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March 31, 2008

open wide

Brushing Teeth
Max did a great job at the dentist. However turns out we aren't doing such a great job brushing his teeth. We need to start brushing in the mornings in addition to evenings and we need to floss — especially the back teeth which are tightly touching. He has a watch on the lower back molars 'cause there's a cavity a brewing. Gotta brush away those rotten "sugar bugs."

March 30, 2008

max & mommy zoo day

Tiger Ride
It was an historic merry-go-round ride. Max started on the stationery tiger — a step up from his usual pick of the big bench seats. And while riding the tiger I kept coaxing him to try the up and down animals. So on the second ride he chose a shiny gold horse with glitter jewels. As long as I kept a hold of him he was happy.

Elephant Hugger
Fierce Boy
When does your sweet little toddler turn into a fierce young boy? Right about age 3. Max has these wild moments where he's really intense and demanding and really reminds me of a teenager — YIKES!

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March 26, 2008

sweet birdhouses


No trip around the pond is complete without admiring the many birdhouses. Virginia certainly is the best place for a bird to call home.

March 25, 2008

'round the manor

Old Barn
Pond Reflection
Cottage Window
Snow Bird-1

March 24, 2008

portrait of a lady

Auntie Gail-1

Oh those twinkling eyes combined with her deeply dimpled grinning cheeks and the perfect diamond that her teeth make when she smiles (you can't see it in this shot but it's in there) — it's my auntie Gail! I love this photo (she'll probably grimace!) because it has that late night, "we told all" knowing look. This is a truly special look that she gives only a few times per visit and only once we''ve caught up, kvetched, and then had that soulful nod of acknowledgment which says, "yes, this is it". She's amazing, truly one-of-a-kind, and she'll say it like it is then tell you to get over it, all while pointing out the proper etiquette of the situation — I aspire. And I need to call more often — I cherish you!

March 23, 2008

easter egg hunting

Bunny Ladder
The Easter Bunny managed to find us in Purcellville, Virginia—imagine that!
Easter Grin
Egg Hunting-1
Looking Jellybeans
The glorious looks of shear delight and surprise on Max's face were priceless. I adore seeing the light beam from his eyes. What's not to love about Easter eh? A basket filled with chocolates and jellybeans, plus we added some books and little toys, and a day filled with hunting for eggs filled with MORE jellybeans! Aunnie was forced to reenacted the egg hunt numerous times.

Giant Yawn
I love this photo. Aunnie looks (and feels) just like I did — tired but so happy. But she gets all the credit for the easter hunt success! Well done and many thank yous!

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March 22, 2008

egg dying day

Dipping Egg
Blue Egg
Egg Dye
Finished Eggs

Max thoroughly enjoyed the science of measuring, pouring, and fuzzy colored pill dropping as well as the art of egg dipping. The activity kept his attention for quite awhile which was impressive. The results were stunning. Sadly the weird spring weather forced us to choose an indoor plastic egg hunt, so these little masterpieces weren't hunted. However they did end up as delicious egg salad sandwiches, mmmm thank you Gail.

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March 18, 2008

best buddies

Best Friends

This is the scene I saw when I opened the door at his preschool pick up today. There he was playing nicely with his best friend Gabriel — an endearing moment.

But then my utopian vision was shattered when two of his teachers pulled me aside to tell me that he had a really bad day and is having trouble listening and getting along with others. Apparently he wound up (literally turned his body and took a huge swing) and slapped one of the sweetest kids from room 4. He hit this boy Emmet so hard he had a red hand mark on his face for half a day. When asked "why?" Max really can't think of an answer, he just says that room 4 kids aren't supposed to be where room 3 kids are. The teachers say Megan, the oldest girl in Max's room 3 class, has been picking on him but they can't understand why he would take it out on Emmet. It makes no sense. I've seen a fierceness, rage and temper in Max, one that he doesn't understand or know how to control. He could just out grow it and learn to behave over time, but we also need to keep an eye on it and learn how to direct him. We also worry that he may not be in school or with teachers that understand him well enough and that perhaps the school may not challenge him enough — or have enough structure to keep him focused. It's a lot to think about...

Union Jack
This is Max's favorite sweatshirt. He chooses to wear it everyday. Sadly it's getting too small so we are being challenged to figure out what to do to save the Union Jack. Scissors and sewing are in our future! In addition, I'm excited to post this photo because I'm so happy to see Max taking physical risks like climbing up this high. I sometimes worry that he's too heady and mental (like his parent!) since he often won't go down the slides at the playground or swing on the monkey bars or other activities like that. I gotta fret less eh?!

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March 17, 2008

lil' leprechaun

His Irish eyes are smiling!

March 16, 2008

breakfast with baby

Breakfast Baby
Vivie enjoyed watching us each a yummy breakfast at Mission Beach Cafe.

March 14, 2008

the end of nap

Max will still nap without too much grief, but the two hour late afternoon snoozes cause havoc at bedtime. He'll often not want to sleep until 9 or even 10 pm, so I'm on the cusp of canceling nap-time in favor of early bedtime. I tried it last weekend, and bedtime was still a battle, but he did pass out sooner. He's also totally regressed and now wants to sleep in our bed every night. He claims to be afraid and lonely and doesn't want to sleep in his bedroom. We try every night to get him in his own bed, but he almost always ends up in our bed. Not sure what we can do at this point. More experiments to come...

March 12, 2008

rolling baby

Rolly Vivie
Rolly Vivie2
such a cutie! She's a rolie polie olie.

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March 10, 2008

crissy field walk

Golden Gate
Yacht Parking
Sf Bay-1
I've really been enjoying my morning stroller walks at Crissy Field. After I drop Max off at preschool, I drive to the Warming Hut, park and feed Vivie. Then we stroll to the St Francis yacht club or if she's sleeping deeply I walk to Divisadero and then back. The weather has been beautiful recently, making the walk that much more enjoyable. Moments like these remind me just how lucky I am to live here — and to enjoy these days because one day not too far from now she won't quietly sit in a stroller for an hour and half!

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March 9, 2008

little drummer boy

Miles had a kid sized drum kit at his house and Max went crazy over it. Flash forward to Max as a teenager!

March 8, 2008

thumb sucker

Thumb Sucking
Ms. Vivienne Grace really wants to be able to suck her thumb. She tries and tries but can only hold it in her mouth for a few seconds before her wildly flailing arms disrupt her sucking happiness. I ply her with the pacifier every chance I get but she loves to spit it right out with a push of her cute little tongue.

March 2, 2008

monterey weekend

Monterey Bay
View Finder
There was a lot of suffering still underway so I can't say it was a wonderful weekend. However there were some nice highlights in between. First was the location. Monterey is seaside lovely even if the cannery is tacky tourist row.
Max squeezed the "how hot are you?" machine and got the hottest possible answer "uncontrollable!"
Pink Anenome
The aquarium was beautiful. Most of the tanks are amazing and the facility is really well organized and has all the needed amenities.