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June 26, 2008

candy falling from the sky

Candy Bombers
Wiggly Wings

I listened to this amazing NPR radio show this am and was moved to tears! It's about the story of uncle wiggly wings (Gail Halvorsen seen above tying candy to parachutes) who was a flight bomber that secretly dropped candy to the children in occupied Berlin after WWII. The story is so sweet (!) it starts by telling how he split his last two pieces of wrigley's gum in half and gave it to four kids who had never chewed gum before. Their delighted reactions and the whole experience felt so good that when the kids asked for more he said he'd do it again the next day. But since planes flew over head constantly the kids were worried they wouldn't know which plane was his. So he said he'd wiggle his wings while flying overhead. After he'd been exposed and practically court martialled, other american pilots started doing the same as a sign of unity. The group became knows as the candy bombers.

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June 25, 2008

vivi couture

Vivi Couture
Not only is Vivi "couture" as seen above but Vivi is also, apparently the hottest fashion magazine in Japan — well, according to some (and moccasins are "in" too). There's also Vivi "timeless decor," a Final Fantasy IX character named Vivi as well as a Manga/Anime character in One PIece named Nefertari Vivi, there's also Vivi Anna the erotic romance novelist, the town Vivi in the democratic republic of Congo, Lake Vivi in Russia and finally the super cutesy Vivi's pixel shop. Oh how funsies google searches are!

June 24, 2008

first bite

First Bite

wee gallery

Gnon Sophie
This image makes me happy. I really like this simply spartan yet gleeful little still life. And I must admit too that I'm absolutely crazy about "Sophie le giraffe" and one of the newest creations from Vulli "gnon". The rubber quality is tactily perfect for babies and the softly painted creature features are sweetly seductive.
Wee Wonderfuls
Crib Sitting
Vivie Grin Crib
Mr. C gave up dressing in our bedroom and moved his armoire to our not connected downstairs rumpus/junk/craft/office/laundry/cat room (i.e., he has to go outside to get to his stuff) so that our darling Vivienne could sleep safely in a crib (and so we could have a few hours to ourselves in our bed). But this left the wall over the crib was looking terribly bare. Rather than take down the quilt that matches the bumper which is still hanging in Max's room, I bought some wall decals by wee gallery from Natural Resources. These stickers match a set of high contrast flash card art images that someone had given me and that I have taped up on the wall over the changing table. I'm really please with how easy they were to adhere and how quickly they gave the room character. Vivie likes them too!

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June 21, 2008

how to hang a hammock

It's still so hot. On top of wanting a kiddy pool, now I want a hammock (a white sandy beach, clear blue ocean and a corona too!). Fortunately my wish came true. I remembered that we had been given a beautiful handmade hammock by our roommate Nancy as a wedding gift — we'd never hung it. I knew we'd kept it, but couldn't tell you which unopened box from which move it was in, we are talking 12 years later, but Mr. C knew exactly where it was. I begged and nagged for him to run to the hardware store so we could hang it. After all today was the perfect day to listlessly lay about in a hammock. He obliged, xxoo.
Hammock Knot
Rope Knot
Hanging Hammock
Baby Legs
Max Hammock
Mr. C masterminded the perfect "tree sling" as he called it. It's fancied from nylon rope and twisted into one of the climbing/boy scout knots he knows and then affixed with carabiners. It's hanging between our Italian pine and yucca trees. We each took turns swinging in it. And all I can say it "AH" it was lovely and I so look forward to another afternoon of cloud watching while swinging in the afternoon breeze.

lolo's tacos are ridiculous

Lolos Tacos

This photo does not do justice. Go to Lolo's, order this jicama fish taco and enjoy it. It's so spicy yummy. Then order more.

Afterward we went to see Theodora She Bitch of Byzantium by Charles Busch (check out this NYT article and see the slideshow) performed by the Thrill Peddlers. What a fantastically fun surprise this was! We knew we were in for a wacky ride — the title alone was a hint, but these thespians did not disappoint. The space was marvelous and troupe superb. The ridiculous manifesto by Charles Ludlam was a highlight as well as a really weird physic trick involving my left-leaning sister and some Indian shaman magic. Quite odd.

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June 20, 2008

heat wave

Pink Pool
It's so hot I broke down and thought that buying a vinyl kiddy pool was a good idea. It was. While inhaling the horrid vinyl vapors and blowing my lungs out trying to inflate the pool I kept thinking," this is a half hour of my life." Existential moment gone...we each had satisfying turns splashing in the refreshingly chilly little pink puddle.
Pink Reflection
The effort was more than worth it. The reflection of the ginkgo tree in this little pink pool is quite beautiful.

terrible threes

Three Years-1

I feel a bit evil taking a photo of this moment, but...it's been happening so much that I'm losing empathy for it. Many of these break downs are filled with crocodile tears, while others are sincere moments where Max is feeling any number of things that cause tears. But all of them are trying my patience!. This particular moment was one where I said "no you may not have a chocolate chip cookie before dinner" — I am such an evil mother?! About an hour earlier he cried hysterically for about 15 minutes because I said, "No, you may not drink the pink pool water." Ah this is why the book on this age group is titled Your Three Year Old, Friend or Enemy?

