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holding on

Holding Agony
I don't often blog about life's pain. In fact I prefer to blog about all of my life's highlights and inspirations so when I look back it's a pleasant experience. Well, I'm making an exception and I may just kvetch more often as it's quite satisfying and so real. These last few weeks have been a living hell. I've had two sick kids, I've been sick, Max has had INSANE constipation (he's now on Miralax for next few months) which has caused him to be the most miserable whinny little boy (understandably but still nightmarish!), my favorite cat has been peeing nightly on my bed while we are in it (endless trips to the veterinarian, dry cleaner,and laundromat), my husband left town for a week while all this was happening and I had two freelance jobs to complete. I barely made it through. It was hell and a real life low point.

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