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February 27, 2009

bunnies down under

Blue Bunny
Oh my cuteness! I love this sophisticated and sweetly sad blue bunny by Florence Forrest found by way of an Aussie blog & store called Udessi. While cruising around their web store I saw these pretty floral drawings digitally printed on pine by Kim Wallace. Then I came across Lisa Tilse's work which is hand painted with cut and collaged paper details, the sushi bird tiles are so darling. I see many artists these days using woods panels as their canvas, I like it as it feels so livable and natural. This store also has some sweet greeting cards and beautiful fabrics, lots there to enjoy!
Aussie Florals
Sushi Bird

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February 26, 2009

miss vivi

Messy Face
Vivi Goingup
A couple of cute snaps of miss Vivi from "aunnie's" perspective.

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February 24, 2009

beautiful brushes

Paint Brushes
It was a pleasure to unwrap my old brushes and sort through them and remember my old painterly days. What a lovely collection. The old SF Chronicle newspaper they were wrapped in was dated Friday, November 7, 1997.

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max's self portrait

Kiddie Selfportraits
Max Ultraportrait
In keeping with Max's image of himself as Ultraman he created this "self portrait". Notice the yellow eyes and wild scribble lines representing his energy source!

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February 23, 2009

frogged roman stripe

Frogged Romanstripe
I volunteered to knit a bunny and a robot for Max's preschool auction. I will need more of the mohair, silk, wool blend called kyoto that I used before so I can make a look alike of the bunny seen above, so I frogged the roman stripe pattern scarf which used said yarn and which I started years ago but haven't ever wanted to pick it back up again so . . . bye, bye scarf and hello bunny. I need to get this project rolling asap as the deadline is pressing.

I just heard an amazing version of "Ohh Child" by Beth Orton — I needed that!

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February 22, 2009

pinch pot & ultraman

Pinch Pots

Ultraman Pinchpot
In room 4 (preschool) the kids just completed their first clay sculpture project which was a pinch pot. They also glazed them and learned about kiln firing. Max went the extra mile on this one and used some left over clay to make an "Ultraman" too! He was a little disappointed that silver wasn't a glaze option so he told me he just stuck to all over red. He painted his pinch pot orange for me since it's my favorite color. What a sweetheart! The pinch pot now resides on my bathroom counter filled with "jewels" aka plastic beads from some necklaces he's made me. I love them all!
Max Froggy
Its been very rainy in San Francisco recently so we've had to find alternate play areas. This day we stayed at school a little late and played in the multi-purpose room. I couldn't help taking a photo of froggy boy and he snapped one of me that I really like because it looks so natural. Max has a good eye for composition and has really been enjoying taking photographs — you know that excites me!

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February 20, 2009

waxy build up

Lisa Kairos1
Lisa Kairos2
After a fun dinner with friends, (Kathy & Reed xoxo!) I stayed up way too late searching for information about encaustic painting techniques and classes in SF. I've been loving the opacity and layering look and thinking this is a direction I'd like to pursue. While clicking through, I came across these lovely paintings by Lisa Meyer-Kairos. I'm hoping she'll be teaching an encaustic workshop soon! If not Sharon Art Studio, Center for the Book and City College have taught them in past though they don't appear to list any for Spring '09...however Kala Institute, Esalen, and International Encaustic Institute offer upcoming options. I hope I I can find a way to attend one of these!?!

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February 19, 2009

snark attack

Shark Attack

Oh you need to read this review in the New York Times magazine of the new book "Snark" by David Denby, if you haven't already?! It's so well written and Adam Sternberg thinks twice as deep as I did when I heard the author on NPR. After I heard Mr. Denby I was convinced that indeed snark is ruining our conversation.

Snark “prides itself on wit, but it’s closer to a leg stuck out in a school corridor that sends some kid flying.” It’s the bitter bile coughed up by the angry defeated, “repackaging the anger as smear.” It’s the lingua franca of the bullying and the jaded, yet it threatens to choke us all, as the “gas of snark enters the air around us as a corrosive sense that cynicism is hip and everyone is vulnerable.”

I for one really dislike most of the anonymous ranting that people post in the comments of many blogs because they feel like a low down and mean spirited and opportunity to complain without thinking about the whole issue. I personally really dislike being chided, condescended to and otherwise rudely commented to by anyone — whether it's by my husband or the store clerk so I really wanted to read "Snark" ad love it. But then I read Mr. Sternbergs article changed my mind, read this excerpt. where he's wondering where all the snark came from...

I’d argue that slackers adopted irony not as a pose of hipster cynicism but as a defense against inheriting a two-faced world. When no one—from politicians to pundits—says what he actually means, irony becomes a logical self-inoculation. Similarly, snark, irony’s brat, flourishes in an age of doublespeak and idiocy that’s too rarely called out elsewhere. Snark is not a honk of blasé detachment; it’s a clarion call of frustrated outrage...When you are living in a nation awash in bullshit, it should not be surprising when people cry out, The nation is awash in bullshit! and maybe throw in an extraneous And your mother dresses you funny! It should also not be surprising, I guess, when people like Denby, ensconced on their porches, their conversations interrupted, tut-tut and tell those people to keep their voices down.

I won't go on pasting in all the brilliant retorts to the book so just go read it and enjoy the genius.

ps. I love Maureen Dowd's cynicism so when I read that Mr Denby wrote the following about her I joined the other camp! “Despite all of her larks and inventions, she’s essentially sour and without hope … she’s the most gifted writer of snark in the country.”

February 18, 2009

check up & crash

Vivi Babyprofile
Vivi Checkup15
Vivi had her walking pneumonia and 15 month check up (with vaccinations) today. She measured 33 inches in length and 26 pounds. She's in the 97% percentile — yes, a big baby girl. Dr. Brock said her ears were beautiful and her lungs were perfectly clear! Yay. So that's the good news.

