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December 12, 2007

sweet slumber

Sleeping Vivie

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December 5, 2007

baby days

I feel like I've had amnesia, I didn't remember how small and fragile newborns are — amazingly resilient but still so delicate. There's so much crying due to constant gas, spitting up, hunger, exhaustion, confusion and then it's repeated every hour or so. It's so hard to be a baby! I'm super tired and it tries my patience, but I'm hanging in there. All the trouble is washed away when she smiles, looks in my eyes, and sleeps so peacefully, then it's like holding an angel in my arms.

Proud Brother-1
I am so impressed with how Max is adjusting to life with a little sister. He's been an absolute sweetheart. When she cries he says "Mommy, she needs you," he holds her hand, gently strokes her face and often tells me about the little things she's doing like her eyes are open, or she's sucking on her finger. He wants to hold her all the time, though it only lasts a few seconds before he says "She's heavy."

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December 4, 2007

sleeping beauty

Arms Up
She sleeps just like Max did at this age — with her arms up (and snores too). Living on the 24 hour cycle of eat, sleep, poop plus taking care of a preschooler — it's a challenge. I still cant manage to get out the door with two unless I'm headed to someone's house via car. If it's a walk out the door to the store, park etc I just cant make it happen yet. Seams like one or the other is always melting down or needing one on one attention. Ah, this too will pass.

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December 2, 2007

swaddling paul

Swaddle Paul1
Swaddle Paul2
Swaddle Paul3
Just like his daddy, Max is an "expert" swaddler. He wraps his Paul doll just like we do Vivienne, it's adorable. I have to give Max the title of "Worlds Greatest Big Brother" since he's ben so supportive, helpful and interested in all things related to baby Vivie. He still demands we call her "Sofia Duck" and he does tend to rock her too hard and poke her in the head now and then, but all is made well every time he plants a big kiss on her — and he does it a dozen times a day. It's so sweet he melts my heart each time. He's also very attentive to the breast pump (boys love boobs and machines eh?!), he loves to get it out, plug in all the parts, and set up the bottles and cones for me, of course turning on the machine is the best part — for him!

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pink polka

Pink Sleep

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