Vivienne became a sweet Snow White in the ultimate Disney princess get up. She was happy happy happy and then some. She's put it on three times and proceed to pee in it. Oh this is more than you bargained to hear? Well potty training brings out the potty talk in us all I tell ya.

Good times!! xoxo Aviatrix Lulu

November 5, 2010

bunnie land


I found this link to a fellow bunny lover and artist and I like what I see! She's working with vintage patterns too.

And here's a link I LOVE and yes, I am so jealous!! The Jealous Curator

November 4, 2010

go seek


Vivienne found a great hiding spot on her school playground, in the giant tire!

November 3, 2010

from the classroom wall

Maxselfportrait Fall2010

Self Portrait by Max

Maxfamilytree Drawing

Max's Family Tree


Actions of Apology (from his classroom wall)

November 1, 2010

school photo


I know I'm bias, but — that grin — those eyes —that face! ah he's such a cutie pie. He's second from left in middle row in the class photo.