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July 31, 2008

what bar?

Andalu Barexam
Here we are celebrating the glorious end of the bar exam! Thank the goddess it's over — and thank god our father that we get to celebrate like this (that means you Paga!!) Andalu is so amazingly yummy. We ate EVERYTHING. No kidding, we really ate everything. Our favorites: ahi tartar tacos with chili and lime, mango salsa; burrata cheese on grilled bread salad with basil vinaigrette,; sliders/three mini burgers with basil aioli and tomato, shallot rings sherry tomatoes, arugula; and fresh donut holes with castillian hot cocoa. After dessert we had patron shots?!!@#$%! Yes, headaches for all in the am — just like the BAR EXAM! xxoo for our order of the coif lawyer Lexi, you are the most brilliant ingredient of all and you make us so proud.

July 30, 2008

little gem

Vivi Grinning2
Vivi Finger
Vivi Grinning
Vivi has the sweetest little face and sparkliest blue eyes. I turn into a mush bunny every time she grins, giggles and goos my way. Oh baby! I also adore this tea collection "daily tea" dress that she's wearing — I'd wear it too if they made it in my size!

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July 29, 2008

jojo sweater progress

Sweater Sleeve
I've been panicking. I really wanted to have this sweater finished in time for Vivi to wear it and it hasn't been happening. The pace of my life with two kids and working from home has left me with little personal time — let alone time to relax or knit. But I wasn't going to settle for gifting this since I started it so long ago (a whole year!!). I really wanted the satisfaction of finishing it and seeing my little girl wearing it. So I stayed up too late for many many nights and made it happen. I'm just about finished. It's a race to see if she'll out grow it before I can seam it up.

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July 26, 2008

mamma mia

Vivi Mama
Vivi is still on the verge of real coordinated crawling so no new progress there, but what's most exciting is her first word...drum roll please... it's "mamma" !!! She's saying it over and over — and most often while diving intently for my boobs, so we are sure that she truly knows its meaning.

July 24, 2008

a life worthy of two

This Amercian Life

As I waited (and waited) for Max and Paga to de-board the Eagle, and while Vivi slept peacefully for two hours in the back seat, I listen intently to the radio program This American Life which was airing a program on Life After Death. The man's voice I heard speaking over the waves was alluring and haunting. I instantly liked him. The way he slowly narrated his story was riveting and I completely empathized with him. His voice was calm and his thoughts about grief were daringly introspective. But what was most intense and moving to me were the tiniest of details that he remembered about how he felt, what others said to him, what he did in the days and weeks after the accident, and how it's disturbed him ever after. This true story of an accidental vehicular death is by Darin Strauss. I can't find much on the internet about it... wait I found this one entry by Darin by way of the google god and someone else named Jimmy Liew.

Here's the written blurb from the radio : Everyone told Darin Strauss that there would have been no way to avoid hitting the bicyclist who swerved into the path of his car. When the girl died, the police said Darin wasn't at fault. Darin tells the story of what it's like to live with being the accidental cause of someone's death.

Listen to the program. I'll never forget it.

Someone who falls asleep at the wheel knows what they can do to prevent future accidents. Innocent drivers, Hickling says, realize they’re at the mercy of the universe. —Edward J Hickling (who wrote the book Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor Vehicle Accident)

It’s hard to learn so viscerally that the universe is managed with indifference, by chance.
— Darin Strauss

July 23, 2008

tall ships

Max Paga Holding
Tallship Eagle
Max Sandwich
Heave Ho
Tallship Sails
Max Steering
Max Inshadow
This morning as we were driving into the bright morning light Max said to me "Mommy, it's really sparkly outside." I melted. It was a really spectacular day and the sun was clear and shiny and little did he know how much better his day was going to get. I dropped Max off at Pier 30 so he could take a very special ride with his Grandpa aka Paga aboard the tall ship Eagle (it has it's own blog) which was at the front of the Festival of Sail parade on the bay today. Max was pretty aprehensive about going, but we made it there and he said goodbye without issue. According to Paga he had a few moments aboard where he wanted to go home, but for the most part he was thouroughly entertained by all the activity. He watched the coast guard hoist and unfurl the sails while chanting "heave ho", he took a turn at the steering wheel (uh I guess they call it the helm), got a full ship tour, and hung out with a child-friendly sergeant Jonathan Lolly (not sure if that's his real title but that's what Max is saying). In the early afternoon I drove around the Embarcadero and Chrissy Field water front chasing their gorgeous pirate-like boat as Vivi napped for two hours in the back seat. Max returned with hats, commemorative coins and a most-beloved embroidered patch. He was beaming. He was so sad to leave Paga that he cried for him as we drove away. He clearly had a special but exhausting day!

