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mommy web 2.0

Sweet Pea

I've had lots of fun over the past two years using the yahoo groups forums to chat and keep up with the mommies I met while on maternity leave. Since then I've been keeping an eye on mommy centric socializing sites as they blossom (or fade) online. The site I like best so far is Maya's Mom. It has a lovely, easy to use and navigate interface while also having lots of fun features, activity ideas, and thoughtful topics. I think they'll figure out the missing pieces and adapt as they grow. I predict they'll become one of the better social networking mommy sites that will out last the others. Check out these other sites and let me know what you think. [please let me know if you know of more that are out there]

social networking:
Maya's Mom
Club Mom
Mothers Click
Connecting Moms
Parents Connect

working moms:
yummy mummy careers
mommy track'd
BlueSuit Mom
Mom Corp
The Career Partners
women work
Mother at work
Mama Works
Working Moms Refuge

blogs to read:
Cranky Mama
Mama Says So
Parents Hack [great archive and the "things we like" list down the right side]
Manic Mommies
Cool Mom Picks

political/thought provoking:
moms rising
discussion divas

babysitter/nanny/daycare resource:
Care Square

For all the excitement I may be feeling about the mommy web wave, I just read on gigaom that the "executives" they asked at the recent web 2.0 conference said that the pets.com of web bubble 2.0 are social bookmarking sites and mommy-oriented social networks. Oye Vay.

Illustration by Angela Donato. Her other site is here.

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I saw your post and wanted to say thanks! We really appreciate the feedback. We are really looking forward to working with community members like you to make Maya's Mom a great place for parents. :)

Hi. Thanks for the link :)

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