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June 30, 2009

glamour gals

Lexi Vivi1
Lexi Vivi2
Ms. Vivienne can't get her fingers out of the potions and lotions. She's especially addicted to lip gloss! These glowing snaps of auntie and Vivi are from the birthday celebration luncheon for Yaya & Maga at the Pelican Inn. Afterward we enjoyed the heat wave by hanging out at Muir Beach and splashing in the waves, was fabulous funsies for all.

June 29, 2009

lil minors

While checking out the minors kids clothing collection I found their recycled stuffies, made from old sweaters and vintage buttons each is a one of a kind. Sweet.

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June 23, 2009

paper jewels

I'm wildly in love with the beautiful collage work of Kaoru Mansour. The pieces above are from the "iro" series. There were so many pieces in her portfolio that I could have easily chosen to display here. I love the pencil/pen illustration techniques and chosen images mixed with the painterly touches and very graphic compositions. These pieces are visual jewelry.

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June 22, 2009

resin soaked abstractions

While shopping in Hayes Valley I saw these stunning abstractions by Kelly Defayette. I'm inspired by her loose lines and free floating shapes and I love that you can see the history of changes through the paint. Each piece is heavily coated in the shiny wet-like resin I've been admiring on many contemporary artists work.
Hayesvalley Mural

Later I saw this strikingly graphic mural on the other end of Linden alley on my way to Blue Bottle, mmmm so so good.

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June 18, 2009

chalk art

Nikolas Larson
Reminding me about one of my favorite scenes in Mary Poppins — I wanted to jump into Nikolas Larson's lovely chalk flower. I caught him in action while he created this and later a few other beauties on the sidewalk in front of the Mission Dolores.

Happy Birthday to Yaya!

June 16, 2009

handmade nation

Handmade Nation

The film Handmade Nation is playing tonight at CCA, I enjoyed watching the sneak peek. Oh how I miss the last C in my schools name, which stood for CRAFT! What irony that they dropped the "craft" in an attempt to elevate their place in the art school world now that the DYI movement is taking the world by storm and CCA is screening a film about that wave. Ha ha ha, take that I say, long live craft! Check out Handmade Nation's opening credits, serious stop animation funsies. Looks like lots of San Francisco local stores and artists will be represented like Jill Bliss, Needles & Pens, Little Otsu and more.

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June 13, 2009

trying on glasses

Kids Glasses
I have a new saying, "Like kids in an optometry shop." My two darlings went crazy as though glasses are the new candy! They tried on endless pairs, wanted to be held up to the mirror to see how each pair looked, and continued to put their grabby and quick little fingers into the cases for more more more. I had to choose my new pair of glasses so quickly — faster than I've ever purchased anything that I'll be wearing everyday. Yikes I hope I love them?!

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June 12, 2009

the many faces of vivienne

Vivi MerrygoroundVivi TongueoutVivi Crazygrin
Vivi Bubble
Vivi Eatsplaastic
Vivi Greenslide
Vivi Wildlaughter
Miss Vivienne Grace sure can make some crazy faces. As you can see she's wildly expressive and of course a joy to behold. She makes me laugh so hard, it's wonderful. These shots are from our afternoon at Golden Gate Park's Children's Playground — one of my favorites in the city.

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June 10, 2009

nineteen months old

Vivienne Closeup
Miss Vivienne Grace still loves to say "Totoro" and usually repeats it emphatically. She also loves to watch the movie and can keep her attention focused for the whole length — seriously. She doesn't do that for any other tv show or disney/pixar movie. Now added to her vocabulary of things like book, bubbles, and ball is pillow which she loves to say while throwing herself onto one. It's adorable. Vivi loves to be tickled, kissed and have raspberries blown on her tummy and especially the bottom of her feet. She really really gets into it and says "more, more and more" — we always tire before she does. Vivi loves to draw and chooses colored pens over crayons when given an option. She enjoys putting the tops back on the pens and often stands around the penciling table pulling and pushing them off and on. She likes to put stickers specifically on the backs of both of her hands. She carries her toddler size chair around so she can sit on it in other places including next to Max when he watches tv. When Vivi wants something she finds me, grabs my pointer finger and pulls me to the object and says ma ma ma (spanish for "mas" meaning "more") while pointing at it until I figure out what it is —typically it's the hungry hippos game box, a yogurt squeeze or to open the back door so she can push her baby doll in the stroller out on the deck. At the park Vivi likes the slides and the swings best, she's a thrill seeker for suresies. She likes to ride in the car, on her tricycle, and in the stroller too. Vivi's pretty much up for anything, even just hanging out and reading books over and over. Her favorites are the Bing bunny series (even Bing has a blog!). She has a darling and infectious laugh, a wicked little smile and and a serious sparkle in her eye. One last thing, she's started doing a funny pouty move when she doesn't like something or get what she wants. She crosses her arms across her chest like a rapper, the arms just lay on top of each other rather than one folding under, and then she shrugs up one shoulder while turning and showing you her back but of course keeping her face turned toward you so she can register your reaction. It's hilarious! (for now)

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June 6, 2009

skittles vs trix

Skittles Vs Trix
Max Chad Checkers
Our tree swinging neighbor Chad came over to catch and fix our "it never stops running" toilet (uber urgh!) and he ended up staying for tea, dominoes and the best game of checkers we've ever played — skittles vs trix. Eat your way to victory! Was totally impromptu sugary fun. Thanks Chad!

June 1, 2009

fifi lapin

Fifi Lapin
Fifi Raining
Fifi Patchwork
How have I missed this site until now?! I'm so happy to have found it (see wallpaper below)! Fifi Lapin — the most stylish bunny ever, blog + shop.

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