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March 31, 2010

musical cards


Yay! Thank you 'gamma' Sherry for the fun times musical easter cards! As you can see the kids were thrilled to open their cards. Vivienne played her here comes peter cottontail repeatedly for at least fifteen minutes and they both took the cards into the car with them for their ride to school. A second big shout out and thank you for the darling easter clothes, it's so helpful having new threads. They can use really use them. xoxo

March 28, 2010

en plein air

Outdoor Easel
Chalk Flower

A quick snap and close-up of Max's chalk easel drawing. We'd like to thank Ikea for making such cute and affordable children's things.

March 27, 2010

ladybug by max

Max Ladybugportrait
Ladybug Bymax-1
These are Max's two pages from a darling Eric Carle inspired art project made by his transitional kindergarten class. Simply wonderful!

March 25, 2010

blue ribbon surprise

Maxribbon FionaMaxblueribbon

Yay! Max got his blue ribbon today at the end of his swim class at La Petite Baleen. He was so happy! And I am so proud! He loves his teacher Fiona and has thrived in her care. I can't say enough wonderful things about La Petite's instruction — they make swimming happen and with loads of fun. I can still hear the bell ringing clap clap clap!

March 21, 2010

first t-ball game

Tballmax Daniel
Tballmax Cameron
Tballmax Coaching
Tballmax Mitt
Tballmax Swing
Tballmax Cookie

Max had his first t-ball practice last monday and a first game the very next saturday. His team is called the grasshoppers and is organized by the San Francisco Youth Baseball League. A few of the parents are coaching and most of the kids are from Max's class at school. Paga took Max to the game, cheered him on and took all these memorable photos. Yay, thank you Paga!! Apparently Max was a great hitter each time he was up to bat. Most importantly he had a marvelous time and is looking forward to the next game. Afterward we had a lovely family outing to our local favorite and super friendly restaurant Chow.

March 20, 2010

afternoon nap

Vivisleeps Totoro

My sweet not-so-baby Vivienne is ready for a big girl bed. She wants to nap and sleep in her big brother's bed so badly, she's over the prison-like crib. Here she is taking a snooze in Max's bed while he was on a sleepover at Maga Paga's house. Sister misses her big brother.

March 19, 2010

sleepover snaps

Sleepover Car

I love this snap of Max putting his stuffs into Paga's Jeep so he can go on an overnight adventure at their house. He was so excited to go, he wrote a secret note to both Maga & Paga and grinned ear to ear each time I mentioned the upcoming event. When I saw him the next day he told me many details from all the fun like what type of sushi he ate from sushi ran (shrimp tempura & tobiko!), how he stayed up super late (10pm) and woke up before the sun (6am), and played lego star wars wii until breakfast (a 'full' battle apparently), and then he had me guess how many pieces of bacon he had — it was a trick question—none!

Maxs Pocket

The contents of a five year old's pocket: a quarter, paper clip & various rocks — photo idea by Grand-Maga. Funny!

March 11, 2010

reading to totoros

Vivireads Totoro

Here's a sweet moment. I found Vivienne in her room in the same position where I sit to read her and Max night time stories. She was reading Golden Books to her Totoros.

March 5, 2010

vivi goes to the doctor

Vivi Doctorvisit

Vivi went for her two year old check up (uh ya I was a little late making this appointment!). Of course she's perfectly healthy and was her typical sweetheart self during the exams. She made her doctor smile a number of times. She weighed in at 39.5 lsb and 39.5 inches tall — she's gigantic! She's off the growth chart! Go Vivi!

March 3, 2010

first days of school

Vivi Preschooldoor
Vivi Lookingatteacher
My little baby girl has started school! She's done very well so far. There's only been a few minutes of tears mostly it's been lots of exploration and excitement. Yay, "wow school" as she repeates after I've read and reread the book during the days leading up to this start date. Vivi has a pretty easy going temperament and likes to do almost everything. So far the transition is going well. Today was her first day of staying by herself for a few hours. I was heartened when I came back to pick her up and she was happily sitting at a table enjoying a book by herself. When she saw me she said "mommy back!" and ran up and gave me a big hug and wet kiss (she's a big kisser!). Tomorrow we'll try a longer day and if that goes then we'll try for a day that includes a nap and second snack. I think once she gets comfortable she's going to love it. She'll get to play all day and make friends plus eat lots of delicious healthy treats made by the beloved chef Celestina. What's not to like about preschool? Sign me up please!