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July 22, 2008

painterly pictures

Labokoff Jaune
Labokoff Normandy
Labokoff Lessay

While checking out a cool new site called poppytalk that sells handmade stuffs, I found these lovely little painted photographs. They are by a french designer named Fabien Labokoff. I'm loving these little beauties, the vignetted images are so serene and the paint is so swishy and soft. I'd like to jump in and float away —au revoir! I've been in such an art buying mood as of late so I couldn't help but get the three pictured above. They will inspire me to dream and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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July 19, 2008

treasure nap

Sf Cityscape
Treasure Island Palms
Treasure Island
We did a driving nap today. While the kids slept we toured Treasure Island by car. I'd never been. The view of the city from there is amazing. The island was probably once really lively especially in its navy heyday, but now it looks pretty run down and the few people who live there seem really isolated. However there's lots of decrepit beauty to find— like this gorgeous arched tiled doorway. The aqua color was stunning in the afternoon light.

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July 17, 2008

bathing beauty

Vivienne Waves
Vivienne has started waving! It's so cute. I swear she even says a "hi"-like sound while she waves. Have I mentioned that she's a really happy baby? She's truly amazing. She only fusses over basic issues — a dirty diaper, hunger, and tiredness — the rest of the time she's a grinning, giggling sweetie pie.
Vivienne Bathing

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July 16, 2008

lonesome puppy

Lonesome Puppy
I just picked up a copy of Yoshitomo Nara's first children's book, the lonesome puppy from Therapy. It's such a sweet story about determination and friendship, the message: there's someone for everyone. I love Nara's disturbed child characters. His simple illustrative style, painterly hand, and beautiful palettes inspire me! I can't get enough. I'm psyched that I now get to look at his work while Im reading to my kids.
Nara Kitty
Nara Fighting
Nara Bandage

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July 14, 2008

on the verge

Crawl 2
Crawl 1
Crawl 4
Crawl 3
Crawl 5
Vivienne Grace is on the verge of crawling. She's doing all sorts of pushing up, army crawling, down dog and worming maneuvers. It's only a matter of days I think.

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bottle mania


The best part about Vivi napping in the car is I get to listen to countless hours of NPR programming. Today I listened to Elizabeth Royte talk about how much safer tap water is than bottled water. She also talked about the billions of plastic water bottles ruining the earth, the insane profit that the water industry is making, and how we consumers are motivated by convenience instead of health. I have already cut down on my plasic water bottle consumption in favor of carrying one of our many Nalgene bottles. But then she talked about how older Nalgene bottles are full of the same endocrine damaging chemicals that are in the Advent baby bottles. A few months ago we replaced all our baby bottles with Born Free ones that have no BPAs. But ironically as I was listening to the radio show, I was sipping from an older Nalgene BPA leeching bottle — ugh. After hearing that Siggs are the only safe reusable drinking bottles I practically ran to my computer to order one. Swiss engineering wins agan! Plus they have great designs too, something for everyone. I bought mythical shadows but love the one below too.
Sigg Bottle

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July 13, 2008

k studio

Kstudio Pillows-1

I first saw these wonderfully illustrated embroidered pillows in a magazine. Then I saw them in person at Nest and I really coveted them. So when I got home I went to the k studio site and found her paintings too....uh oh...then I clicked on the etsy link and well next thing you know I just had to have one. I bought this one, called " alone thinking of love." I can't wait to get it! I still want a pillow too, don't you?! My favorites are the woodland, birds, rain, crying, and the families. I'll be saving some pennies so I can spurge again.

Alone Love-1

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July 12, 2008

retro summer dress

Hm Dress
I'm loving this adorable dress from H&M. It reminds me of one I had as a girl.

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July 10, 2008

green porno

Green Porno
Odd, not at all arousing, but totally lowbrow fabulous — these film super-shorts called Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini about bugs having sex are really quite cute, clean, and accurate "paper-does-nature" fun.

