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June 29, 2010



While wandering through the awesome 798 Art District in Beijing I came across a gallery that had some remaining postcards from previously shown work which I instantly adored. The dreamy landscapes are by an American artist named Maggie Taylor. The works combines found art, photos and more which are scanned and then collaged together in photoshop. How tediously painful was all I could think when imagining her process! She does an amazing job though. Her dreamy surrealism is sublime and inspirational.

June 28, 2010

felting lesson one

Lily Wateringfelt
Lily Agitatingfelt
On a last minute whim I signed up for an art class at Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park for the next four monday nights. The building is so sweet and I've been walking by it for years. Each time I take my kids to the playground I wish I was going into the stone studio too. I'm thrilled to finally be inside the space and taking an art class. I was interested in a number of different classes such as watercolor and monoprint making but the only one I liked with an open space just days before the class began was felting. So I jumped at the chance and Mr. C helped out too, thank you dear. Last night we dyed merino roving a variety of colors, I was on the orange team (yes, I suggested the color!) We cooked the acid dyes for 45 min at 175 degrees careful not to let the pan boil so our wool wouldn't shrink — yet. Then we tried our hand at a small felting square. We had to pull small wispy sections and over lay them three times in criss cross directions. Then wet it with a soapy water, cover in plastic and roll, roll and roll more using bubble wrap from a swimming pool cover and a small swim noodle. You can see teacher Joy-Lily doing it above. It takes so long that I didn't finish my project and I've had to take it for completion. I should be doing it right now rather than bloggin' eh. Getting right on that...

A few felting links I like:
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Combining embroidery with felting is really intriguing to me. I've always wanted to try crewel embroidery, I even have a book on it and haven't done it yet. I'm thinking darling hair clips for Vivienne, she'd go crazy for some geeish boo boo ones!

Barrette supplies: snap, alligator and pinch, french clips and metal headbands
Barrette tutorial @ Angry Chicken
Barrette tutorial @ On the Creative Path
Rose barrette tutorial @ Purl Bee

Felt bowls are another item I'd like to try.
Felted bowls and more @ Papaver Vert
Felt bowl tutorial @ More Ways to Waste Time
Machine felting @ Knitty & little bowls too
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June 26, 2010

making muffins


...with chocolate chips, mmm the batter was so delicious.

June 25, 2010

those eyes

Caetano Thoseeyes
Alexiscaetano Sushi

That Caetano glamours me every time I look into those eyes, geesh!

June 24, 2010

three wheeling

Vivi Tricycle1
Vivi Tricycle2
Vivimax Tricycle3

Vivienne and Max enjoyed a few spins around their preschool playground this afternoon. Vivienne loves school and has many friends such as Talia, Azra, Jesse, Tikal, Ella, Sophie and Zizou she counts them all as her favorites. She participates fully and it very comfortable in her classroom. It's wonderful. I never worry about her during the day as I know when I pick her up she'll run to me, hug me with all her might, and then tell me she's had a great day. Max had pajama day at camp today and also had his face painted like a cat yet again. He's loving camp and they are loving him too. I heard from both his team leader and his science teacher about what an amazing mind he has, how he knows all the answers even the hard ones, and what a great citizen he's being. Wow. Yay summer. Now if we could get some warm weather all would be well with our little piece of the world.

June 22, 2010

why does the sun shine

Kittyface Max
While listening to They Might Be Giants kids album called Science in the car today coming back from camp Max said to me, "Mom (Sadly, I am no longer "Mommy" except when he's whiny or crying) when I was three and sometimes four I thought that where ever you went there was a sun there. Like when we were in Virginia they have their own sun and Mexico has it's own sun too. But now that I'm five I know there's only one sun and it's everywhere." Yes, I think my son is a genius. Wouldn't you if you realized that your son remembered what he thought about where the sun shines when he was three years old! What three year old tries to figure out how the sun appears in different places around the earth? I'm amazed. Stunned actually.

Max is loving Ocean Expeditions week at Camp Galileo. He's super into the finding the feather game with a rubber chicken named "cluck clousteau." He comes home each day with a painted face and lots of exciting stories. Good times.
Max Hermitcrabart
Max Artwithegg

June 13, 2010


Max Iphonephotocupcake

Even Max has enough delayed gratification that he'd rather take a photo using the ever-so-fun and easy-to-use iphone rather than sink his teeth immediately into that frosting. Go figure. Our whole family is addicted, with varying degrees, to the iphone. It's a whole new world of focus and distraction.

That's a happy 'graduation' (from TK to K) cupcake.

June 9, 2010

shake it up

Max Milkshake
Vivi Undertable-1
Jaewon Max Milkshakes

Oh the yummy black and white shakes, seen here, are only the icing on the delicious lunch feast we had at Fremont Diner. Mmmm the pulled piggy and burgers are so delicious and the darling picnic tables and country road side environment made eating al fresco that much more fun. Thumbs up.

June 2, 2010

smelly riddles

I've been cell phone challenged since I drowned my iPhone in Mongolia (a story I hope to blog about soon) so I don't have a photo to share from this amazing event, well other than this white board I snapped days later. Max performed in his school's talent show on June 2. He was the only boy from his class to perform and he was the only person from his class to perform solo. Those are important details to consider as he is only 5 years old. I feel I must give a little background so you can truly appreciate what you will later read. Two days before the event I tried to get Max to practice his stand up routine. He didn't want to, and after reading two riddles from go-gurt squeeze packages he gave up and walked away declaring that he didn't want to be in the talent show and was "quitting." The next day he told his teacher that he didn't want to perform. His teachers found me in the hallway during pick up and emphasized how the line up was already in place and the script written and Max was an intregal part and needed to perform. So the night before the show I pressed upon him that following through was important. He confessed that one of the main reasons he didn't want to do it was because the go-gurt squeeze sleeves smelled yucky. I then hand wrote each riddle's response on a piece of paper in my most legible all caps text. It was a feat for me to slow down and write that way, seriously my regular hand writing has gone to sh*t. Max then practiced a few times through each joke and we talked a bit about the importance of a slow delivery and comic timing. I found a seat in the audience a few minutes before the talent show started. Max didn't know yet that I was there. It turned out that Max was performer No. 2. You won't ever believe or understand what happened next. Max took the microphone and was visibly nervous. I thought for sure he'd mumble, stumble, and give up in shy defeat. No! He was fabulous. He read each riddle slowly, loudly and with great diction. He also had a natural sense of comic timing, he waited for the audience to respond and collectively say "why, what or we don't know" before responding. He had it all, clarity, presence, timing, and confidence. Oh my god. I thought he's real talent. Shit. It was awesome. I wish you were there with me!

a few examples...

Which tennis move are waiters best at? Serving!
What trees are best for storing food in? Pantrys!
Do bears wear water skies? No, they go barefoot!
Where do horses live? In Neighborhoods!
What kinds of fish make the best doctors? Sturgeons!
Which bone is the most musical? Trombones!