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June 26, 2007

it's a...


G-I-R-L! How much fun is that?!*#$%^!! We're soon to have our very own "Charlie & Lola" family scenario and of course we are ecstatic. I'm also happy to report that she measured well, heart was beating, brain looked good, limbs all present and all else that goes along with a successful ultrasound appointment.

We brought Max along to the appointment so he could see inside the belly. He guessed correctly that he was having a sister (after many weeks of saying he wanted a brother) but he's never hesitated telling us the baby's name is definitely "Donda". Hilarious! He was a bit disappointed that we didn't open my belly so he could see the baby. Even though I'd explained a few times that we'd be using a camera to look inside the belly he really thought we were opening it up and kept insisting we should do so - yikes was all I could think.

June 21, 2007

y'all behave


I've got a thing about good manners. It likely started back when I was about seven and my auntie Gail gave me the book white gloves and party manners. Now I'm no ex-debutaunte or high society madame but I believe simple good manners go a long long way in the world. It bugs me to no end to witness all the bad manners running rampant in our society (and usually there's a daily offense or more). I was pleasantly suprised to bump into this cute website Y'all Behave! claiming "it's time for a good manners revolution."

June 20, 2007

big boy bed

Max Bigboybed

We finally transitioned Max to a "big boy" bed a few nights ago. He's taken to it and seems very happy to be growing up. He's only come for one late night visit to Mommy Daddy's bed and naptime has been a breeze.

It was a struggle to find good looking bedding as well as a down comforter and duvet cover for a toddler bed, so I want to give a shout out to Maggie at Sweet Bed Bugs. Her customer service is excellent. She was very responsive to my questions about fabric types, she quickly updated her website when I found an order discrepancy and we received the goods within a few days. Max is thrilled to play under his new lightweight but nice-n-warm down comforter and I love the quality and simple design (toddler duvet & pillow cover in white stripes).

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June 14, 2007

keep calm and carry on

I slipped off the blogosphere.


I hope to return more consistently in the near future. My ability to function beyond what is absolutely necessary really depends on the day. So far the days have blurred into weeks, even months and well, here we are.


Maira Kalman's New York Times blog makes me really happy. I really adore her stream of consciousness writing and painterly illustrations. Thank you Maira.

June 10, 2007

darling vivienne

Vivienne Label
Vivienne Westwood
'Twas plain old luck that had us dashing to the De Young museum on what turned out to be the last day of the Vivienne Westwood fashion retrospective. I'm so happy to have seen the show. It was well curated and filled with amazingly relevant fashions and beautifully sewn goods. I coveted many pieces and walked away inspired.

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June 8, 2007

well hello again

My oh my little art barn blog, I've missed you so! I've been missing so many aspects of my "hobby life." I've been far too sick, tired and generally super pregnancy yucky over the last 10 weeks. I'm just starting to feel better and that's quite a relief. I'm still hitting a "too tired to be inspired" wall come 7pm, so I've barely made it through dinner many a night. It's just been day after day of falling asleep on the couch and dragging myself to bed, ugh so boring. Just getting through the work day and getting Max to bed exhausts me. I wish I had the energy to pick up my knitting needles, or to blog about all the things I think of or find inspiring — and there's so much I'm forgetting 'cause I can't get it typed it into my memory blog. I'm just hoping that over these next few months I'll find some energy and of course precious time. I know come November when baby #2 arrives I'll probably be underground again and who knows for how long?? Oh the bloggy cobwebs...

Robot Front

I did manage to knit half a pink robot, but haven't picked up the other side. (Pattern by Jess Hutch)

Malabrigo Bluegraphite
Japaense Sweater2
Japanese Sweater1

I'm really wanting to measure and knit a copy of this great japanese sweater/shrug combo piece that I wear all the time and works fabulously with "the growing belly." If I get that done over the next months, well, I 'll give myself a serious pat on the back. I got a great big pile of Malabrigo yarn in graphite blue from a Fabulous Yarns gift certificate my very thoughtful auntie Lulu gave me ages ago and am hoping I can use it to make the sweater copy.

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