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November 30, 2006

robot progress

Robot Progress-1
I've got one side of my first knit robot completed. I cheated on the pink rectangle intarsia by looping the purple behind and over the three pink stitches on every row. I was thinking of how lovely it would be to have one less string to untangle. It's didn't work out too well because the purple yarn keeps the pink stitches from stretching naturally, instead the pink stitches pucker a bit. But oh well, lesson learned and it's really not that bad... I'm just a wee little cheater with a perfectionist itch, not an ideal combo. I'm hoping to find time one night this weekend to do the other half. The front took two nights so hopefully with two or three more nights of uninterrupted knitting it'll be finished. There's still hope that I can complete one or two more before Christmas.

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November 29, 2006

stop global warming

The office building I work in puts an "art" installation in the lobby every holiday season. Of course some years are better than others as last years was by far the worst of the four years I've experienced. I still have a fondness for the giant letters J-O-Y made of some faux foliage that were there my first year. I wanted to jump through the big O everytime I saw it. Anyway i digress... I'm liking this year's installation and I especially like that it has a political that message I appreciate. I've had lots of random elevator ride conversations about how much others are liking it too. What you can't see in the above photo is the video display unit that has the film an inconvenient truth playing on a loop. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am enjoying the random sound bites I hear each time I'm waiting for an elevator to arrive.

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November 26, 2006

tubular toddler

Singing Hat

Tube Hat

I finally got back to knitting, yeah! I'm so happy to have had the time to finish this little project and experience that delicious inner moment of knit satisfaction. It's a simple stockinet knit tube hat with an i-cord tied around the top. It's easy to make and super cute on anyone under 12. Max seems to like it, so I'm a truly happy mommy. Yesterday I had the pleasure of a fireside tea sipping and knitting afternoon with my favorite little New Yorker bunny and my little sister bunny extraordinaire. Both ladies are knitting scarves for holiday gifts. What a wonderful time it was.

Lambs Pride
I had time to yarn shop this weekend too. I bought some seriously covetable gifts for my Secret Pal and six skeins of lambs pride to start making a few unusual toys for holiday gifts. I bought myself fancy handcrafted 40" No. 8 ebony wood circulars by Lantern Moon called "destiny." They were calling my name, I couldn't fight the power of fate! Ready, set, knit.

For the record...
Yarn: Worsted 190 yards per skein
Gauge: 4.5 sts per inch, size 8 needle
M-77 Blue Magic
M-188 Tiger Lily
M-145 Spice
M-34 Victorian Pink
M-195 Midnight Green (looks like black)
M-182 Regal Purple (Max ripped tag, so guessing here)

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November 23, 2006


Bubble Blower
Thank you. It's moments like these which remind me that indeed bubbles are mesmerizing and magically beautiful. And our ability and desire to blow more, more, and still more is a perfect slice of life's happiness and joy. I'm thankful for having my son to remind me, daily.

I must also write that I am so lucky to have a father and husband who are amazing gourmet chefs. They make every meal, from the simple snack to the complex holiday spread so unbelievably delicious and memorable. Yes, I am truly thankful and replete.

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November 20, 2006

mommy web 2.0

Sweet Pea

I've had lots of fun over the past two years using the yahoo groups forums to chat and keep up with the mommies I met while on maternity leave. Since then I've been keeping an eye on mommy centric socializing sites as they blossom (or fade) online. The site I like best so far is Maya's Mom. It has a lovely, easy to use and navigate interface while also having lots of fun features, activity ideas, and thoughtful topics. I think they'll figure out the missing pieces and adapt as they grow. I predict they'll become one of the better social networking mommy sites that will out last the others. Check out these other sites and let me know what you think. [please let me know if you know of more that are out there]

social networking:
Maya's Mom
Club Mom
Mothers Click
Connecting Moms
Parents Connect

working moms:
yummy mummy careers
mommy track'd
BlueSuit Mom
Mom Corp
The Career Partners
women work
Mother at work
Mama Works
Working Moms Refuge

blogs to read:
Cranky Mama
Mama Says So
Parents Hack [great archive and the "things we like" list down the right side]
Manic Mommies
Cool Mom Picks

political/thought provoking:
moms rising
discussion divas

babysitter/nanny/daycare resource:
Care Square

For all the excitement I may be feeling about the mommy web wave, I just read on gigaom that the "executives" they asked at the recent web 2.0 conference said that the pets.com of web bubble 2.0 are social bookmarking sites and mommy-oriented social networks. Oye Vay.

Illustration by Angela Donato. Her other site is here.

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November 19, 2006

crying over my loss


My blog got really f@#ked up by some mysterious sql corruption (why does that randomly happen?!) and I am miserably sad about it. I have the blogroll links but will have to manually repost all, ugh. Many, many entries are missing, some that were really important to me like my trip through Asia, my mommy rants, and darling pictures of my little bean. Oh god, I am so sad. And yes, I'll be exporting the data on a regular basis from here on out.


so so sad.

picture by the inspiring Camilla Engman.

