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hi munk'aay


We struggled with what to do this afternoon because it's been pouring down rain and super freezing cold too so there was no chance of doing anything outside. It's tough having a toddler and not being able to let them roam free in a playground, rainy days are pretty much a serious drag. We could have tried harder to get together with friends but I hadn't showered (nice confession!) and daddy wanted to run a couple errands so we only needed to find an hour or so to kill and get home in time for dinner. I remembered what my friend Patty said she does on rainy days, she goes to a pet store or Room & Board. Since we hadn't been to Room & Board yet (and I didn't want daddy tempted to come home with any new pets) off we went. And what a fabulous place for a toddler, Patty is truly brilliant! The only draw back is the endless array of fragile vases and lamps on every available surface, but other than that (!) it's 3 stories of run around and climb stairs heaven, oh yeah! They have a kids furniture area too with cute accessories and entertaining props. While we were trying out all the kiddie chairs, tables and beds doing our best goldilocks impressions, Max saw a knit sock monkey hanging from a coat rack and for the first time said "hi monkey" over and over while waving to it. The way he says it sounds like "munk'aay." It was so utterly adorable I could have stayed all afternoon right there watching him waving to it. Of course, we had to buy it. We wanted to surprise him by putting it in his room and waiting for him to find it. Max saw it right before bedtime while we were changing him into his jammies. He smiled and said "hi munk'aay" again and this time he gave it hugs and kisses followed by lots of giggles. Okay, slay me here and now!! Of course I now must whole-heartedly endorse these super squeezably soft scrumptious knit toys by blabla. Check out the darling finger puppets, rattles, and the bunny family below.


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