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green is yellow

Green Yellow

I'm not the only curiously confused San Francisco blogger (so glad that I'm not alone)! However I got lucky and heard an inside scoop on the GREEN IS... another color campaign. Turns out this is a teaser campaign for a larger, soon to roll out ad campaign promoting green energy for our very own local energy company PG&E. It's crazy that they didn't point us inquiring and scrutinizing viewers to a website, or that they didn't include a little visual clue for us to figure out who/what etc. Adding a graphic detail on the ad like the same triangular snipe of the PG&E logo or something along those lines would have worked. And I have to add that the color in the ads isn't working for me either, that green is too yellow! However, for all my complaints, satisfaction has brought me back — I'm looking forward to seeing the full campaign and hearing about PG&E's green energy progress. The above picture was taken on Market @ Embarcadero.

A better picture of previous post @ 16th & Valencia:

Green Brown

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Yay! Thanks for the info!

ok i still want to know how you figured this out. are you really friends with the ad department at muni, or someone from PG&E?

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