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July 9, 2008

wish come true

Wish Come True
And it did! I worried that I'd get duplicates — but I didn't! In fact, I even got one with 10x luck called "Super Malfi" ok so very fun! I feel an addiction forming. Plus Vivi loves them too, so I have the perfect excuse.

July 8, 2008

samovar slow

Ginger Mint Tea
While sipping chilled ginger mint tea at Samovar and drinking in the excessive heat and wild fire smoke I happened to read the paragraph in the crowded lower right corner of the menu (and found on their blog):

In slowness we are forced to experience the fluctuations and vacillations of our thinking mind, our patterns and habits, the world around us. Through slowness we witness the blowing of the wind, the honk of a horn, the smile of a passerby, the aroma of a cup of tea, the good morning kiss of a partner, the strength in our body, the beauty inside our home.

Slow things have more value, they take more time, and they deliver more. Slow food tastes better than fast food. Slow breathing makes makes you more relaxed than hyperventilating. Slow loving feels better. Friendships take time. A good meal takes time. Wild salmon takes time to grow up big and strong. Delicious produce take time to go from seed to sprout to full grown and edible. Deep meaningful, lasting companies take time to evolve, develop and prosper.

How do you live slower?

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July 7, 2008

why we play

Shark Puppet

I've just finished reading an informative article in the always fabulous New York Times Magazine (from February, yep that's how sadly behind the times motherhood has made me!) titled Taking Play Seriously (thanks for sharing little bunny!). What I love about it is it's helped me calm down and I can't ever get enough of that. The net net is that so long as you aren't some freak who is radically depriving your kids, they will turn out fine— whether they play all day or not at all. Hmmm. So, I can calm my constant worry about my kids not doing enough of this or that whether cognitive or physical etc etc and just let them be. In fact, just letting them be will probably save them from a whole host of pressures and other physiological ills I would likely cause! This reminds me of an article I read, which I think of often, that was in my favorite parenting magazine Wonder Time titled, "In Praise of Lazy Parenting" — I aspire.

Note to self: Don't worry, embrace the wild, even tyrannical eruptions of play. "In such an elaborate play culture...where so many children learn all those necessary arts of trickery, deception, harassment, divination and foul play that their teachers won't teach them but are most important in successful human relationships in marriage, business and war." " The individual most likely to prevail is the one who believes in possibilities — an optimist, a creative thinker, a person who has a sense of power and control. Imaginative play, even when it involves mucking around in the phantasmagoria, creates such a person." And I also really like this holistic listing of what we hope for each of our children: cognitive flexibility, social competence, creative problem solving, mastery of the body and their environment.

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July 6, 2008

first manicure

First Manicure
Painted Nails
Max accompanied me to simply unique nails so I could get a pedicure (by the amazingly sweet Jessica!). For many months now he's been dictating which shade of red or pink I should put on my toenails. He often complains that I've chosen the wrong shade. He's expressed many times that he wants to go with me but I wasn't sure he'd really handle the experience until he repeated the request a few more times — then I knew he was serious. He was very excited to go with me and thrilled to get his nails painted red and pink on alternating fingers. After his were done the wait for my pedicure was painful and too time consuming for his three year old mind. I resorted to saying yes to the candy bowl on the front counter. He then sucked on a sees lollypop while watching his favorite Backyardigan videos on my iPod — oh mother.

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July 2, 2008

yoya shop

Yoya Shop
I saw these little wobbly toys called Wish Come True in Cookie Magazine and wanted them (and finally found something in that magazine I can afford!). Turns out they are in a random "blind" box assortment which make them have that super fun surprise factor. I bought a few in the hopes that I'll get some different ones. Watch, I'll probably get three of the same! Ah life's cruel sense of humor.

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July 1, 2008

feeling good

Toms Shoes
I recently picked up these cute navy polka dotted Toms Shoes from SunHee Moon. They have been comfortable from the moment I put them on. In fact I am wearing them right now. The soles are rubbery soft, the interior is leather (or leather like) with arch support and the upper is a stretchable soft canvas with interesting seams that don't rub on your feet. I bought one half size down and am pleased because they have stretched, but without any breaking-in discomfort. I really can't say enough especially because for every pair you buy they will give a pair to a child in need.

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