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November 16, 2006

green is live


let's green this city

November 15, 2006

argh, it's broken

My blog is screwed up! It's so frustrating. Somehow my database got corrupt. See how my fabulous blogroll has just vanished?! Urgh. So forgive me if it takes a while to get it all back in working order.

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November 14, 2006

green is yellow

Green Yellow

I'm not the only curiously confused San Francisco blogger (so glad that I'm not alone)! However I got lucky and heard an inside scoop on the GREEN IS... another color campaign. Turns out this is a teaser campaign for a larger, soon to roll out ad campaign promoting green energy for our very own local energy company PG&E. It's crazy that they didn't point us inquiring and scrutinizing viewers to a website, or that they didn't include a little visual clue for us to figure out who/what etc. Adding a graphic detail on the ad like the same triangular snipe of the PG&E logo or something along those lines would have worked. And I have to add that the color in the ads isn't working for me either, that green is too yellow! However, for all my complaints, satisfaction has brought me back — I'm looking forward to seeing the full campaign and hearing about PG&E's green energy progress. The above picture was taken on Market @ Embarcadero.

A better picture of previous post @ 16th & Valencia:

Green Brown

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November 8, 2006

green is brown


Well, actually, green is green, like the background of the poster you made — silly person who paid for this public display! I happened to see this poster on the side of the bus stop at 16th & Valencia while I was riding the 22 Fillmore — so it's not a great shot. But I had to shoot and blog it in the hopes that I would figure out what it's all about. Yes, it peaks my curiosity, but it also drives me mad because the meaningless message "GREEN IS brown" on a field of solid green means...nothing! (and there's not a single clue anywhere on the poster to aid you) So what is the point? Anyone?

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November 3, 2006



It's been a whole year since I started blah blah bloggin'. I've hardly made a dent in my new year's resolutions and I blame this blogging addiction! I've spent endless hours taking and prepping photos, writing, linking and re-editing this online diary. But I must confess that I have truly and deeply enjoyed the process. I love scrolling through old entries and remembering where I've been, what I've seen, that which inspires me etc. I hope you have enjoyed it too. Now I must bite into that yummy eclair!

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November 2, 2006


It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.Ursula K Le Guin

Knit Bench-1

Knit Bench Detail-2

Knit Bicycle

Daria Tavoularis

While wandering the streets of Vancouver I found a clothing store {will post shop name when I find the card} with a wonderful window display of knit art. A street bench, bicycle and street sign were all wrapped in knit fabric. Every little detail had been covered including the bicycle lock. There were also a few felted birds in the display. Love love love it. The shop girl said Daria didn't actually knit any of it but used fabric from the shop's products to sew it all together. The art school purest part of me wishes it had all been hand knit, but I suppose that really shouldn't matter. And using the shop's leftover material should be seen as an environmentally brilliant move on the part of the artist. So I've talked myself right out of a critique. Turns out Daria is from Vancouver too. I'm so glad I walked by.

Now let me get back to San Francisco...

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November 1, 2006


Elixer Vancouver

Turns out our favorite breakfast spot, Diner, has an owner who has a flaky reputation. This explains why the restaurant has mysteriously been closed for the last two days even though the hours say it's only closed on Monday. Humphf. So we turned around yet again and ate at the Opus Hotel's spot Elixir. It is quite good and I highly recommend the scrumptious liege waffles.

Totem Poles

Lions Bridge

Fire Truck

Happy Face

We also went back to Stanley Park so we could play tourist, see the totem poles, check out the scenic views and let Max kick up the leaves and have some fall fun in the playground. It was quite chilly but we all had a great time.

Urban Fare

Too bad we didn't find this awesome grocery store earlier, as it's far better than Choices. Urban Fare has an amazing selection and a yummy eat in or take out restaurant. We had a quick bite of Italian roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and edamame salad. It was delicious.

Vijs Vancouver-1

Rangoli Vancover

Well, there are just some fabulous things one misses out on when they have children, wah wah. We tried to get into the "no reservation policy" restaurant Vijs and failed. We got there before they were open and then went for about a 2 block stroll. Next thing you know we get back and there was already an hour waiting list. That's a seriously popular restaurant! The owner came outside and told us to eat next door at Rangoli which is also his place. It's a modern cafe style eat in or take out. All the tiny tables are attached to the kitchen with these small glass tiled screens so you can catch glimpses of the gorgeous Indian women who are doing the cooking. Max was fascinated by them and they loved him back. He has a way with the ladies. The food is great, the people nice (as are most Canadians) and the take out looks great. I loved the packaging design and both places have stylish interiors.

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