Then on the way to pickup Max I ran a red light and got us into a horrible car crash. I really have no idea how it happened. In fact when I was in the intersection and saw the car coming toward me I thought, what is that crazy driver doing? After we collided, I looked up at the street light and damn if the sutter street light wasn't green and my laguna street light was red. I was so confused because I really thought my light was green. Guess I'm just losing my mind and this makes it official! The other drivers car was crunched badly, first from hitting my driver's side wheel and then ricocheting off and hitting a lightpole, plus it was an older honda maybe an '82 and it just crumpled under the strain. All this and it was pouring rain so the scene was even more intense. Vivienne and I were fine, even though I hit my head, it wasn't a severe bump. The woman who struck my car started out ok and was able to talk to me, talk on the phone and to the witness. She was conscious and wasn't bleeding or anything scary like that — and I'm so thankful for that. However, she was so pissed at me I thought she would kill me if she had a weapon. She kept giving me the most horrible looks as though I did this on purpose and she was going to make me pay. She wouldn't talk to me except to say she was calling the police and I'd better be insured. She did speak to the witness but I couldn't hear what they said. When the fire truck arrived about 10 minutes later she said she was dizzy and couldn't stand and was taken away in an ambulance. Yikes. I have no idea what happened to her after that, they don't tell you these things because of liability. I'll have to request a written police report via mail after 10 days if I want to know what the official word is. It took us two hours to clear it all up, get the report #, make the insurance claim, get a tow, rent a car etc. It was a crazy, stressful and really scary accident. You can only imagine how nutty the kids were with all the waiting and we didn't make it to dinner until 7pm. Since all this happened I keep reliving the accident and many uncomfortable snippets of details from those horrible minutes — it really sucks.

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February 17, 2009

after the rain

Striped Max
Fisheye Gravel
Vivi Raining
Eating Orange
I'm so happy to be looking at these dreamy and romantic childhood images. Even though parenting is such hard work, moments like these make it so wonderful and worth it. We all had such a good time breathing the 'it just stopped raining' fresh air, we were so happy to be outside! Picking oranges and then playing bocce with them was a font porch highlight.

Happy 94th birthday Papa! and of course a giant thanks to Auntie Lulu who took all these adorable photos xxoo.

February 11, 2009

olly olly oxen free

Fresh Snow
Chair Lift
Ski King
Ski Bunny

And what a snow day it was!! Daddio spoiled me so, starting with a 5:30 am pick up, driving up and back (through a crazy snow storm too!) ski gear, ticket, and meals—a million thank yous xxoo smooch! Man-o-man was this a perfect day for skiing too. It was super cold and lightly to moderately snowing throughout the day so we had fresh snow on every run. Plus it was mid-week so hardly anyone was there — no waiting ever! We chatted on the way up and swooshed on the way down. By the end of the day I had serious thigh burn, creaking knees, and I was officially toasted. So fun! I can't wait to go again.

February 8, 2009


Vivi Ohh
See little Vivi riding a wild boar while saying "ohhh" and one of the coolest creatures on the Golden Gate Children's Park carousel. She was loving the swanky classic tunes playing by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and others.

February 7, 2009

handle boots

Max Jamesdean
Max Stoop
Windy Vivi
As cute as my kids are (and boy has nature done a job on me, I wear Max & Vivi goggles daily!) its been a tough weekend. Vivienne was just diagnosed with an ear infection and walking pneumonia in her right lung and Mr. C has been in bed for 2 whole days with a non-stop fever. I've had to reach down and pull up my handle boots just about every ten minutes to make it through these last few days. Craziness! But then I take snaps of them like these and all the struggle melts away. Like I said, what cuties they are!

February 6, 2009

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms-1
I'm so in love with all the pink petals in full bloom on the streets of San Francisco.

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February 5, 2009

shroom rings

Mushroom Fairies
Mushroom Collage
Amy Rabbits
I've found a new favorite artist Amy Ross (blog). I'm in love with her mushroom fairy rings and the bunny magnolia tree.

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February 4, 2009

talk to the hand

Fox Puppets
Fox Vacuum
Fox Lineup

I recently came across an art blog called little paper planes which has lots of inspirations, resources and links. More here than I have time for!! There was also a blog posting with resources for artists seeking representation. I'm not — but one day I may, so I wanted to post this for my memory.
Art by Alyson Fox for sale via Keep Calm Gallery.

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February 3, 2009

bunny mobile

Bunny Mobile
A charming baby mobile available at eGiggle and found on The Birds & Bees blog, and she has a fun design blog too.

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peace and love

Golda Meir

I saw this bumper sticker yesterday morning. I had a really heavy hearted moment when I thought about the mothers who encourage their children to hate and promote their children to join armies and fight in wars or surrender their lives in suicide missions. It's so hard for me to understand that some people think life isn't valuable or that their children aren't the most precious part of their lives. It wasn't until I looked at the author line and saw the light blue star in the background that I realized she said this specifically about the Palestinians and the Jews, but it's fitting for so many global conflicts (the loving of our children more than hating another, goes for both sides of every conflict!). I just looked up Golda Meir to get a better understanding of who she was — an impressive woman with a good sense of humor! "What we Israelis have against Moses is that he led us through the desert for 40 years to the only corner of the Middle East without a drop of oil." That's really funny, right?

February 2, 2009

cake faces

Max Baseballcake
Vivi Cake
Kiddie birthday parties take up many of our weekends, this last weekend was no exception. Here's a common scene, this one from Calvin's baseball themed event, with of both of our cutie pies stuffing their tiny mouths with giant bites of thick frosting.

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