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June 19, 2006

beastie progress report


I'm happy to report that I caught up on my knitting over the weekend and made some serious headway. The beastie now has a head, body and leg. The transition from body to leg was a little tricky. I bound off six stitches in the middle of each side, passed half to a stitch holder and then cast on three stitches while knitting in the round. That probably wasn't the best idea as I ended up with some funky holes at the bind off/cast on spot. I'm thinking next time I'll split the stitches then bind off the first and last of each leg. Hopefully the casting on will work better that way too. I only had one yarn over accident that I didn't notice (the one thing you really have to keep an eye on while using the magic loop technique). I was thinking of doing a three needle bind off (and another site with photos) for the bottom leg seam, but the instructions say the fabric has to be right sides together. I couldn't figure out how to do that while knitting magic loop style — so I skipped it and just sewed it up as per usual. Maybe I'll try to figure it out for the beastie version 2.0. Ready to go on leg two, stay tuned.

see beastie bunny grow from conception to birth:

June 18, 2006

happy happy day to you


June 16, 2006

garter & cable knit handbag


While clicking around the SecretPal 8 participants list, I came across this site with a knit handbag project and free pattern that I really like. Isn't it cute?! I would so carry this. Only tricky bit is finding cool straight handles or following through with the suggested DIY wood sanding and gluing project. Thanks for sharing Sara. Be sure to send her a picture if you knit it.

June 15, 2006

bacchus wine bar





Taken with my Treo last night at Bacchus wine bar on Hyde — scrumptious.

June 8, 2006

stunning knitting bag



Ok how luxurious is my new knitting bag?! A friend found this yummy handmade clutch by offhand designs at a store going out of business, lucky me! It's a beautiful vintage velvet fabric called sahara stripe with a bright shiny aqua shantung-like fabric interior. There are lots of pockets for straight needles, two rows with wider pockets for circulars, and a long zipper pocket for knitting notions. Best thing is it folds up, snaps and looks like an amazing evening bag. Knitting at the symphony anyone? What a wonderful treat. As you can see Mr. Millian’s sticky fingers like it just as much as his mommy.

June 7, 2006

walking by


What do you, it's way to work wednesday - yet again! This morning I noticed a groovy public photo exhibit on four walls across from the entrance to the 16th street BART station. It's called looking, and asks you to slow down and see what's happening excatly where you are standing.


June 6, 2006

art barn dreaming








I want one! Custom build out with a mural size darkroom, huge painting studio, wood shop, letterpress printers & type drawers, knitting couch with a coffee table & giant comfy side chair, lovely kitchen with island, industrial sink (toxic solvent dumping area - say out back), killer stereo system, lots of storage shelves and then 20 years of my life to play art barn. Ahhhh, dreaming.

June 5, 2006

cactus blossoms


These gorgeous cactus blooms only flower for one week a year. In the ten years I've been going up to meee hubbies family estate {tee hee} in Healdsburg, I've only seen them three times. Simply magical.

June 2, 2006

ketchup grin


Can mommy get fries with that?