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July 31, 2009

earth wind & fire

Sadly this iphone photo doesn't do justice, but in this snap on stage at the Greek in Berkeley is Earth, Wind & Fire. We had such a good night. They were AMAZING and the show was a blast — I had to dance to almost every song and apologize to the row behind me cause I just couldnt stay seated. It was so fabulously fun and funky. They played some great hits and yet they had so many more they could have played too. Chicago performed as well, both on their own and together with Earth Wind & Fire. They also rocked but not with the same natural intensity and groove as Earth Wind & Fire (ok I'm such a fan eh?!) My father also spoiled me so by chauffeuring me to and fro as well as filling my belly with delicious Italian food and wine before the concert — THANK YOU!! This was a night to remember!

July 25, 2009

a la mode du jour

Fashion Hubby
Mr. C has been wearing variations on this outfit: blazer, polo shirt, shorts and loafers for years. He's even worn it in the snow — seriously remember Reno darling?! If you stick with what you love it comes into fashion, favor and appreciation at some point during your lifetime, perhaps even more than once. So it didn't shock me that he was spotted by a fashion lover and posted on their blog. Apparently the site will be doing a profile on him soon which will reveal his fashion tastes and sensibilities. I've always called him a dandy! He loves it and gets away with it.

July 21, 2009

imperfect balance

Chati Plum
Chati Thicket
Chati Hyperflowers

I find these abstractions beautifully meditative while being expressive and revealing in each brush stroke. Acrylics by Chati Coronel. Check out her blog. Found her by way of Gawker.

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July 20, 2009

mercede rules

Mercede Flowers
Mercede Butterfly2
Mercede Butterfly
While perusing the Land of Nod catalog I saw the flower painting above and loved the pink palette and painterly style mixed with the loose line quality and child-like compositions. I then googled her name Jennifer Mercede — that's what we all do these days eh — and found her etsy site too.

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July 19, 2009

tuned in and out

Vivi Headphones
Vivi's favorite song is No. 6 S.A.X. by Yello but she'll settle for any Backyardigan song too. Here's she's pugged into her brother's borrowed moon lander launch rocket foot pump.

July 9, 2009

hadley hutton

Hadley Fall
Hadley Bunny
Hadley Bird
Hadley Mums
Oh, sigh. I adore, no wait, I love, nope that's not it either. I'm utterly inspired and visually overjoyed by these sumptuous works by Hadley Hutton {site}. The sweet content, the gorgeous color palettes, the painterly techniques and the encaustic surface softening — are the perfect combo. I aspire and am motivated to get painting!

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July 8, 2009

new studio preview

This is a picture of the studio I've been working in. Over the last six months I've spent most of my time here working as a designer so not enough art has been made, but nonetheless I'm showing up and feeling closer to where I want to be someday. It's a teeny tiny shared space and the building is now offering private studio spaces on the floor beneath, so I've decided to give up my little corner of studio 326 and am moving into a little bit bigger solo studio come August first. I'm excited. I've been laying out furniture and drawing on the walls — in my mind. Living for tomorrow!
Blurry Sneak
Here's a blurry blow up from the image above and a sneak peak at the first watercolors I've been painting.
New Studio207
New Studio207-1
And these are photos of my new space — studio 207.

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July 6, 2009

embroidery inspiration

Tinyhappy Thread
Keiras Flowers

I have a love for illustrative threads. The ballet pink chain stitch on the cool neutral rough linen background are a favorite color combo of mine. "Tiny Happy's" daughter Keira's flowers drawing makes my eyes sing do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti lovely.

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July 5, 2009

our little prince

Max Princecharles
While attending a playdate to meet our mentor family from Max's new school, the host dad whipped up this photoshop job — Max as Prince Charles. Max looks too cool for school eh? Max's expression looks just like his dad to me!

July 4, 2009

tuning in

Marcus Antenna

July 3, 2009

dependence day

Vivi Surprise
Mommy Vivi
A couple of snaps of Vivi and I from a friend's the day before the holiday "dependence day" bbq. (aaack a photo of me on my blog — a rarity!)