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December 30, 2006

just like daddy

Max Building1-1

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December 27, 2006

mommy bloggers

Mommy Blogs

I'm often late to the party, figuratively and literally. So no surprise that I don't read the papers and often miss out on hot topics. Well let me rephrase that, I miss out on what's being printed. I actually knew about many of the bloggers that the New York Times was reporting so guess I'm not THAT behind. Also, considering I too am a mommy blogger — though on the lite side since I don't write about Max's daily doings or undoings (which would bore us all I think?). I tend to just cover the highlights as I think of MY blog as more about ME and my creative whims than just about motherhood or my son. Well, that said, the article is quite interesting and I wanted to note the addresses so I can refer to them someday later when I have time to read them. [retro image from Plan59]

dooce [a favorite!]
suburban bliss
bad mother blogspot
mimi smarty pants
jennifer weiner
dot moms

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December 25, 2006

cool yule

Sugar Stick
Cool Yule

Could he have been any happier? The candy cane was the clear winner this day.


This is my favorite smile, shear joy. xoxo. Merry Christmas to all.

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December 23, 2006

scrumptious sweets

Christmas Cookies

I was hoarding the box sent by my secret pal, I got it two days ago. I was waiting for a moment when I was alone and could really focus and enjoy the opening. I kid you not, right before I opened it I thought about making some tea as I was craving a little sweet treat to go with it. I considered eating the last gingerbread cookie left from our gift baking leftovers, but I didn't have the heart since I knew Max would really love to eat it too. So I just grabbed the scissors and and my camera and sat down without a beverage or sweet. I open the box and VOILA!!! You read my mind! There was a box filled with so many lovely homemade christmas cookies. Wow! six different treats to choose from. How did I get so lucky to get the best secret pal? Seriously wonderful, thank you thank you thank you. Not only will I pig out right this instance and make that pot of tea to wash it down, I promise to share the rest with my two men who we know will eat them up like the cookie monsters they are. Merry Christmas! You're divine.

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December 18, 2006

aquatica calendar

Aquatica Calendar
Maia Illustrations

Check out the lovely letterpressing by my teacher Maia from SFCB. She just released her new limited edition hand printed calendar. I had no idea she was an amazing illustrator as well as an expert printer. Wonderful!

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December 17, 2006

borrowed batteries

Danha Kim
Danha Tree

"I lose my way in the middle of sentences, leaving people hanging for minutes. I have no control over it. I'll be talking, and will be interested in what I'm saying, but then someone- I'm convinced this is what happens-someone-and I wish I knew who, because I would have words for this person- for a short time, borrows my head. Like a battery is borrowed from a calculator to power a remote control, someone, always, is borrowing my head."
Dave Eggers

I just came across this brilliantly stated quote and it's a perfect description for the way my mind works or rather doesn't work. I'm constantly blanking out and or skipping past what I meant to say or even just pausing so painfully long trying to remember something critical to my point that the moment of focus is gone. Whoosh. Of course by then no one is listening anymore either. Good to know I'm not alone in the experience. Of course Mr. Eggers is a successfully functioning genius even with his borrowed head moments, humph. Wonderful illustrations by Danha Kim {found the quote there too}.

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December 16, 2006

latvian mittens

Latvian Mittens-1

Latvian Mitten1
Latvian Mitten2

Wow, this site appears to be straight-forward — swag for NATO diplomats — but really it's an intensely interesting look at Latvian ethnographic regional identity. The site shows the work of about 300 knitters who made over 4500 mittens for the NATO summit visitors and it categorizes them by their four regions as well as a break down of whether they were knit for men or women. I'm seriously moved by sheer volume and unique designs. Please check out the links listed below the ornate gold framed picture, there are many pages of amazing knit patterns to behold. Below that is a list of FAQ about the mittens and here's an interesting history link about the oldest mitten. Plus each mitten has a high resolution download.

One should not wipe their nose in a mitten. Whoever does that never gets rich.
— Latvian superstition

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December 15, 2006

look ma, no hands

No Hands

I'm so over extended and sick :: cough sniffle sneeze:: I can't find time to pick up knitting needles, let alone finish even the tiniest gifts I've started. Feeling like an armless being. I'm actually feeling so stressed out that I can't get life's basics done let alone the big "to do"s. Yes, Christmas is weighing heavily on my mind. Every morning we open Max's advent calendar, he's so happy to see the picture and eat the little chocolate it's wonderfully sweet. Meanwhile I silently freak out over how I have one less day to get all the shopping, wrapping and coordinating logistics done. Urgh. Does everyone else spend their non eating/sleeping/chore time shopping? Do you already know exactly what to get every person on your list? Not me, wallowing in confustion. Dunno, perhaps I'm just poorly managing my waking hours? Or I'm just too picky when it comes to choosing presents?

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December 11, 2006

mary blair

Mary Blair 2
Mary Blair
I love these whimsical illustrations by Mary Blair. She's one of the quintessential illustrators whose work shaped my childhood visions of a playful utopia. I've fallen in love with her work all over again and of course have her book on my wishlist {hint hint Santa}.

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December 3, 2006

oh mother

Max Runs

Max Dec06 Blog

Two portraits which capture the spirit and temperament of my little man Max. He's such a treat to admire — Oh, what a mom I've become!! Laughing at myself as I write this.

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December 1, 2006

secret treats

Notepaper Card
Wow. I even said "wow" out loud when I opened these gifts. My secret pal is so wonderfully thoughtful and generous! Let me just say I like it all so much, thank you thank you. As you see here the fun started with a darling chic knitter silhouette card and the perfect Christmas list note paper.

Chocolate Treats
Choco Baby
Choco Love
Next I opened all the chocolate treats, yum yum yummy. Of course with Max as my little choco-lover helper we immediately opened the Christmas kisses and peanut butter cups. He kept saying "another green one please", "more please". He defiantly knows that please is the magic word and was using it liberally with each repetitive plea. Eventually I had to remove all the sweets from sight, but never fear they will not be forgotten by sweet tooth mama.

Katia Ingenua
Next I had a melting moment. The Katia Ingenua mohair yarn is stunning. It's so soft and fine that as first I thought it was unspun. I was delighted to pull a few strands and see it's ready to knit loveliness. I also adore the color No. 25 denim which is the most flattering rich blue lavender shade. It's beautiful and I haven't ever knit with it so I'm thrilled at the prospect. I'll be searching for the perfect open weave pattern...I think I'll find it in the book below?

Finger Puppets
Beautiful Patterns
Yes, there was still more in the box. First a small book of adorable knit bug finger puppets by knit picks. You know I love knit toys...and I don't have any finger puppet patterns (or size 1 needles they are so small!) The patterns are adorable, I love the ladybug, butterfly, moth and even the mosquito. So cute cute cute. What can say about orange yarn?? I'm so in love with the color orange it could be tainting my ability to be visually fair to all the world has to offer. I appreciate that you single out my favorite color (mentioned it in the card too), see what I mean about thoughtful? And lastly but not at all least, a great reference book filled with all kind of beautiful knitting patterns. I will surely be using this for years.

You are fabulous, thank you so much for all the sweet inspiration!

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