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lovin' literary bunny


Make a website about anything, maybe even just about some small bits of yourself, and you will get visitors. Just like that saying build it and they will come. Seriously, I guess old adages are true for a reason. I'm shocked that people actually find my site (ok not many in the scheme of the web, but still). I just received the sweetest comment from Cara saying my knit bunny was the cutest bunny ever and asking for the pattern (more kudos to patternmaker Jess, who—by the way—never wrote me back after I practically begged to buy more of her patterns, wah poor me and yet I still desperately want more!). Cara's comment more than made my day. It's so fun to make an effect in the world even if it's only teeny tiny. I keep thinking of what Reese said in her Oscar speech about what June Carter used to say when asked how she was doin'? She said, I'm just trying to matter. Me too-sies.

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