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yarn shopping

Ultraman Yarncolors
Max and I hit up our local yarn store today. He made himself right at home and instantly came up with a knitting project idea — an ultraman spaceship! He chose the cascade yarns 220 superwash in red, yellow, grey and white. For my memory and because he already ripped off the tags, it's 5 stitches = 1" on US size 7 or 5.5 sts =1" on US 6, 4" = 20 sts. Max promises to draw me the spaceship so I can create a pattern, though he also says he's going to finger knit it. Just for the record I also want to mention how much he reminds me of his daddy. Max instantly connected (aka flirted) with the sales girls by asking how yarn was made, they explained about spinning and showed him unspun wool. Then he asked them for a spinning demonstration while mentioning that princess Aurora was put to sleep by pricking her finger on a spindle. And for the cherry, he topped it all by showing off the icelandic intarsia sweater he happened to be wearing today! Uh hem, little knit lady killer!
Rialto Bliss
Jellybean Bunny
For the "Jelly Bean" bunny I am hoping to start knitting tonight, I bought size 4, 24" circulars and Debbie Bliss Rialto DK merino superwash in soft white and ballet pink colors. The yarn calls for US size 6 needles but I think it will work fine with a 4 — which is what the pattern calls for, though the pattern calls for "worsted weight" and I bought "DK" oh well no worries since no one will be wearing it!

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