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I found this artist by way of BellJar. Although he's obviously a very talented painter, what I'm drawn to in Kevin E Taylor's work is the intention of why he makes art, illuminated in his artist statement below. I know I will refer to this again, it's genius.

I refer to my paintings as abstract narratives. Much like within dreams, there seems to be some underlying story or symbolic encryption; yet the significance of random artifacts scattered amongst would-be characters within unfamiliar settings remains up for discussion. No one, person can provide, with utmost certainty, the explanation of last night's nightmare; however, hypothesis remains a heartening comfort for the fretful dreamer. Works of art should be no different. To employ an all-encompassing explanation upon such a work is to restrict its potential to awaken sleeping thoughts; and, although translation of mystery and expression of intent can and do serve purpose, I'd prefer leave that can of worms to someone else's opening. I want as little conscious control over an experiment as i impress upon a dream... later, when i wake up, we can talk about what it meant. In short, my working method is highly improvisational- each work, a fossil born from the simple act of one's response unto the possibility of materials. Chance, accident, and spontaneity are welcomed artifacts upon the archaeology of my constructions.

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