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June 17, 2008

best friends

Gabe Max
Max and Gabriel are best of friends but also tattling rivals. They ebb and flow, trying to be the same and then in an instant demanding the other to go away and never return. Such wondrously mercurial minds these little men.

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June 15, 2008

happy father's day

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June 13, 2008

sneak peek

Sparkling Vivie
Kissing Vivie
Gertrude and Mabel put some sneak peek pictures of Vive and I on their blog. Wow! They are stunningly beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest....mmmm baby is so yummy. xxoo

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June 12, 2008

children's playground

Max Climbing1
Max Climbing2
Max has decided he doesn't want to go to karate anymore. The last few classes have been a bust. He wouldn't wear the adorable ninja uniform and he refused to participate in the class. We sat there watching and I struggled to keep him quiet and focused. The last class he whined and cried most of the way through. When I ask him why he says its just too scary. I find that I just can't argue with that. Since Max no longer hits kids at school I'm thinking the karate outlet has served it purpose for now and maybe he'll be interested in picking it up again later? Who knows eh. So after school on this thursday we opted for an hour of play time at the fabulous Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park. Max's physical abilities are rapidly improving. He went up and down most of the climbing structures and down some longer and fully enclosed twisting slides — things he was too scared to try before.

June 11, 2008

let's play hooky

Vivie Checkup
Today Vivie had her sixth month check-up — a month late, but whatever. She weighed in at 20lbs 10oz after a giant pooping mishap while on the scale, uh thank you so much darling. She measured 28 and a quarter inches long. All these numbers put her in the 95% for both height and weight. I asked about the red cheek rash she gets off and on and the doc said it's baby eczema which she'll likely outgrow before she's two years old - if not sooner. Best I can do is keep it moisturized at all times and use cortisone if she scratches it. Other than that doctor says she looks fabulous, proportions are all perfect, her lungs sound clear and ears are healthy. She's cutting her top right front tooth too. She had 4 immunization shots without a single whimper or tear! That speaks well for having chunky thighs so you can't feel the pain. The doctor has approved her as ready to try the high allergy foods like, eggs, yogurt, wheat, citrus, berries, and soy.

Her brother Max accompanied us to the pediatrician. since I mistakenly promised him last week that we'd play hooky next wednesday and then of course it turned out I'd booked a doctor appointment for THAT wednesday. I feared it would be a recipe for a melt down, dragging him to the doctor with Vivie, but he handled like a champ and soon we were off for the day's adventure.
Inside Tree
Walking Down
Spider Max

Max has recently been complaining about having to go to school and crying at drop off. So I decided we'd plan a hooky day so he could have some outside of school play-time and we could enjoy the beautiful weather. We decided on the Bay Area Discovery Museum. One of Max's favorite play areas at the Discovery is the wonderfully landscaped lookout cove. He's come along way in willingness and ability climb in, on, and through. I really enjoyed watching him at play and he had a great day. I think we'll cut school a little more often now that I'm freelancing!

Vivie Openmouth
Vivie Chomp
Vivie enjoyed the Gullah exhibit the most. She really savored the fresh caught plastic crabs. (for all you germaphobs, yes, I wiped them down before she slobbered all over them!)

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June 8, 2008

planting tomatoes

Gardening Tools
Pointing Tomato
Tomato Cages
Max Grins Tomato
Last year we grew some amazing tomatoes. We are hoping this year will be the same or even better. I look forward to more tomato, cucumber and feta salads, but this time the juicy parts will be home grown!

June 3, 2008

when nature calls

Nature Calls
There's no equality between the sexes when it comes to this issue — boys really do have it easier!

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June 2, 2008

a crib of her own

Vivie Crib
We finally put together the crib for Vivienne. Recently Vivie's been inch-worming her way around our bed so we knew it was time for her to have a safe sleep space. I still bring her to bed with us sometime between 3 and 5 am, but I'm now getting a few hours of sleep by myself — it's great — well, except for all those nights when Max shows up somewhere between 8pm and 2 am. Oh well, these are the days.

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portrait session

Vivie Duckfeet
Heidi Vivie
Today Vivie had her first photo shoot — she did an amazing job! Vivie is pictured above with my dear friend Heidi of Gertrude and Mabel who did the portrait session. Heidi's work is simply amazing so please go check out her site. Vivienne was a total trooper through costume and set changes and switching formats, film types and lighting set-ups. I was surprised at how well she handled, she really has a wonderful temperament. Afterward Vivie slept peacefully in her stroller while Heidi and I ate a delicious lunch at Serpentine. What an enjoyable day!

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