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mommy movies

Mommy Movies

I'm so saddened to learn that the "Reel Moms" program at the Metreon/Loews is no longer happening. Turns out they stopped the program a year ago with no explanation. I loved going to the mommy movies every tuesday morning at 10 am. Back when Max was a newborn in October of 2004, they were playing first rate hollywood flicks at a lower volume and in a semi-lit theater so we could breast-feed and change diapers. They even had valet stroller parking. It was awesome and I looked forward to it every week of my maternity leave. Sigh. I'm researching alternatives but so far nothing seems to match up for San Francisco and I'm not going all the way to Oakland for the Baby Brigade (tempting as that is). I've sent an email to the "Rattle & Reel" program at the Landmark Embarcadero and am hoping they'll respond (!?) and say it's still happening. I'll Iet ya know if anything comes of it.

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Rattle and Reel is dead too. :-(
But between you and me, you can usually crash a weekday matinee with no problem. I did it a few times with no trouble. Bring a friend (with or without baby) for moral support.

Also, make an evening of it at Baby Brigade on Monday or Tuesday evenings for some great pizza. Whitney gets a babysitter and goes.

Ooh, there is also one at the Vogue Theater in SF on Tuesday mornings around 11. They're weird about it and don't advertise (so as to not discriminate or something?!).

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