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September 25, 2007

end of summer snaps

First Tomatoes

Our first siberian red heirloom tomatoes grown on our back deck. We are so proud of Max...last year he picked so many tomatoes before they were ripe we were pulling our hair with frustration. But this year he watered them faithfully and watched them grow until they were ready to pick!

Max Papas Hat

Max wearing papa's hat.

Max Trumpet

And here he is playing his new trumpet, courtesy of the master blower himself, grandpa paga! :-) xoxo

September 24, 2007

spider spinning web

Spider Web
Sadly we had to move this spider, as it had spun this giant web right across the path to our downstairs entrance. But we all stopped to admire the beautiful work and marvel at nature's magic.

September 11, 2007

knit cupcakes


Check out these knitty marzipan creations [by way of "uncle yaya" via Design Sponge]. Well done eh?! The site is complete with tutorials too. I'm no vegan, in fact I'm a hardened carnivore, but Lolo's lovely site does a lot to convince me that vegans do have some good eat options. By way of her site I linked to Slashfood, lots of interesting eat inspiration and information on there.


Yaya also turned me on to tiny showcase, so now I'll be checking their site on tuesdays to see what fabulous little illustrations are popping up. Detail from "Thou Shalt Not Treat People Like Dirt" by Andy Kehoe.

September 5, 2007

spill your sins


Me too! I'm loving these anonymous confessions from mothers, check out True Mom Confessions.

And Mommy Track'd had been updated and now offers more content. I think Noe Strollers site has amazing collection of useful San Francisco mommy content (though often outdated, it's a great starting point), but I can't stand the way the site is laid out. It has horrible scrolling lists with yucky unspaced type, yikes. I desperately want to redesign it.

September 4, 2007

pretty see through




On the Fun Forever site I found these soft and oh so pretty x-ray photographs by Albert Koetsier.