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February 29, 2008

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
I love the few weeks at the end of winter when the cherry blossom trees bloom. It's a magical time. As I walk under them and the wind blows they rain pink petals — It's hard to feel anything but happiness in that moment.

Happy Leap Day!

February 28, 2008

holding on

Holding Agony
I don't often blog about life's pain. In fact I prefer to blog about all of my life's highlights and inspirations so when I look back it's a pleasant experience. Well, I'm making an exception and I may just kvetch more often as it's quite satisfying and so real. These last few weeks have been a living hell. I've had two sick kids, I've been sick, Max has had INSANE constipation (he's now on Miralax for next few months) which has caused him to be the most miserable whinny little boy (understandably but still nightmarish!), my favorite cat has been peeing nightly on my bed while we are in it (endless trips to the veterinarian, dry cleaner,and laundromat), my husband left town for a week while all this was happening and I had two freelance jobs to complete. I barely made it through. It was hell and a real life low point.

max loves vivie


ok, well mostly. There was that time he threw the tinkertoy container at her head and had her crying her first real tears.

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February 15, 2008

sick monkey

Sick Monkey

Max has been sick since sunday evening. Yep now picture me with a 3 year old and a 3 month old stuck in the house for five days. So how much tv and how many dvds can we watch? Quite a lot actually, but truly only two days were filled with non-stop viewing. You know your kid is super sick when he'd rather lay down in mommy daddy's bed in silence than lay on the couch spacing out to his favorite shows. His fever has been pretty constant and got as high a 103.6. He's been really congested and vomiting. I must say, watching your child suffering and not being able to do anything about it has to rank at the top of life's most painful moments. And I'll add that cleaning up mac & cheese with hot dog vomit was far worse than the yogurt squeezes or raspberries incidents. But what's worse is that now I'm sick with a fever, harsh congestion and a really sore throat. Plus my hands are now really dried out from all the doctor recommended Purell rubbing. I'm so paranoid that we'll get Vivie sick too and she's just too small to take this on.

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February 14, 2008

valentine treats

Be Happy
Daddy came home with Valentine treats for all of us, how sweet. For me, a card that made me smile. It's weirdly funny and oddly right on. It's photo of a deflated looking coconut in a random urban non-coconut setting that says "try to be happy" on it. I like the simple message and he's poking fun at me 'cause I have a tendency to worry myself into a tizzy and then declare life hard and act like the sky falling.

Art Chocolates
The above poke came with a little box of gorgeous art chocolates by Christopher Elbow.
Owl Onsie
This adorable handmade onsie by lali was actually an exchange, but nice picking eh? Sadly the red magic mushroom version we were gifted ran horribly on the first washing. Nice that Lavish has excellent customer service.
Vivie Fluke
and here's Vivienne with her valentine softie "Fluke" by Woolyhoodwinks, also from Lavish.

Now don't be thinking that we forgot Max. He got an awesome wooden french puzzle set by Vilac and a set of three construction trucks by Plan Toys from Lavish's older sibling store Fiddlesticks. For whatever reason I just wasn't as keen on photographing the boy toys — just blatant girle favoritism I suppose.

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February 10, 2008

first snow

First Snow
Ready To Go
Max's first snow experience was this weekend at North Star Tahoe. He loved the snow and the cabin experience. He didn't totally love skiing, but we made it down the mountain twice and that was after waiting in all the lines for gear and for the gondola. The good news is he says he wants to go again.

breakfast with ultraman

Ultraman 1
Ultraman 3
Ultraman flew in for a special sunday breakfast. I adore watching Max engaged in imaginary play. I love all the funny things he says and how he incorporates little details from our lives in a non-sensical ways. We had to set a plate for Ultraman and serve him eggs, scones and lemon curd. Ultraman was a wee bit gooey after Max actually crossed over from his imaginary world into reality and shoved eggs into Ultraman's face.
Homemade Lemoncurd
As per our usual sunday breakfast, daddy, chef extraordinaire, knocked it out of the park so to speak with a homemade lemon curd and scones. Saturday night while I was out enjoying a fully fabulous adult evening with a girlfriend at the sundance kabuki in the 21 and up balcony viewing area (ahhhhhh was so wonderfu)l, Max and daddy went into our garden and picked lots of lemons from our bush that was an anniversary gift I gave years ago. While juggling Vivie and pushing Max's bedtime to the limit they managed to whip it up. And mmmmm the lemon curd was so delicious on the fresh orange and currant scones. We eat so well on the weekends!

Ultraman 2

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February 9, 2008

ladybug yawn


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February 8, 2008

tea collection

Tea Collection
How adorable is this kimono dress and pants? I swear i would wear it. Tea Collection makes the most stylish kids goods — loving it — to bad she's already out grown it.

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February 7, 2008

wonder baby

She Did It
Other Side
Old news but I'll have you know that Vivie rolled over three times on Christmas eve. She was only six weeks old back then, what a feat! Now she's twelve weeks old and a real expert - plus she enjoys it. Unlike Max, Vivie likes to be on her tummy. I have high hopes that she will crawl, again unlike her scooting and early walking brother (Max walked at 10 months).

Big Grin
We had a wonderful morning. We met daddy at the new Blue Bottle cafe @ the Mint and then hit the SF Center's fabulous family room for nursing and a freshening up. Then little angel baby let mommy do a touch of much needed shopping at H&M where I found a pair of non-draw string pants to wear and of course a few sweet items for baby and big brother. Thank you sweet pea!