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April 30, 2010

note to self

Rhona Mitra Haircut

As bad ass as I'd like to be I'm no Eden Sinclair. Rhona Mitra is a serious la femme nikita in this not so great really but kinda fabulous anyway zombie meets mad max meets twenty four days later type flick called Doomsday. I was totally seduced by her fabulous hair. I never fall for stuff like that. I didn't run out and get the Rachel cut even though I adore Friends and have seen every episode (embarssing confession I realize). I think I had a mid-life crisis moment, one of many I'm having and expect to continue acting on with blind abandon. I cut my hair off. May sound blase to some, but I haven't had hair above my shoulders in probably twenty years. This was huge. Seriously. See photos of the big event.

I'm writing this weeks later with twenty twenty vision as they say and I now wish I hadn't hacked it off. I love Rhona's cut but I don't' have her hair or her Hollywood stylist. Taking the time to do my hair each morning causes me grief and frustration. I am a pony tail, french twist, barrette wearing mama. Note to self, know thyself.

April 28, 2010

fishing pond

Fishing Pond
Max and I spent the night at my studio working on this sign for his school's May Festival which is happening this sunday. The letters are still yet to be glued and some fish need to be added. Not sure which midnight hour I'll get the finishing touches done — wish me luck.

April 22, 2010

deep end jumps

Max Divejump3
Max Divejumping2

Max has a new swim teacher named Chad. He is very calm and supportive and Max is thriving. Here he is doing his first jump into the deep end of the pool! He was nervous but brave.

April 15, 2010

glamoured gushing

Caetano Daddyshat
Caetano Floralcouch
Ooooh without slighting my own gorgeous and practically perfect offspring : : wink : : can I just gush over my deliciously handsome and glamourizing nephew Caetano? Case in point, just look deep into his big brown eyes and behold his inner (and outer!) beauty. If you only you knew, this boy is a delight to hold, he's super mellow, loves to be held, taken for a walk or bounced, and will fall asleep and stay sleeping peacefully in your arms for hours — ok hours in a crib not being held would make his mommy happy and give her a much deserved break, but still he's nothing less than practically perfect. Oh baby you are stunning. I miss you xoxo — auntie

April 12, 2010

spring painting

Spring2010 Bymax

"Spring" by Max Co.

April 11, 2010

joy rides

Vivi Copcar
Vivi Looknohands

Snaps of Ms. Vivienne enjoying herself at the Daily City playhouse arcade and me loving the cross process app on my iPhone.

April 10, 2010

springing forward

Tulips Spring2010

How lovely of Mr. C to have tulips on the table for our return from spring break. Thank you dear!

April 9, 2010

victorian gazing ball

Vivi Mommy Gazingball

Witches indeed! We are in love with our own images both reflected and captured. Learn about the glorious history of the gazing globe here.

April 8, 2010

sitting siblings

Vivi Max Virginia

April 7, 2010

caetano & mommy

Lexi Caetano Redfox