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So I'm standing by the color printer waiting for my print outs. Then around the corner walks Frank with his finger stuck way up his nose. He sees me seeing him in this taboo act. He laughs aloud and says "ah, you've caught me picking my nose." I smile and laugh too and then say in a sarcastic tone, "well you know I NEVER do it." And then he chuckles and says "well, I would know if you did." Huh, I'm thinking that's a strange reply. Meanwhile my prints were out and now Frank and I are quickly cruising down the hall in the same direction — both probably hoping this awkward exchange will end. Still puzzled by his last reply I say, "So what, are you psychic nose-picker guy?" and he says "No, I'd just know if you were picking my nose." Tee hee! Good one Frank!

Well, well, who knew there would be an entire wikipedia entry dedicated to the art of nose-picking? And such boogerish detail too.


that's nar-nar!!!!! i never want to think about frank's nose again!!!!!! ew!

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