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designing a sweater I

I often use my blog as a way of remembering, so below you have me learning to design my own sweater. I hope you won't be too annoyed but I'm marking all my measurements (talk about getting to know me!) so I can just refer to the site rather than search for the paper or pad I usually write on — I've lost so many scraps with pattern and measurement notations!


A] 6.75" — circumference of cuff
B] 20.5" — armpit to cuff
C] 10.5" — bicep
D] 15" — shoulder bone/seam to shoulder bone
E] 6" (7.5) — width of neck opening
F] 4.5" — shoulder width, opening to end of shoulder
G] 9" — armhole depth, shoulder to underarm
H] 15" — armhole to bottom
I] 18" — 1/2 bust circumference
J] 18" — 1/2 bottom circumference
K] 15.5" — 1/2 waist circumference
L] 10" — underarm to waist

yarn standards, see the pdf download, how to measure diagram and fit/ease chart (standard fit add 2-4")

swatch fabric, CO 32, first 4 sts in garter, next 24 in stockinet, last 4 in garter, knit large enough swatch to get a feel for the fabric you are making. Be sure to swatch each different pattern you'll be using such as ribbing, seed etc. Measure gauge to two decimal points eg 4.75 per 1".
Yarn requirements says for a 4" - 5" stockinet gauge and a 36" bust I need approx 1,018 - 1,285 yards, good thing I bought 1,512?!

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