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August 31, 2009

manana man

sorry for the long delay. . . life's been getting in the way of my blogging funsies.
Vivi Foundumbrella
Viv Ohwaving
I'm so in love with Vivi's shirt (target!) I wish I had magic make it bigger potion so I could wear it. She's seen here in the SFO airport playing with a found umbrella while we waited for the every fabulous aunnie and yaya to fetch us (a million thank yous). This girl was so easy to travel with. She was a rock star— dancing included.
Mexico Max-1
Here's Max in his new Mexico soccer uniform that daddy bought him while searching for medicine at wallmart — long story. . . which I will go into later when I have more time and photos. All our trip picks are on a different camera and me not know where the cord is and hubby is on a plane to Phoenix. ouch more hot weather and plane rides, poor guy.
Jaewon Maxmexico
That's Max with his preschool buddy Jaewon at the lunch table near the pool. We stayed at the Sol Melia Puerto Vallarta, which I highly recommend if you are traveling with kids and want an easy breezy relaxing vacation. The all inclusive (food and booze!) set up with lots of activities like, shooting, archery, volleyball both beach and pool, tennis, ping pong, foosball, uber large chess boards, bingo, kids pool games like water balloon tosses and frisbee tournaments plus babysitting in the baby rock club, a playground, nightly entertainment shows and PV's largest swimming pool — seriously this place has it all. Totally worth it, and it was actually very affordable. The staff was friendly, helpful and enjoyable to be around. Lots of good things to say about the Melia. Of course they could work on making the food better and changing up the offerings because the same old buffet options get tired quickly but it's tough to serve that many guests in sweltering heat — i get it. Ok more deets to come when I have photos. . . stay tuned.

August 7, 2009

forty more please

Selfportrait Forty
la la la la to me, la la la la to me, la la la la la la, la la la la la...and many more. My face at 40 (nice lighting in the kiddies bathroom eh!) a self portrait.
Daddys Shoes
Max clomping around in daddy's boots while we were getting ready to go out.
Mommys Smile
Max Snapsmommy
Two photos of mommy taken by Max just before our departure for dinner out.
Fancy Champagne
Married People
We starting the night with a glass each of french bubbly at Cav. and took a few self portraits, here's the best one. Then we hopped in the car to go to dinner, Imagine my surprise when Mr. C got on the freeway! I panicked and asked "are we going to the south bay?" Then as we crossed the Bay Bridge and I said, "you couldn't find a restaurant in San Francisco?". Later we got a bit lost in a residential area off Ashby street before we found University Ave and then Shattuck and I figured out we were headed to Chez Panisse (is there any other reason to eat in Berkeley? I know, I'm so SF snobby!!)
Tomato Panisse
Panisse Salmon-1
Panisse Squab
Panisse Fruit
Panisse Dessert
I didn't start snapping iPhone foodie photos until the second course, sorry about that and about the blur (iPhone camera sucks in low lighting). The Chez Panisse menu's cover is darling, it's a ripe and blossoming tomato plant with roots —. The building is like an arts and crafts time period train car. It's a really narrow long room, but two stories, with half size width doors, tiny bathroom but a really warm homey atmosphere, gorgeous open kitchen and lovely copper details. First course was a lemon infused sparkling wine aperitif and melon and cucumber soup with lime and mint. Second course was pan seared king salmon with indian spices and a squash blossom sauce and our waiter paired it with a delicious glass of white wine. Next was grilled wolfe range quail with tomato chutney and black eyed peas also paired with a glass of wine this time red and again I can't remember the specifics 'cause I was busy chatting. There was a little fruit course of tiny strawberries and champagne sized grapes both were farm fresh fabulous. Lastly, dessert was rose geranium ice cream crepes with nectarines and mulberries. The whole meal was divinely delicious and the service was impeccable — in fact our waiter had a darling and humorous personality. All in all a perfect dinner date. Thank you for a very memorable fortieth birthday Mr. C!

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August 6, 2009

waterhalo wonders

Goto Spain
Eat Peas
I like these pieces by Jamie at waterhalo. The sparse compositions, mixed media, and type play makes me happy. Plus the thoughts are similar to something I'd say like "I need to go to Japan now" or "all I eat are heirloom tomatoes."

August 5, 2009

rana rochet paintings

Rochat Greens
Rochat Greens2
Rochat Tryptich
I'm loving these encaustic abstractions by Rana Roxhet. Her palettes, line quality and poetic visual forms inspire me to loosen up and and let loose.

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August 2, 2009

kiddie play day

Ggbridge Bluesky
Goldengate Bridge

Vivi Dmwater
Dm Maxsmile
Carseat Finger
Carseat Profile
Carseat Grin
We enjoyed a fun afternoon celebrating our little friend Logan's 3rd birthday at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Max loves the pirate playground and wave room while Vivi likes the tot spot water play stream and inside she likes the tunnel and climbing structures. Afterward we had a great family dinner at Korea House — DIY bbq is always a hit (the mung bean sprouts and kimchi too!) Plus Max actually eats this food without complaint or nagging. He's crazy for the short ribs and tofu.

I'm dearly loving the just downloaded iPhone application "ShakeItPhoto" thank you for the tip James. Isn't the view of the bridge from the museum fabulous?!

August 1, 2009

we'll make it

Mule Says
Mr. C was given these from his friends at Mule Design. We are living by these words too, but feeling the positive side now that Mr. C is fully employed again, YEAH!