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November 28, 2009

little bean III

Caetano Welcome

Welcome to the world (and the bunny blog) Caetano Benicio!! He sped into the world at 5:35 am weighing 7lbs 4oz, measuring 20 inches tall and with a full head of gorgeous black spiky hair. He's as sweet as a pea and already loves his auntie who is just crazy about him—a mutual love fest!

November 25, 2009

the many smiling faces of master maximillian


dahling you are too funny! Master Max sure is expressive and just too cute! These fabulous pro photos are from a test shoot for a Lego spot. The best moment was when the photographer asked if there was a machine Max would like to invent, this was a question she'd been asking the kids all day. Max said he's like to invent a machine that could shrink him so he could explore the world being tiny but then the machine could enlarge him back when he was finished. The photographer and her crew were shocked and surprised by his articulate and creative answer. The best they had all day they said! He is a bright and charming boy, Ah, mama love.

November 24, 2009

swing flop, swing bing

Maxvivi Swing2
Maxvivi Swing1
Bing bunnies swing time! It was a gorgeous day, much warmer than expected (uh global warming yikes??!) It's so cute how Vivienne wants to do everything her big brother does including swinging on the big kid swings. Monkey see, monkey do!

November 15, 2009

lookie who's two

Vivi Twocandles
Vivi Blowtwo
Max Vivi Hats
Vivi Lovingfrosting

A few darling snaps of my little two year old party girl. I especially love the last one where she's lovingly gazing at the pink frosting on her cupcake!

November 13, 2009

vivienne l'artist

Vivi Dipping
Vivi Blindpainting
Vivi Paintingredyellow
Vivi Monoprint

There's not much else that can make this mama happier than seeing her baby girl dip, splash and swirl every possible color, mix all with her brushes and hands, plus paint with two hands and with her eyes closed. Perhaps, Vivienne in a pancake tutu performing en point in the Nutcracker would be a close second ;-)

We had a super fun morning watching sea lions poke through the waves at Fort Mason while we waited for the Children's Art Center to open. The side by side two year old class is only an hour long, but it was simple, quiet and really sweet to behold. Vivienne is not at all shy, shocking right? She walked right in, allowed the teacher to put an apron on her and went straight to the paints. She did a great job dipping each brush in it's own color, though she wanted to paint on every child's paper! She wasn't too thrilled with the playdoh station or the colored markers, she kept heading back to the big messy table of tempera paints. In the end her painting was thick, wet and a strange shade of all colors but it was well covered! I hope when we go back next week I'll get to take it home to treasure.


Afterward we got a little snack at Greens to Go and then played in the panhandle scrap metal bandshell in the parking lot. Good times!

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November 12, 2009

school photo

Max Classphoto
Max Schoolphoto2
Max Schoolphoto1
Class of 2018! (and that's only eighth grade graduation!)
If you want to order a photo, email me and I'll send you the link!

November 11, 2009

rose de borman

Floral Borman
Velvet Borman

I'm liking and inspired by these loose, expressive and dreamy fabric illustrations by Rose de Borman.

November 10, 2009

cupcakes for breakfast

Pinkcupcakes Breakfast
Pinkalicious Vivi-1
Vivi Frostingeater

Happy Birthday to Vivienne! She turned two today. Her loving father stayed up late baking and frosting pink cupcakes (pink cupcake recipe from one of Vivi's favorite books Pinkalicious).

November 1, 2009

ride in the park

Vivi Helpsmax2Vivi Helpsmax1

Vivi Tricycle

Grandma Sherry, Daddy & I took the wee ones to Golden Gate Park so they could ride their bikes without the worry of cars! Turns out the park is such a busy place will strollers pushed by dads wearing inline skates, endless streams of bicycles and even bike teams, skate boards etc, you get the picture. Being untrained obstacles was almost as frustrating as riding on the sidewalk. Even with all the "traffic" it was still a successful trip. Plus it was darling to see Vivienne helping Max learn to ride his bike. She kept spotting him so he wouldn't fall. She loves him something fierce.

Upsidedown Max

Had to post this funny photo of Max doing gymnastics taken later this day. What a grin and flexibility!